February 26, 2011


As in: Pushing up Qaddafidils. Could someone illustrate my coinage by photoshopping (or drawing) a daffodil combined with Qaddafi?

Or Gaddafi/Qaddhafi/Qaddafi/Gaddafi/Kaddafi/Khadafy/Qadhafi/Qadaffi or however the hell you spell that in Latin letters.

IN THE COMMENTS: Paddy O makes this:

Chip Ahoy makes this:


madawaskan said...

however the hell you spell that in Latin letters

F**K F*CE..?

rhhardin said...

John and Ken have a nice podcast mocking Kadafi here .mp3 starting about 4 minutes in.

(podcast page 2/22 3PM if the .mp3 link doesn't work. Some sites code against direct links.

Mocking Arabic politics is one of their talents.

Chip Ahoy said...

The scribbled sketch of Gaddafi that Hot Air had up yesterday had me holding my sides laughing. Game Over here.

Julius said...

this is a very narcissistic post

James said...

Using the transliteration scheme advocated in several of my textbooks (which uses caps for emphatic, and doubles vowels for long vowels):


Of course, the purpose of that scheme is so you know how to spell/say the word in formal Arabic and keep things in simple characters, which is decidedly different than the goal of "how do you best approximate it in English?"

For those wondering why his name is such a total mess, it's because of different mix and match games between what the Arabic letters indicate, how it's actually pronounced in the local dialect, and Anglicization to make it not look as funny to English-speaking readers.

traditionalguy said...

I can see Clint Eastwood starring in a new movie called "Dirty Muhamar".He is called upon when Oil Tyrants need someone to do the dirty work of killing whomever threatens their rule. Like a modern day Have Gun, Will Travel. He leaves a Qudafadill on each dead body, until all of the flowers have gone.

edutcher said...

This nonsense started when Peter Jennings wanted to show how cool and multi-culti he was by twisting his tongue all out of shape trying to give the proper Cathtilian pronunciation to Spanish place names in Central America during all the trouble there in the 80s and then everybody falling all over themselves going to the approved Commie spelling and pronunciation of Chinese place names.

Call him Kadaffy (as in Duck) and then call him dead.

PS From what I gather, the locals in Central America have their own pronunciation, liquifying the hard consonants so that Nicaragua sounds like Ni'ara'ua.

PPS The locals pronounce the capital of Red China Bay Ching, none of this Zhing nonsense.

Almost Ali said...

It may be Hyper-Caffeination:

It's these kind of posting assignments that suggest a certain level of unseriousness. And completely ignore the forces of manly declination.

Paddy O said...

"Could someone illustrate my coinage"

Here's my attempt.

murgatroyd666 said...

He spells it Gadhafi.

Although he may not be spelling it for very much longer. Or doing anything else, for that matter, once the mob catches up to him.

wv: tingly

If Gadhafi has spider-sense, it's probably getting tingly right about now ...

Chip Ahoy said...

The irony of drawing Gaddaffodil is that the flower is basically a Mogen David

Bob Ellison said...

The traditional flower to refer to when predicting an enemy's death is the daisy, as Curly did in Oklahoma:

The daisies in the dell
Will give out a different smell
'Cause poor Jud is underneath the ground

maria horvath said...

Never mind Qaddafee.

The White House can't even spell the 5-letter name of the Mad Dog's country right:


edutcher said...

Didn't Chuck Jones draw Daffy Duck as part of a daffodil in a cartoon once?

EDH said...

How about Goddawfil?

John Burgess said...

Are you sure this isn't a portmanteau work comprised of Qaddafi and Sildenafil?

In that case, it would just be a picture of a hard dick. That might be optically redundant, though...

deborah said...

Awesome, Paddy.

Fen said...

James, thanks for background lesson re the Arabic.

How do you say "Dead Man Walking" ?

MamaM said...


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Quaestor said...
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Quaestor said...

GaddafiDuck Amok

Cedarford said...

I think the image now is of Qaddafi and daisies.
As in the "soon pushing up daisies" sort.

Rose said...

I dunno why - I just have a hard time finding humor when it comes to Quaddafi - Or Gaddafi/Qaddhafi/Qaddafi/Gaddafi/Kaddafi/Khadafy/Qadhafi/Qadaffi or however the hell you spell that in Latin letters. (did bring a smile to my face, though)

captcha word: pregoofi (goes with daffy)

deborah said...

"As in the "soon pushing up daisies""

Go, Chip, go!

Jim S. said...

The "k" or "q" sound is a qaf, usually transliterated as q. It's like a k produced at the back of the throat, although as James wrote, this is going to differ from one Arabic dialect to another. The "d" is a thal, a letter that is a hard "th" (like in "there"), but I've never seen it spelled that way in Qadaffi's name. Presumably another dialect issue. After that an alif (a), a fa (f), and a ya (y) which are essentially the same as their English counterparts.

rhhardin said...

April 11 not far away.