August 12, 2011

At the Sidestreet Café...

... you can hang out all night.


traditionalguy said...

We don't want to talk about hanging folks.

Did you see the Cubs ace pitcher Zambrano give up 5 home runs in 4 innings and then start throwing at the Braves star hitter Chipper Jones?

The ejection by the ump lead to his clearing out his locker and leaving Atlanta Stadium before the Cubs could finish the game, telling people that he was quitting baseball.

These are fierce times we are living in.

David said...

Zambrano quit baseball quite a while ago. He's just making it official.

Carol_Herman said...

What? In a residential neighborhood? What happened to the top part? Where you'd walk upstairs to go to sleep?

Zoning? Has anyone here heard of zoning?

chickelit said...

Hymn for Self Righteous Althouse Assailants

Cutting off the sleeves, cutting off the sleeves
We shall come rejoicing cutting off the sleeves

Cutting off the sleeves, cutting off the sleeves
We shall come rejoicing cutting off the sleeves.

Chip Ahoy said...

↑ Catchy.

For the longest time my own little mondegreen for that song was "Bringing in the sheeps". Which didn't made good sense for a couple of reasons but had to do.

edutcher said...

I think I'd want to hang out in a better neighborhood, but that would also keep me away from the WI Capitol.

AllenS said...

Seems to me, that ever since Tiger Woods' wife slapped him upside the head with the 9 iron, he just hasn't been the same. He failed to make the cut in his latest golf outting.

Ann Althouse said...

This is classic East Side — Madison, Wisconsin.

Anonymous said...

It is over for the GOP. The debate and the straw poll have one logical conclusion: Obama and Biden wil be in WH till Jan. 2017.

Why will this happen? So simple that a third-grader can answer. Does the GOP have vision? Does the GOP have diversity? Does the GOP have deliverables? Does the GOP have supporters in the NYT, PBS, NPR? Etc. The answer is NO. Thus, why should voters vote for them? GOP will lose nationwide. A beating that even Mondale would be ashamed.

pst314 said...

I see that America's Third Grader has returned.

m stone said...

Damn! That bat got into the plane again.

Meade said...

Cause if there is one thing you can say about Mondale,
the guy had no shame.

Curious George said...

That's on Williamson just down from the co-op, no?

Carol_Herman said...

America's Politico @ 8:50 AM

I think you're partially correct.

Similar, though, when Teddy Roosevelt took on the seated Taft ... And, Teddy ran as a Bull Moose.

Republicans that year came in 3rd.

Woodrow Wilson came in First.

And, Teddy Roosevelt almost made it ... but he came in 2nd.

In 2012, I think Biden's gonna go. Because it's one of those "toss up" things ... where Obama will want to tear off Florida from Toss Up to WIN.

What's blue won't provide a veep slot. (Stephen Green at VodkaPundit has already preapred an electoral college map we can watch.)

Worst case scenario: 2000 ... all over again ... With Florida's votes in question.

But I also see TRUMP & PALIN


Name that party? Easy Peasy. ONE NATION

Carol_Herman said...


If Merkel's tossed from her partialmentary chair by Germans ... Europe will discover BORDERS. Money won't be "the Euro" ... unless it's in the PIIGS. And, the french will consider "white paper" as their currency. One side will be tacky ... so you can paste a piece on your forehead as you run forward, yelling that you SURRENDER!

Belgium will be turned into a country of garden gnomes.

And, Oslo won't be any safer.

Heart_Collector said...

That looks like the place where red shirt and gray shirt shoot up and then start their dusk till dawn suckfest.

Almost Ali said...

This is the perfect café.