July 19, 2011

Tuesday sunset.


In the rain.


mesquito said...

Tirsdag solnedgang.

That's Norwegian for "Tuesday sunset."

I'm glad the old comments system is back so I can write stuff.

mesquito said...

Remember when some Democrats illegally intercepted and recorded a Newt Gingrich phone call? Remember how they gave it to the New York Times? And how the Times published it?

Remember how outraged everyone was?

Carol_Herman said...

Ann, walks on water, again, to take a photograph. Add rain. Amazing!

Meanwhile, the apostle islands moved.

chickelit said...

Brrr. The coloration looks like frozen waves.
wv = "symen"
A futuristic egg fertilizer marketed to radical feminists.

chickelit said...

meanwhile, the apostle islands moved

Are they anchored in stone?

Synova said...

Rub it in.

No rain, no rain.

And I can still see the Los Alamos fire from my back deck.

edutcher said...

Looks a little like an Alfred Jacob Miller painting.

So we can expect a little rain, maybe?

And possibly a bit cooler?

Glad you're having some fun and perhaps dunking your tush in the cool water.

mesquito said...

Remember when some Democrats illegally intercepted and recorded a Newt Gingrich phone call? Remember how they gave it to the New York Times? And how the Times published it?

Remember how outraged everyone was?

The Demos love doing stuff like that.

Funny how things work out.

pm317 said...

Rain on the Snake river

Not my favorite picture but mildly dramatic -- it rained while we were floating on the Snake river. Not pouring rain but the raindrops were HUGE. And the Sun was getting ready to go down behind the Tetons.

A. Shmendrik said...

OK. So Jay Rockefeller chimes in about the families of 9/11 victims having their phones hacked. Without citing anything in the general direction of probable cause or reasonable suspicion. It sounds pretty bad, so we should investigate, whether or not we have even iota #1 suggesting it indeed happened. My question is - if there had been some hacking of 9/11 victims families telephones, how would you know (i.e., what kind of information would have shown up in the tabloid or other press that would be proof that such a hack occurred)?

Let's go with the assumption it happened. You wouldn't know the names of the families for several weeks after 9/11. Then you'd have identify their carriers and hack into the records to begin the process of capturing their calls. If you did that, you'd be getting conversations which first took place long after 9/11. What would have been collected - bitching about Ken Feinberg and the settlement process, or what?

I was getting saturated with all the "let's roll" stuff, just like everyone else (and, having had a colleague who was killed in the WTC, I think I paid close attention to all the coverage), but it doesn't seem that there was anything about the 9/11 victims families that appeared in the press that would fit this kind of sourcing. Maybe I missed something.

I would say the calculus for Jay Rockefeller, et. al., was more like this:

1. Fox News is killing us Democrats.

2. Rupert Murdoch owns Fox news.

3. If we make this allegation and the FBI entered the picture, it will take them 18 months to report, even if they find nothing.

4. 18 months is beyond November 6, 2012 - so we can beat this issue during the campaign, with impunity.

Titus said...

FYI-Lakes do not have beaches.

Only oceans have beaches.


I, being from the Coast, now know that.

You Mainlanders don't know a beach unless you are on a Coast.

thank you.

I read somewhere that Superior has like two gay bars. The town has like 25,000 people. Could you imagine how depressing those bars must be. Not a hot hog in the bunch I bet. Heck, there aren't any in Madison, how on earth could there be any in Superior.

Tits on The Edmond Fitzgerald bouncing and then finally drowning.


Sal said...

"I read somewhere that Superior has like two gay bars."

Bud Grant is from Superior. Not that that has anything to do with gay bars. Bud is very un-gay.

Dan said...

no rain in delavan! wish we had some water. AC went out earlier but thank god for repairmen! cant wait for the next rain storm!

Titus said...

Bud Grant is also a big environmentalist. Kinda gay if you ask me.

Paco Wové said...

"...there are plenty of Americans who are firmly convinced that we would all be better off if we grew our own food, bought only locally, kept firms small, eschewed modern conveniences like home appliances, went back to using only natural products, expropriated wealthy savers, harassed the capitalistic class until it felt itself unwelcome and vanished. This paradise has a name, and it is Haiti."


Freeman Hunt said...

I'm watching a documentary about the Manhattan preschool crush. What hell. Feeling bad for those of you who are Manhattanites.

Henry said...

@Paco -- Great link.

Titus said...

Alberta Darling, from Wisconsin, who is some sort of elected official.

That name is such a drag queen name.

Freeman Hunt said...

Most of these couples are adorable.

Sal said...

Environmentalism is as un-gay as it gets.

Sal said...

But some environmentalism is very Gaia. But that's not the same thing.

Titus said...

I fucking love Wendy Murdoch.

Total diva.

Love her hair, clothes, and bod.

And protecting her man, totally delish.

Titus said...

Environmentalist are total fags.


Sierra Club, fags.

Al Gore, total fag.

Bud Grant, butch fag.

Fuck you with your clean water and healthy forests.

Titus said...

Love the Brittany though MarkG.

That bitch has lots of energy.

I fucking love dogs.

If I had tons of money and wasn't married to a really rich hindu I would totally be on an episode of Pet Hoarders.

My husband bought me an Ipad2 for my birthday. Over the past year he purchased me an Iphone4, Ipod, MacBook and now an Ipad2.

I don't know what the hell I am doing with most of them but they sure are pretty.

Joe said...

I've been enjoying a Lake Superior vacation myself this week. Best summer weather anywhere. Sad to head back to reality later this week. Somehow not being on top of the budget debates, either in D.C. Or here in MN, hasn't bothered me.

Titus said...

Freeman, I heard from a friend of mine who is Van Buren, Arkansas tonight.

What's it like?

Terry said...

Many years ago my girlfriend & I road up to Bayfield from St. Paul on a motorcycle. It was a beautiful spring day!
We took the ferry over to La Pointe & rented a condo for the weekend. It was fantastic!
When the morning came that we had to leave it was drizzling with the temp in the low forties. My God that was a cold drive back. When we got to St. Paul we were so cold that we literally had to crawl up the staircase to get to our apartment.

pm317 said...

I heard this on the radio today. In a local Borders store, there was a sign on the restroom door, 'out of order, try amazon.com'.

Freeman Hunt said...

Freeman, I heard from a friend of mine who is Van Buren, Arkansas tonight.

I don't know. I've never been there.