August 13, 2011 picks up the attack-on-Althouse video.

167 comments over there.

Like the comments here on my blog* there's a lot of focus on: 1. the police officer in the second video who threatens my son with a disorderly conduct arrest (and jail) for removing an aggressive man's hand from his mother's arm; 2. how they would have decked the aggressor; 3. my disinclination to have my attacker arrested; 4. the motormouth man's appropriation of the name of Jesus to make political points.

By the way, I was filming a "discussion" between the Jesus Motormouthpiece and a real Christian minister (from Kansas). It was an interesting encounter, which I planned to use on my blog. The man who attacked me suddenly came up and called me "emotionally retarded." As is my wont, I turned my camera on the person who said something nasty to me. The physical attack came at that point.

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Fred4Pres said...

I hope you are okay. This sort of thing is definitely not okay. I can understand why you would not, but you should have pressed charges.

Fred4Pres said...

I was traveling all day. I am at Sturgis and I have not seen anything as crazy as this. Go figure!

Steve Austin said...

The sooner we start defining government as the religion of the left and what is going on in Madison as their version of a religious revival, the better we can understand these people.

As I posted earlier, Scott Walker now occupies their temple, the State Capitol building.

Tea Party at Perrysburg said...

Why does the press call these thugs "singers"? How much more absurd can this get? SINGERS? More Newspeak.

exhelodrvr1 said...

Keep shining the light on them, Ann. They are having a hard time hiding their true selves.

Tim said...

It's going to get worse before it gets better: Lessons for us from London in flames. Liberal social welfare policies are breeding these Orcs beneath our very eyes.

Mark O said...

Living in Wisconsin is like playing in the freeway. Great stuff, but the MSM doesn't care. Only conservatives are crazy and violent.

On the other hand, just have him arrested. Don't threaten; it tells them you won't do anything.

Tank said...


You mean 200 comments at a [not the] time.

It's a little confusing the way you have it. Not to me, but to someone who doesn't know what you're talking about.

edutcher said...

One correction, Madame. I think a lot of people think someone should have flattened the creep, as opposed to themselves necessarily.

At least from the parts I read, I didn't read every last one.

PS As Tank tries to say, it's 200 comments to a page.

Mogget said...

Good. Bright lights, condemnation and nation-wide mockery of the cops and Madison political street theatre are called for.

Almost Ali said...

Hold all who represent jack-boot law personally responsible for their threats and actions. Get their names, badge numbers, license plates. Then post 'em.

Remember, it's not you or me or us against "government," but specifically and personally individuals who act capriciously and arbitrarily in the name of government.

edutcher said...

Did I miss it, or have we, in fact, not heard from franglo and Alpha on this issue?

Especially since there are 2 video recordings of the incident.

PS Last I looked, the Lefties at the Journal-Sentinel comment page had pretty much dispersed once Ann put up the videos.

Astounding what visual evidence does.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

This is a perfect illustration of the left becoming unhinged.

I am split about giving complete idiots like those 2 guys any attention whatsoever. I can tell you that if either of those 2 had laid a hand on me or anyone I was with, there would have been no discussion. Either or both would have been face down on the concrete with my knee in their back.

"Every normal man must be tempted at times to spit upon his hands, hoist the black flag, and begin slitting throats" - H.L. Mencken

Jennifer Whatnot said...

It's too bad the videos are inconclusive, though I don't know why people don't believe that you were attacked and you're just posting this for attention. As a longtime blogger you'd know that the videos aren't helpful enough to be definitive and you'd be opening yourself up to just the kinds of things people are accusing you of.

I'm glad you're okay, and I hope this doesn't deter you.

William said...

One of the commenters on the previous thread had a good line. He said that the protestors were like Civil War re-enactors, except they were re-enacting Depression era strikers. The down trodden aint what they used to be......It's far easier to be righteous than right.....I suppose that whatever sense of righteousness which motivates that sleeveless opponent of oppression to harangue Althouse motivates Althouse to record the activities of the protestors.....His side doesn't come off looking good in the video, but it's not the sort of thing that will change anyone's mind one way or another.

Dex Quire said...

Now we know where they find guards for the gulags. Guys like the one who attacked Ann are just jumping to get their hands on all those wrong-thinking prisoners. He'll set 'em straight, you betcha.

The democrat labor goons must be proud.

Anonymous said...

The cop was a fool channeling the British view of law enforcement that is working so well. He's a "don't defend yourself, call a cop" kind of guy. Bushwa of the rankest sort. The harasser would have his lights put out forthwith in any civilized area of the United States. Apparently that excludes Madison. Pity.

Carol_Herman said...

Please remember this:

IF the "dudes" who attacked you and Chris ... just happen to know each other ... you may have been exposed to violence derived from CONSPIRACY!

I know all the "ta-ta" about Jesus was supposed to "take over the coversation" ... but it was basically KAKA TALK! Done loud. And, provocatively.

And, by the time "CALHOUN" da Keystone copper shows up ... he seems out of tune with the law ...


You know who could terrify TUBBS?

The Governor accusing the local Madison police of CONSPIRACY TO COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST CITIZENS!

Just in case you can land a lawyer like KEN THOMPSON. A lawyer with a practice where when he needs experts he HIRES HIS OWN!

And, in NYC, Ken Thompson has taken on the DA ... Cyrus Vance's son. Also named Cyrus. And, he's taken on the NYPD!

Back when Abner Luima had a toilet plunger stuck up his ass. By cops. At the 70th Precinct in Brooklyn, the Haitian immigrant was at the dirty end of the stick.

Ken Thompson had to break the "code of silence" where cops usually stuck together. And, prove the incident really happened as the injured Abner Luima said it did.

Later what catches my attention is the civil court suit. Cops and City SETTLED. (This means it didn't go to the jury. Fear of the jury shoved New York's finest dressed attorneys ... to voluntarily tell their clients to settle. Because it could only be worse if this all reaches a jury's ears.)

Coughing up money into the settlement was the Police Union.

Why do I keep repeating this?

Because I don't think you understand that there's a CONSPIRACY TO SILENCE YOUR BLOG!

And, you can't do this just standing around holding a vuvv-vu-zilla-gorilla. You need to have a "party meeting." And, then you work in ways that are coordinated.

So, there you are!

Out in public space. And, you think the sex pervert Kirby Jones, isn't working with the other guy ... but the LIE IS ON TAPE. You hear it! Your son gets threatened because "ONE OF THE TWO CONSPIRATORS" knew in advance they'd rip you every which way to Sunday. You just had to go into this thing "as usual."

As you usually do.

"When the professor comes let's get into her space" ... Let's keep her surrounded.

Let's not let her get ORDINARY folk coming over, curious.

Let's own da' space. It's a free country.

Whew. Glad Brietbard' running the video. He is a prince. And, he's already made James O'Keefe's tapes travel far.

Maybe, soon, there will be great defense lawyers showing up in our side of the pool?

Why wouldn't Ken Thompson take a phone call? Can't Breitbart call him? Ken Thompson also has a story he'd love to see told out loud.

Next. I'm going to talk about Wing Chun.

Trooper York said...

Wait for tonight Carol and we will join you.

Cause on Saturday we all wanna Wing Chun tonight.

Carol_Herman said...

Dunno how this happened. But when my son went to San Diego he found himself exposed to Wing Chun. (The classes are available, on campus, at UC San Diego.)

It's not a belt thing. You don't break 2x4's. You wear street clothes. The whole idea is to "see" beyond one person threatening you ... to the WHOLE SPACE.

After 9/11, my son had to fly someplace. And, I got so scared. I wanted him to drive. Or take boats. He just laughed.

He said on a plane the people would protect themselves from terrorists. So, I asked how? (And, my kid is skinny.) Well, he said, you toss all the luggage in the overheads onto the floor. So the terrorists can't run back and forth through the aisles, easily.

If you have a soda can, you throw it at a terrorists head.

If you see an on-flight magazine, you wrap it up into a cylinder, and with it you got for an eye.

People who hit out at you, are actually giving you leverage. How so? Well take a minute. Look at elbows and knees. And, ankles. Pivoting any one of those locations gives you an advantage. People don't jump up if their kneecap's been turned around, so it's facing backwards.

You just need to be careful.

You need to pull in your arms if someone tries to turn your arm into a lever.

And, you need to know the name of a great lawyer. You think I'm kidding when I say I'd call KEN THOMPSON. What can he do for me? I live in California?

Well, I'd ask him who he'd call HERE ... if he got into trouble and needed a lawyer.

I'm not even interested, any longer, in criminal court.

Do you remember the killer at Fort Hood? He hasn't seen criminal court, yet. BUT HE GOT SHOT. Great shot. He's a bobble-head.

The shooter was paralzed shoulders up. I hope they throw him out of bed 5 times a day. So he can pray on the floor. Before the toss, sure. A prayer rug. I mean why not let him have all the religious experiences he can get?

The court's slow? He's still a bobble-head.

Trooper York said...

Everybody have fun tonight!

Everybody Wing Chun tonight!

Anonymous said...

Whether you pressed charges or not was your decision, but why did you call for the police and tell them you had proof of the commission of a crime and then tell them you did not want the man arrested. What did you want the police to do?

I did not notice the threat to arrest your son for protecting his mother. That is outrageous.

traditionalguy said...

The singing group is all about controlling the space where the Government power resides.

They carefully imitate a church meeting where they sing and preach about the Jesus who hates the enemy of the people.

That is a counterfeit of a Church inserted to occupy the place of the real thing.

The real thing approached them who was "the preacher from Kansas." So the clash point was right there in front of your camera.

No wonder they felt a need to shut down your camera which showed them losing the occupation battle to a genuine Christian.

Cedarford said...


1. At the end of the day, this was a scuffle not an attack. No one was struck, no one was injured.
In the legal sense of the word it might be "assault", but at a level that is not something any responsible, clear thinking 3rd party wants "jury trials" "exercise of sacred 2nd Amendment rights" applied to.

2. Althouse son is absolutely right to protect his small Momma from the goon. A stranger would also be dead right interceeding - even with no family connection - for ending unwanted physical contact. Officer Fatcop is dead wrong. His threats have no weight, and if one good thing comes out of this, it should be knowing of all the parties, Officer Fatcop is the one most in the wrong.

2A - AS corollary, I noticed Officer Fatcop was only interested in Chris Althouses ID. And made no effort to get Jesus-spouting motormouth's ID, go out and find and get the ID the person Althouse claimed grabbed her, tried to steal her camera,

3. I would be interested in having the video reviewed by parties familiar with the demonstrations who might give more concrete info on Kirby's arrest history. If Motormouth is Kirby, or the goon is. Motormouth appeared to be known to police. Interesting that Motormouth seemed to have authority over the goon, who went from agitation and aggression to instant obedience.
Who the union goon is, and also the guy seen in the video (dumpy, long haired middle aged guy with red shirt, Solidarity heart balloon) video'd talking to goon moments before he went at Althouse. You watch that guy, you see he talks to the goon then quickly walks away with back to goon and Althouse to get a few feet of distance - then turns to watch the two moments before the scuffle starts. Did that guy give a "green light to the goon" to "make those people bothering us go away"???

4. People fixated on Law!, "arrest everone involved", "let jury trials a couple years from now resolve matters" are as silly as those arguing that "if only Althouse had a gun, a beautiful gun!".

5. I am struck by one thing. You have a large number of singers going about their singing right next to Motormouth's loud and endless harangue that sometimes rises in decibel value over the joined singers volume. Yet none of them ask Motormouth to can it while they are singing or move away. That suggests Motormouth is in a position of authority in the group and they have to accept what he wants...just as the goon instantly obeyed Motormouth when he told the goon to beat feet. That suggests Motormouth is a ranking pro within "Solidarity".

Cedarford said...


6. While Althouse is "cruelly neutral/independent" it probably would be good for public discourse and improving the "civility" of things to ensure that her video and her and son and Reverend minister Cap's take on it does get to other parties. Regular media, the counter-demonstration political groups that support the reforms Walker and Repubs have enacted, and to police media relations/PR. Meade has engaged principals in those populations before and they might be productive in correcting a few things.

a. The media is rather adament that any 3rd Party, like them, has an absolute right to film a public demonstration. They don't like it at all when activists try grabbing their cameras. Don't like it when they see it happen to others.

b. Police PR might review Officer Fatcops reaction. He doesn't look too good on video. He has his little "we two are the peacemakers" tete a tete with Union Brother Motormouth video'd before waddling into action against the nefarious Outsider son of Althouse... Makes no effort to find the person who attacked/scuffled with Althouse. Then launched into a rather preposterous threat that he would arrest those who were attacked after peaceful assembly and peacefully exercising their 1st Amendment rights - on word of fellow Union Brother Motormouth. Maybe a response that "yes, the cop was not at his best", should be sought.
There is also the matter of them (Capital police) maybe knowing who Motormouth, the Goon, and the portly guy who seems to be signalling the goon to step in - are. If they have been in past incidents.

c. Pro-Walker groups might have some ideas on what caused the incident, who the parties are.

Heart_Collector said...

This is a temper tantrum. No more, no less.

alan markus said...

@ Cedarford: Love the Officer Fatcop ID. May help for future discussions. Ironic - in the late 60's police officers were called "pigs". I'm sure many a Madison officer endured that taunt back in the day.

iftheshoefits said...


Your comparison to a revival doesn't quite hold. The purpose of a revival is to bring in the outsiders and the lost, get 'em saved, and through that experience hopefully get them to turn to the straight and narrow.

With this particular religion, non-believers and skeptics are forcefully (violently if necessary) chased off the premises, as they've already been condemned.

Lincolntf said...

Cedarford, you just wrote "No one was struck, no one was injured."

"The man completely wrapped his hand around my hand and the camera and pulled attempting to yank the camera out of my hand. He did that twice. And then he just hit me."

- Althouse last night at 10:36.

No injury, sure, but I think Althouse knows whether or not she's been struck by someone.

Carol_Herman said...

MarkoO at 4;42 AM is right.

And, since no one goes to Madison expecting to see cameras. Or expecting to make it onto TV. Their only recourse is Ann. Who walks around with her camera and questions people. Then, it comes here, at this blog.

Seems to me the "event" ... or the "incident" ... was PRE-PLANNED. By a bunch of hog stealers ... who purposely got in the way of Ann filming anything else.

At least you got some names:

Calhoun from the pole-eezze

The Pervert, Kirby Jones. Or Kirby Jonns. Or Kirby does johns at gay clubs. And, for gay politicians. One never knows.

But a whole 8 minutes of fim!

3 Cameras!

When those goons meet, again, at their club-soda-house ... they're gonna rave at how they scared a lttle old lady.

I'd even bet a few of those red ballons were owned by a few "participants" ... who were ready to shove the balloon towards the lens. Given that they weren't holding their balloons by the string ... The way children do.

But adults hugging balloon tops like teddy bears?

You think Alinksy?

I think Nixon's book of Dirty Tricks. Because he believed in sending in "boys" ... to infiltrate the "hippies."

Where have all the hippies gone?

If you say "underground" ... then you mean they died, huh?

Now that this blog shows Madison videos ... that can get lots of attention ...

PROTECT ANN'S BACK! Worry when it seems people treating her like she's selling hot dogs.

Carol_Herman said...

Don't Tread On Me 2021 @ 10:31 AM

I didn't know H. L. Mencken said that. Outdoors, he always sported a hat. And, smoked a cigar.

Watching him "spitting on his hands" ... would'a been seeing quite a production. And, if he was indoors, he'd first have to put down his glass.

While in Madison your body guards don't have to be body builders, I guess?

While screaming "police" ... is a waste of time.

I learned this back in the 1960's. From a psychology book. Where it talked about car accidents. And, how hard it can be to get people to come over and give you aid. The instruction was specific:

Do not say "call" ... without identifying the bystander ... Like: YOU, in the yellow sweater ...

Of course, today everybody has telephones on their person! No longer just hanging on their walls. Or in their stores.

But for the most part ... bystanders have been known to flee, first.

Names. If you can. And, license plates numbers ... if afterward ... you see them going into their cars.

Not the cud chewing union lawyer, though. He said "he works across the street."

But he took on FDR. So he weren't no coward.

Carol_Herman said...

Have a separate audio.

If Ann, you feel threatened, you could reach safety better, if you look like your camera's broken.

I'd even call a gag shop ... to find out if they have the old kind ... That when you pushed the button ... Out popped the lid on a spring.

A separate audio ... on your skirt ... provides plenty of evidence.

Heck, Calhoun's best evidence was spoken. (All cops look alike.)

Carol_Herman said...

H.L. Menken took on FDR! So, I might as well as clear up one funny sentence, at the end. Above.

The cud chewing union lawyer was on a video taken in the winter. When there was just Ann standing at the Hegg monument, waiting for Meade ... who was walking carrying a bucket. To show up ...

Back then the union lawyer purposely wanted to be on this blog.

When Ann asked him ... he said "he worked across the street."

Ann's gotta develop new strategies for the summer. Everyone who lives in Madison, now knows of this blog. And, probably lurks to see if they can see themselves. Or a food place ... where they've also gone to eat.

Anna said...

I couldn't believe what the policeman was telling your son! It was the most absurd thing I've ever heard. As if a son should legally have to stand next to his mother and allow her to be assaulted without trying to stop the assailant. You're braver than I am to wade into the political rallies. I've seen some pretty aggressive people on your videos.

Jim Bullock said...

What the rounder cop did was a threat.

Not impressed with how he took one person's POV without asking the other. And BTW, why isn't the *first* question: "Who called for the police?"

Carol_Herman said...

David T. Graham's post at the "video blog" of this event should receive a heading all its own!

If there are going to be "agitators" then people who come here should see this one, writ large!

I've actually hard-copied and mailed Graham's post to friends. It's a very important thing to read.

Arizona Poll Watcher said...

@GreatAmericanZ1 picked this up, the Madison assault. They have a different "edge." Interesting.