April 26, 2011

"Aflac Duck gets a Minnesota accent."

Daniel McKeague won the competition to replace Gilbert Gottfried (who got the boot for tweeting/quacking tsunami jokes).

(Listen here.)


Carol_Herman said...

The "Aflac Duck" is just a role. It probably would make more sense to retire the "duck" ... and go with a whole new ad campaign.

While Coca-Cola may discover they didn't get what they wanted when they demanded no one from their "Spaulding" law firm could represent the government in NOT squandering good will on gay marriage!

Because "gay marriage" is just a twist. Like forcing women to jump on funeral pyres. Or for the Mormon's to reclaim polygamy.

I expect there's gonna be changes ahead.

Heck, I'm almost willing to bet that there will be pressure on "blue-eyed boehner" do do something about the president ... who unfortunately took the Oath of Office under the WRONG name.

Can this be fixed?

Can Chief Justice Roberts do a "do-over?"

Can Biden become president?

Japan just had an earthquake and tsunami. About as unexpected as Mother Nature can get. Doesn't mean you can just dig out from under, ya know?

I'm just waiting to see what Jerome Corsi puts in his book. (Will John Kerry paddle out in his Swift Boat to meet it?)

The future will have its surprises.

While the Aflac Duck will never be the same without Godfried.

Don't Tread 2012 said...

The melding of annoying and ducks:

A duck walks into a bar and asks: "Got any Bread?"

Barman says: "No."

Duck says: "Got any bread?"

Barman says: "No."

Duck says: "Got any bread?"

Barman says: "No, we have no bread."

Duck says: "Got any bread?"

Barman says: "No, we haven't got any bread!"

Duck says: "Got any bread?"

Barman says: "No, are you deaf?! We haven't got any bread, and if you ask me again and I'll nail your dang beak to the bar you irritating dang duck!"

Duck says: "Got any nails?"

Barman says: "No"

Duck says: "Got any bread?

traditionalguy said...

AFLAC is from a suburb of Ft Benning, Georgia called Columbus, Georgia. The last thing that we need is an AFLAC Duck with a Yankee accent. I am calling King & Spalding in the morning. They will pluck that yankee duck's feathers. We call it the Defense of Southern Accents Act.

rhhardin said...

Imus retired his time duck, Feb 12, 1999.

"You know, after thirty years, that effing duck is finally getting on my nerves..."

MadisonMan said...

There's nothing Minnesota accent-y about a short a as in Aflac.

edutcher said...

An amalgam of Gottfried and Clarence Nash.

Not bad.

Carol_Herman said...

The "Aflac Duck" is just a role. It probably would make more sense to retire the "duck" ... and go with a whole new ad campaign.

You must be joking.

I had a marketing class taught by someone who worked for Aflac.

He once said, "Everything in the company is viewed as either before the duck or after the duck".

They'll get rid of the duck when Disney gets rid of its.

TheThinMan said...

The best stand-up comedy I ever saw was a Gilbert Gottfried show at Caroline's in NYC many years agi. The guy is a comic genius. His comedy is completely different from anybody else's, and no one else could bring it off if they tried. Knowing him via those commercials (via duck?) doesn't do him justice. Maybe he subconsciously tried to get himself fired to get out of that fur-lined coffin.

George said...

Now, for a new confused black dude. Won't find that in Hugo, MN.

Pogo said...

What a gig.

ricpic said...

What, they couldn't get Fran Drescher?

Doug Wright said...

To coin a phrase, maybe: "Ya sure, Ya betcha!" Well, that's kind of the way they could say it in East Forgo!


Ps: The North won, ya betcha!

MarkG said...

Where I come (near Hugo) we have a saying: "Hugo, I go, we all go to Hugo."

Scott said...

AFLAC's search for the new duck voice is nothing more than a protracted public spanking of Gilbert Gottfried. It's even uglier and more unseemly than the off-color jape that got the comedian fired in the first place.

Jeff with one 'f' said...


No comment on Gilbert? Aren't you a Stern fan? Or am I thinking of Rush...

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