March 12, 2012

One year ago at the Wisconsin protest: another march with lots of signs.

4 minutes of video... typical stuff.

Tea Party hating — and homophobia — by the pro-union protesters.

I talked to Andrew Breitbart about the protests. But the link only goes to what was, at the time, a live stream.

Exaggerations, e.g.:
"If Wisconsin surrenders/we'll all hang/Strike now while you still have food on your table."


Sorun said...

All I remember about your conversation with Breitbart was that he kept calling you "Ann Outhouse."

edutcher said...

I think he meant alt, as in altitude.

garage mahal said...

8 different Scott Walkers signed a recall petition.

3 of me signed. And our signatures are pretty dang similar. Weird!

SGT Ted said...

It was Drama Queenery, well beyond exaggerations. These were the typical DNC rent-a-mob. Out of touch unionized public employees, deamnding it all while people in the private sector are hurting.

Their "negotiations" were a stalling tactic while they brought in the well heeled Soros/Union funded Astro-turfers to try and intimidate and bully the GOP using Union goon tactics.

Most of them could use some starvation and time away from the food table and the Gut Truck that shows up in the parking lot each day.