December 31, 2011

25 most-watched Althouse/Meade videos of 2011.

1. Wisconsin Capitol protesters disrespect the Veterans Memorial. 66,919 views.

2. Wisconsin protesters get children to chant. 37,011 views.

3. Gov. Scott Walker compared to Hitler. 28,944 views.

4. 14-Year-Old Girl at Tea Party Rally in Madison Drowned Out by Chants and Boos. 26,219 views.

5. First-hand View of the Attack on Althouse at the Wisconsin Capitol Singalong. 25,674 views.

6. Attack on Althouse at the Wisconsin Capitol Singalong. 24,054 views.

7. Protest at the Wisconsin Capitol, Saturday, Part 15. 15,359 views. (Doctors give excuse notes to protesters.)

8. Protesters re-take the Wisconsin Capitol. 12,111 views.

9. Sarah Palin in Madison, Wisconsin. 11,766 views.

10. Anti-Scott Walker protesters get aggressive. 11,657 views.

11. A Class War Is Coming. 10,668 views.

12. Scraping the Stickers and Tape Off the Wisconsin Capitol Marble. 10,502 views.

13. Meade washes communist graffiti off a Madison Civil War monument. 9,375 views.

14. The Silent Majority Walk and the Naked Bike Ride. 6,697 views.

15. Protest at the Wisconsin Capitol, Saturday, Part 12. 6,639 views. (I question a woman who yells about "teabagging.")

16. Althouse and Meade return to the Veterans Memorial at the Wisconsin Capitol protest. 6,217 views.

17. Russ Feingold stirs up the Walkerville crowd. 5,639 views.

18. At the Wisconsin protests: "Hang them all!" 5,007 views.

19. 6 Questions About the Kloppenburg-Prosser Election. 4,852 views.

20. JoAnne Kloppenburg Asks For a Recount of the April 5 Wisconsin Supreme Court election. 4,472 views.

21. Meade Is New Media. 4,087 views.

22. Madison city salt trucks circle Capitol Square blowing horns in apparent solidarity with protesters. 3,992 views.

23. Politicizing the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election. 3,510 views.

24. 2 teachers protest outside the window of Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman. 3,781 views.

25. A Free-Speech Countervoice Takes the Center of the Wisconsin Capitol Rotunda. 3,643 views.


Ron said...

That's it, I declare a CheezHead moratorium for 2012...more national nonsense, less Wiscononsense please!

you spent all your credits in 2011....

edutcher said...

Yes, the Left certainly distinguished itself attacking a 60 year old woman with a phone cam.

But murdering defenseless people has been a proud Lefty tradition for a century now.

Ann Althouse said...

"Yes, the Left certainly distinguished itself attacking a 60 year old woman with a phone cam."

Not a phone cam.

A Lumix.

edutcher said...

I stand corrected.

It was still a chicken thing to do.

alan markus said...

With those view counts you should be on Google AdSense - make a few dollars to cover your blog expenses.

Lem said...

Number nine should have gotten more views..

Shame! Shame! Shame!

vet66 said...

Note for the record that when the Occupy crowd became an embarrassment to the democratic party they were summarily evicted. Useful idiots have a short shelf life degenerating like a pear left out in the open too long.

Another observation is to how efficiently the anarchist occupiers were shut down as if a switch were thrown. That is a rare display of power brought to bear. These occupiers are nothing short of mercenaries akin to "Who let the dogs out!"

Know your enemy both foreign and domestic.

rhhardin said...

Those are numbers from unappreciative readers tuned only into soap opera news.

Let's take another look at those breasts is the actual all-time top.

Utah Chris said...

I'm stunned - pinch me - I think I watched every one of those video's soon after each was posted. My beautiful wife tells me to get a life... I tell here I have one as I read my top half dozen favorite blogs (including you Althouse - with a special thanks to Powerline or BigGov because I can't remember which one pointed me your direction) and of course my favorite news outlets. Thanks for an enjoyable year Ann. You friend in Utah, Chris.