June 30, 2012

About that recall recount in Racine.

The majority in the Wisconsin senate hangs on the result. Can we trust it?
The recount process has uncovered a series of stunning revelations regarding ballot security.
That's MacIver, which might tend to exaggerate.


Hagar said...

Calling Garage ...

Anonymous said...

You don't need ballot box security any more than you need voter ID.

Move along.

Once written, twice... said...

I hope WI State Attorney General Van Hollen does a full investigation.

But he won't because it would put the lie to that there is massive voter fraud. The Republicans want this issue in order to justify Democratic voter suppression.

Come on J.B. Van Hollen step up and let the truth be known.

Tom Spaulding said...

What is it about Democrats that makes them so :

A) stupid
B) lazy
C) illiterate

...to exert the effort needed to prove they are actual, legal citizens, and therefore worthy of the right to cast one ballot per election? Because that's what they keep hinting at.

Answer me that.

Darrell said...

Nothing safer than Garage Mahal's trunk. Trust what you're told!

Bender said...

Remember: what matters most is NOT who they actually voted for -- the name that is actually on the ballot and who they intended to vote for -- rather, what matters most is who they COULD HAVE voted for. Labels mean nothing.

And since they could have voted for the challenger, even if they specifically indicated that they were voting for the incumbent, then by the Roberts Rule, the challenger wins.

What a great system!

edutcher said...

I'll trust MacGyver.

MacIver not so much.

Rusty said...

D) dishonest

You forgot dishonest.
Seems to a democrat trademark.

Chip S. said...

What is it about Democrats that makes them so :

A) stupid
B) lazy
C) illiterate

You just may have reversed the direction of causation here.

Tom Spaulding said...

"The right to vote is so sacred that making sure everyone's vote is counted once - and only once - is racist and tantamount to voter suppression". - The Democrats

Paddy O said...

Ballot security is actually a tax. So, they can go ahead and do what they want.

Steven said...

"[B]allot bags were tore open..."? I expect the occasional grammar mistake on a blog, but how does that not make you cringe?

SteveR said...

"[B]allot bags were tore open..."? I expect the occasional grammar mistake on a blog, but how does that not make you cringe?

Yeah I know, really tares me up.

Tom Spaulding said...

I tore ass towards my Strunk and White...

Orion said...

As Bender said, I'm subsribing to the 'Living Ballot' approach. Clearly, if the framers of the submitted ballot had known what we do today, and had the technologies we do today, in today's society, they would have voted for the Challenger!

Don't be a reactionary 'Originalist' about these ballots - Like all things, they are subject to interpretation to get at the voter's actual INTENT, and clearly that would be - had they voted NOW - for the challenger!

Words no longer mean what they used to. Trust your elected officials to understand for you. After all, it's notoriously difficult to commit voter fraud!


cubanbob said...

WI has just had it's Al Franken election. More hilarity to ensue in November.

Paul said...

This is proof positive we need Voter ID as well as PAPER BALOTS and not some compute fake ballots.

You see I'm a computer programmer and I can tell you it can be faked. Don't trust that stuff cause as we say, 'garbage in, garbage out'.

You did hear some A&M students hacked a U.S. military drone for $1000 and got it to land? So if all it takes is some computer students and bucks to hack a ENCIPHERED SYSTEM developed by the military then how safe is the voting both were undocumented people can vote???

tiger said...

Professor, it might be prudent to read the article before posting that the source could be suspect.

It wasn't much of a re-cap and not exaggerated in anyway; in fact it wasn't much of an article at all.

Orion said...


That was a civilian drone and was using unencrypted GPS signals.

Although there is some suspicion that the supposed RQ-10 that the Iranians snagged was forced into a default land mode via a GPS jammer, that's different than the spoofing the college students just did.

That being said, I totally agree with you on the paper ballots. There's a lot of videos out there showing how to hack the various electronic ballot machines in just a few seconds/minutes.


Dust Bunny Queen said...

Quote from article: "I've said before that conservatives should worry about the sloppy election procedures in Wisconsin, that we have an eviroment [sic]that is ripe for abuse">.

Correct that to nationwide sloppy election procedures ripe for abuse.

Why do you think that Holder and Obama are fighting tooth and nail to allow anyone without an ID to vote. To keep the State of Florida from removing illegal aliens, dead people and duplicate from their system.

They can't win unless they cheat. And here is the really sad thing. We let them get away with it.

Carnifex said...


As stated above, the elite ruling class has it all under control. Go to sleep. All is well, all is well.

Brian Brown said...

Jay Retread said...
The Republicans want this issue in order to justify Democratic voter suppression

Except there is no attempt at any "Democratic Voter Suppression" at all.


scrubjay said...

This an election video showing the Mexican poling station processFuncionarios de Casillas - Elecciones 2012 produced by Instituto Federal Electoral (IFE), the Mexican federal election commission. The voter card is punched and the voter's thumb is marked with ink. It shows two potential voters being refused a ballot because they don't have their photo ID card.

Unknown said...

Ballot bags were tampered with per the Mt Pleasant Patch...
Officials with Republican Van Wanggaard’s campaign Thursday questioned why a number of bags containing ballots from the City of Racine were opened and then "double-bagged," or placed in a second bag.

Under Wisconsin's election procedures, after the polls close, election workers remove the voted ballots and place them into a secured container or bag. The bag is secured using a tamper-evident numbered seal, according to the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board.



Same day registrants didn't sign supplemental records... These are invented ballots. Here's your fraud right here.

Some Racine voters in the June 5 recall election did not sign poll books as required by law, Republican elections observers said Monday during the fifth day of Racine County’s election recount.

But because it’s considered an administrative error, the votes will count, according to the Government Accountability Board.


I agree with the post above, the attorney general should investigate.

SukieTawdry said...

To Democrats, ballot box irregularities up to and including outright fraud are always "much ado about nothing."

It's not because they're stupid, lazy or illiterate, Tom, although there's certainly enough of that to go around. It's because they feel justified in using any means necessary to get what they want. Democrats would be the nowhere party absent media bias and voter fraud.