June 30, 2012

At the Aldhouse Café...


... it's delightful.


Anonymous said...

I will be more than pleased to get drinks for people in this cafe if the GOP even wins one of these states (MA, UT, NH; SC, TX, NC). The first are Romney states and the last three are the Reddest GOP states. Bottom line: GOP is finished.

The POTUS is the greatest. He is the wrong person for the GOP to mess with. You will now pay by a massive defeat across the board. Even the Supreme Court was un-nerved by our comments on Affordable Care Act. So, they supported us. The American People will run and vote for us.

GOP cannot hide. They cannot lie. They cannot win. Period.

Come to this cafe and let us talk. You can also come to the Oval Room where my GF and I regularly hold court for K-street super-consultants.

edutcher said...

It's also out of the sun, which is still pretty hot.

Keep talking, AP. I want to hear you spin those death panels.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Althouse seems to be in love with weird angles in her photos lately. Either that or one of her legs has become shorter than the other.

Jason (the commenter) said...

Did anybody see that article about scythes in the Wall Street Journal this morning?

Made me think about rhhardin. (He's such a hipster!)

Athanasius Kircher said...

I can't tell you how consoling this picture of normality is.

I am glued to Twitter and the hashtag #DCstorm and #derecho (whose meaning I had to google and read about on Wikipedia.)

2MM without power in DC area perhaps for days. More storms rolling in tonight.

Meanwhile in NYC during a heat wave with storms on their way ConEdison union contract expires at midnight and the union is threatening to strike.

madAsHell said...

The furniture reminds me of the 1962 World's Fair.
Harvest gold is the new black. I'm sure we will find room for avocado green, and coral mist.

Deb said...

I don't know if we made it to 106 but it's pretty darn hot.

Pictures of the DC storm:

edutcher said...

If you live in DC, you have my sympathy.

Spent a week in August there about 20 years ago. Needed to shower 3 times a day.

Kirby Olson said...

No one knows what the decision means. There is an account of it in various places including Time Magazine. The left exults because they are used to Supreme Court Justices simply voting how they believe. Roberts promised not to do this and said instead he would vote on the law, not attempt to legislate from the bench.

So apparently he did what he thought was right according to what a judge's role should be.

He also said it wasn't his worry if the voters went the wrong way and elected a communist dunce.

Leftist judges use their gavel to override the vote.

As they did in Proposition 8, for instance.

I think what will happen is that Roberts will use this as a precedent for future rulings in which he will side with the voters and try to make their decisions square with the law.

So I think Proposition 8 will stand, since the voters voted for it.

It's an immediate victory for the communists, but in the long run it may take power away from the government and put it back into the hands of the voters. This is going to infuriate the left eventually.

This was not at all clear in the Bush-Gore vote (which was messy because it was decided by a bunch of dimpled chads in the first instance and then the Court voted on rigid party lines to determine the outcome).

Bush-Gore set a precedent in which the outraged communists feel they should insert their own preference even if it overrules a vote. Another precedent for this is Brown v. Board of Education in which the local board was overruled by the elevated members of the court to assert that bussing would heal racial divisions and mix people together who didn't want to mix.

The court knew better than the people.

Roberts is going to reverse that trend. So he's throwing a bone to the communists, but once they get used to his ruling they will realize he's going to do this in other cases, too, cases in which they may not be so delighted by the outcome.

So, once they get done jumping up and down over the fact that government will be given a monopoly power over industry and slowly drive insurance out of business because BO wants to control a sixth of the American economy and the left thinks this is a good idea as long as they get health insurance without paying for it, even if it drives the economy into even further tatters, then just about then the other shoe is going to drop.

So I see this as a long term strategy on Roberts' part, and one in which a new kind of originalism will come into play. First, the originalism of the constitution, and secondly, one in which the will of the people as it's implied by their voting, will be honored.

And legislation from the bench will be tossed.

So, I think it will ultimately be seen as a pyrrhic victory by the communists. But let's see. The future lasts a long time.

ndspinelli said...

Jason, "Some people call it a sling blade, I call it a kaiser blade."

Just finished a bio of Billy Bob Thornton. He is one talented and fucked up dude. He wrote the book w/ Kinky Friedman. If you like Thornton you'll like the book.

R. Chatt said...

Men wearing shorts is something like the Romans in their short skirts. But not nearly as sexy. Isn't it funny how they blame it all on the feminists?

Just a thought about the good old days.

Penny said...

Sheesh, men in shorts.

Back in the good old days, meaning pre-Althouse, never gave them a second thought.

Now? I can't help myself! I start making up these funny little stories in my mind about these guys...

Penny said...

Like just today...

I was out there doing what women do ever so well. I was shopping.

So I pull up at the Coldwater Creek store, and I notice them before I even get out of the car. Two old guys in.....shorts! As IF that was the worst of it. Both wearing white socks and sneakers. Fortunately I was wearing sunglasses, but I digress.

Now I am not sure if all of the Coldwater Creek stores are the same, but the one I go to has these HUGE oversized glass doors that do nothing if not make anyone entering seem smaller than they really are already, but by the time I get to the doors, these little boy geezers in shorts with white socks and sneakers are cupping their hands and peeking through the glass to find their "doggies" in the window.

I can tell you that their wives weren't very happy to see them. And I can also tell you that the little boys weren't so happy to find out how much their doggies were gonna cost 'em. ;)

Scott said...

I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.

Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, after Pearl Harbor

Scott said...

Just saw sort of an interesting Japanese movie on streaming Netflix: Battle Royale. It's sort of a Lord of the Flies with guns and knives.

bagoh20 said...

Just got home after a phenomenal day of dog adoptions - eight dogs adopted in 4 hours, which is really exceptional for us, because we are a small group and very selective about who we adopt to.

A beautiful 6 month old purebred Black Lab that was found on the street and has been staying with me for about a month was one of the ones that found a home today.

A very touching moment as a 57 year-old man who just recently lost his German Shepard to old age came in and saw we had a 10 week old German Shepard puppy. We told him her name was Caroline, which it turns out was his mother's name, who he also lost recently. As soon as he picked her up, she of course kissed his face, and he just broke down and started crying. They went home together to start a new chapter. A lovely and very rewarding day at the start of summer.

LoafingOaf said...
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Penny said...

Love what you do there, bago.

But you sent the old guy home with a puppy lab?

Oooooooooh, I hope he has LOTS of green biscuits!


Three years from now you're gonna be telling us about this BIG and very old fat black lab that needs ANOTHER new start after a baad beginning.

LoafingOaf said...

"Penny said...
Sheesh, men in shorts. "

I find women who cross-country ski in long skirts far weirder than men in shorts.

Get a load of the stupid man called Instapundit putting up a post that reads: "WELL, ISN’T THAT SPECIAL: Among Swedish Men, Chlamydia Is A Badge Of Honor."

I normally don't click on Instapundit's stupid links, but because I'm half Swedish I wanted to see what bullshit he was linking to in order run down my mom's country.

The link takes you to some MORON who claims:

"In Sweden, the estimated rate of those with chlamydia is roughly over 100,000 people (and these are just known cases). With Sweden's population at around 9 million, these statistics indicate that just over 10 percent of the population has chlamydia, whereas in the U.S. only about 1 percent are infected with the STD."

Instapundit must be too retarded to do basic math, because 10% of 9 million is 900,000, not 100,000.

If Instapundit wasn't a complete IDIOT he'd have noticed that the rate of the STD in Sweden is the same as in the USA.

No surprise: When you click on a link from Instapundit you wind up reading some really retarded shit.

When will blogger Althouse start pointing out the idiocy that is posted on a daily basis at Instapundit? Oh, that's right, she relies on him for $$$$$.

Penny said...

Course by that time, we'll have black dog welfare, whereupon I will have worried needlessly.

Penny said...

And you, bago?

I suspect you will be "specializing" in finding new homes for Spanish speaking orphaned white dogs who can pass for George Zimmerman.

bagoh20 said...

But you sent the old guy home with a puppy lab?"

No he fell in love with the German Shepard puppy that just happened to have the same name as his mother. I bet he doesn't change it.

bagoh20 said...

And Penny, 57 isn't an old guy. At least it won't be when I get there.

Penny said...

Loafing Oaf?

Calm down, honey.

If the "fish" aren't fresh, we fry 'em up with a little bit of bacon.

Penny said...

Not sure what vegans do though?

Maybe they start talking about chlamydia?

Geez, that's gross!

Penny said...

Unless vegan men get chlamydia too?

That would make that bad smell equally awful.

And as it should be!

Or so some say.

Penny said...

"So Sum Say"

Newest menu item at a Chinese restaurant one block in any direction from Chinatown.

Penny said...

"Standard" ingredients are sauteed bacon bits and tofu.

Everything else varies by regional preference.

Penny said...

Me? I loves me some 'So Some Say' heavy on the green peppers and onion.

Instapundit adds clams.

Who would ever guess!

Penny said...

And bago? I haven't forgotten about you, or your dogs for that matter.

Just serving up some fresh popcorn with the wok and woll. ;)