April 12, 2011


Chip Ahoy animates the next frame from the "Yesterday, in the gardens" sequence.


PaulV said...

Maybe I was wrong. Hawks, like dingoes cans be manipulated by commentators.

David said...

Another New Civility fail, Chip.

Anita said...

I hope that child hasn't been drinking chocolate milk. It would be really bad for the hawk's diet.

AJ Lynch said...

Haha. Chip comes thru again!

Lincolntf said...

Great job, Chip.

edutcher said...

You are one sick puppy.

Although you only gave it form, others thought of it first.

enicar333 said...

James Audubon described a "Great Eagle" with a 10 ft. wingspan, that might have been the legendary "thunderbird". Already on the decline in Audubons time, it is gone now, yet history records numerous incidents of very large birds attacking humans, and even flying off with them. Read more here: http://biofort.blogspot.com/search/label/Avian%20Abductions

Watch a Golden Eagle hunt... Mountain Goats and hurl them off cliffs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz7FFlFy8eM&feature=related

Bob said...

Once in a California Sierra
I was swooped down upon when I was small,
And measured, but not taken after all,
By a great eagle bird in all its terror.

Such auspices are very hard to read.
My parents when I ran to them averred
I was rejected by the royal bird
As one who would not make a Ganymede.

Not find a barkeep unto Jove in me?
I have remained resentful to this day
When any but myself presumed to say
That there was anything I couldn't be.

- - Robert Frost

Mel said...

I shouldn't be laughing this hard before I go to bed.

Maria said...

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