October 15, 2011

My trouble getting Siri to work in iPhone 4s reminds Chip Ahoy of his mother and his dog.

He writes:
The dog jumped on the sofa, Mum said, "Tina, get down." Tina obeyed. She dropped into the down position but she stayed on the sofa even though Mum was not her trainer. It happened Mum uttered the precise command that works: the dog's name, the single-word clear command.

Mum said, "Tina, I said, get DOWN!" Tina dug her little doggie elbows deeper into the sofa.

Mum said, "DOWN!" The dog dug her nose into her paws trying to be further down into the cushions. Then Mum looked at me and said, "That dog of yours doesn't listen at all."

Me: "Tina." *ears perk* "Get off the sofa." The dog jumps to floor and immediately sits alertly awaiting her next instruction. It's a bit Nazi-like actually, when you see it. A bit frightening, the dog is black, after all. In fact, her down command was so fierce that she was in the down position before the word is pronounced. We could not do this on hard surface because I feared she'd crack her elbows, but she sure was fun to practice on grass or on carpet.
And — oh, how we love Chip here at Althouse! — he animates the photo I took with the phone:


Meade said...

"And — oh, how we love Chip here at Althouse! "

Yes, and here at Meadhouse, we worship him like some kind of ancient Egyptian god-king.

America's Politico said...

I am surprised that most people have not experienced "Julie" when making reservations with Amtrak. Please try that. She is better than Siri by light years. Here is the NYT story about it: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/11/24/nyregion/24voice.html.

Now, I am confused why Apple will not let me upgrade to 4s (since I have a 4 for a few months). Give consumers what they want. This waiting is losing money for both Apple and its telephone partners. So backward. So prehistoric.

Robert Cook said...

This is your phone carrier's policy, not Apple's. The carrier subdizes the true cost of the phone at initial purchase, which you make up (and then some) in the payments you make over the course of your two year contract. You haven't paid your carrier enough yet for them to realize their profit.

Why so hot to upgrade anyway? The iPhone 4 is a fine phone; I have it, I use it, I'm happy with it. You had to have known when you purchased your phone that a new one was due imminently, so I am confused why you are confused or expected other than what you are experiencing.

EDH said...

Many dog whisperers say not to use a dog's name when correcting them.

Over time, the dog will associate his name with misbehavior and punishment.

Ever notice how some dogs will actually run away when called, especially when the voice grows more frustrated that he won't come.

Vicious cycle.

EDH said...

Althouse needs an iPhone 4s whisperer.

Clyde said...

If Siri starts saying, "I'm sorry, I'm afraid I can't do that, Ann," then it's time to turn the phone OFF!

wv: lactalit. Story about milk.

Dust Bunny Queen said...
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edutcher said...

Tina sounds a lot like Sherlock.

We have a similar problem: The Blonde can call him and he just looks at her. I call him, he comes.

I guess it's the authoritarian tone of voice.

Nicely done animation, BTW.

Ann Althouse said...

"Why so hot to upgrade anyway?"

In my case, I had never upgraded to 4. My old 3 had developed an actual problem: the on-off switch didn't work anymore. I had to turn it off by laying it face down somewhere. I would have replaced it earlier, but I waited for the next upgrade, which I went and picked up the day it came out.

By the way, I walked into an AT&T store at 1 in the afternoon and didn't even need to wait in line. Walked right in and up to a person at the counter who spent plenty of time with me, including helping me pick out a case (which I was balky about buying but pushed to buy by Meade, who knows that I drop the iPhone on the floor just about every day).

Bob Ellison said...

That's some of Chip's finest Althouse work! I love the way the shadows run across the meadow.

deborah said...

Cute story, Chip. They are so anxious to please:)

Last night, just for fun, I found out that upgrading with my present carrier, before January would cost $649, after, $199.

Now, the iphone4s starts at $199 for 16GB. $99 for 8GB. Would an average person need more than 8? Do apps take up significant space?

C R Krieger said...

In Burlington, MA, I went for a Genius Bar question and was turned away, but given an appointment. They were otherwise engaged. The line was out the door and they were passing out bottles of war. Today, for my appointment at High Noon, there was still a long line outside the store and the store was crowded. The Genius Bar quickly and in a kindly manner, while multi-tasking, fixed my obvious problem and sent me on my way.

Regards  —  Cliff

Paco Wové said...

"The iPhone 4 is a fine phone; I have it, I use it, I'm happy with it."

Color me shocked, shocked that Robert "Man of the Proletariat" Cook would admit to owning such a 1%-er luxury gadget as an iPhone, built over the bleeding broken bodies of countless Chinese peasants!

ken in sc said...

Our Bostons are bi-lingual. They were taught official dog commands by my wife, and they were taught English by me. They know to get off the sofa when she says 'off'. They crouch when she says 'down'. They also know to get down off the sofa when I say 'get down'.

Meade said...

What do they do when you say, "Get down and get funky"?

marylynn said...

Chips story made me laugh - its so logical that the dog would react that way when you think about it. I tend to treat my dogs like little humans, so have made the same kind of mistake. Dogs - gotta love em. Mom's too.