February 9, 2011

At the Blue Snow Café...


... you can talk all night.


Meade said...

Snowin' at Owen.

MadisonMan said...

I'm amazed at the snow reports from NW Arkansas. 1 to 2 feet! 2 feet is more than Madison has ever gotten in a storm, so I'm jealous.

My dog is starting at me. It's time for him to make some yellow snow I guess. I don't look forward to the thaw this weekend, and the emergence of black snow and crud that's hiding under all the surface whiteness.

The Spring Thaw is the ugliest time of year. If only we could go from 12 inches of white snow to none in one quick overnight melt.

Freeman Hunt said...

It's a record!

Freeman Hunt said...

My Springdale, Arkansas snow pics.

Meade said...

Great pics, Freems. Winter's last hurrah. In a week you'll have warm spring rains.

KCFleming said...

Happy global warming day, Freeman!

Freeman Hunt said...

My sled ride.

Freeman Hunt said...

Yes, we're supposed to have temperatures in the sixties next week.

Friend opened yesterday's paper this afternoon. Forecast said four inches of snow. Oops.

traditionalguy said...

I hope that damn gopher in Pennsylvania is proud of himself, Giving out false hope is cruel.

Unknown said...

First, I like Ann's photo - a well-traveled road home on a cold, snowy night, leading to warmer times and, eventually, warmer days. A time to curl up with someone warm.

Second, I also like Meade's new avatar - good positive thinking, all things Spring and warm and sunny and floral. Hold that thought, sir.

Third, Freeman, you call that snow? Back in Pennsylvania, when one of those monster storms come up the East Coast...

Actually, I didn't think you got snow down there, but Drudge was showing how you got socked. I'm sure it's quite a trial if you're not used to it.

Hope you and the kids (I think you said you have at least 1) are having some fun with it.

Chip Ahoy said...

Today bundled up in layers I stepped out of my truck at the same moment a guy exited the store I was entering. He was wearing short pants. I thought to myself, "?"

Say, would you like to see my first attempt at lamb cannelloni?

How about two tries at gnocchi?

Okay fine, how about something I'm sure about then? Here's a carrot and courgette salad with grapefruit dressing.

Freeman Hunt said...

Trial? Heck, no. It's great. Everyone here is so excited. We've never had snow like this.

Kids haven't been out yet because it's up to their faces, but we might give it a shot tomorrow.

Freeman Hunt said...

MM, looks like your brother gets another snow day tomorrow.

Christy said...

Freeman, what fun!

Any one else watching Blue Bloods? Maybe I've been hanging out here too long but I can't help but notice that the NYC Police Commissioner is named Reagan and the only pic on his wall is of Teddy Roosevelt, who was a police commissioner back in the day and also founder of the Progressive (Bull Moose) party. Think there are any hidden meanings? Also, interesting casting, or makeup, choices. All the Reagans have widows peaks. Help! I see meaning everywhere.

Deb said...

Cannot believe we have more snow here in Atlanta. just a dusting but I wonder how many school systems will close?

Freeman, that's a real sled ride. I took an involuntary sled ride downt he drive during the Big Snow in Atlanta a few weeks ago.

wv: haltr. no haltr tops just yet.

Revenant said...

My "never leave San Diego unless absolutely necessary" strategy is looking better and better.

Shanna said...

I am so jealous of Freeman's snow!!! Although our piddly 6 inches is rather pretty this morning.

AllenS said...

-16º in Jesusland right now. Warming starting tomorrow, and by Sunday, high 30's.

The Concrete Dog said...

lizbeth's jurnal
oregn 1847

novembr 18
left indiana in aprl
now my husbnd jon
is sick
it rains and snows
i carry my babe
mud and water almos to my knees
so cold and numb
i could not tell
i had any feet at all
the wagon crawls ahed

novbr 30
rain this mornng
rain all day
impossibl to cook or
keep warm or dry
froze my feet so that
i cant wear shoes
hav to go round in the
cold water barefoot

decembr 8
rain all day
he coughs nd sleeps

decmbr 21
rain all day
jon has a fevr
cant go any furthr
what littl mony we had
i spent on a room
a small leaky concern
wit 2 famlies already in it
cant writ any more

janury 15
jon is stil alive
but very sick.
there is no medicine here
or mony to buy it

febury 1
rain all day
this day my dear husband
my last remaining friend

febry 2
today buried my earthly companion
i know what widows know
how comfortless
left in a strange land
no money or frends
nd the care of of a child

feb 10
i have not told
half tht we suffered
not adequat to the task
nd my educatn limted

jun 16
the baby walkd today

Anonymous said...

Chooo! Choooooo!

Biden Vows to Jump Canyon by Amtrak


MadisonMan said...

Wow, -17 in Fayetteville this morning. That's gonna kill some Zone 6 plants.

Freeman Hunt said...

Our plants have been getting hammered for the last few years. There was the ice storm which maimed or killed every tree in town. Then there was last summer which was extremely dry and killed bushes here and there. And now this.

I think the local greenhouses will do well this year.

Original Mike said...

"The Spring Thaw is the ugliest time of year."


Original Mike said...

"Friend opened yesterday's paper this afternoon. Forecast said four inches of snow. Oops."

Ahh, those bumbling weather forcasters.

Original Mike said...

"Wow, -17 in Fayetteville this morning. That's gonna kill some Zone 6 plants."

Aren't they buried in 2 feet of snow? At least the light ones.

Freeman Hunt said...

Aren't they buried in 2 feet of snow? At least the light ones.

Good point. Yes.

Freeman Hunt said...

Last summer's drought. Bottom of page.

Peano said...

At the Blue Snow Café ...

Otherwise known as a color cast. (Ann, you really should learn to color correct your pictures. Aside from frequent color casts like this one, they’re usually quite good.)

Freeman Hunt said...

Mike, you asked in the other thread if we owned a snow shovel.

No, we don't. There are only two people on our street that have them. Others were joking about renting the shovels from them.

We almost never get enough snow to shovel. If we owned one, we'd probably go years without using it.

Original Mike said...

I meant the short ones. Light = short? Need more coffee.

You shoveling Freeman, or are you going to wait for it to melt?

Freeman Hunt said...

Last night the news interviewed the owner of a roofing company. He was on to talk about the possible effects of this storm on area roofs.

He couldn't help it; he was grinning from ear to ear.

Original Mike said...

Do you have a fireplace? Big snow outside, fire in the fireplace, hot chocolate spiked with a little something. Doesn't get any better than that.

asdf said...

it's blue because your white balance is off

Original Mike said...

"He was on to talk about the possible effects of this storm on area roofs."

The snow probably won't stick around long enough for ice dams.

Freeman Hunt said...

The temperature is supposed to go way up this weekend and through next week, so we'll probably let it melt. No point in digging out the car if the roads are impassible anyway.

Freeman Hunt said...

New records for snow and temperature. Now all future winters will be anti-climactic.

Freeman Hunt said...

-28 in Oklahoma. Yow!

Original Mike said...

Is that the real temperature or that sissy wind chill thing?

Freeman Hunt said...

Actual temperature. The old record was -5.

Freeman Hunt said...

My mistake, it was a balmier -27.

Freeman Hunt said...

Our town also set a new cold record, but it was a much warmer -10.

Original Mike said...

That's pretty cold. Madison only got down to -13 this morning.

Peano said...

asdf said...it's blue because your white balance is off

Right. She had the camera set on Auto White Balance. Not good when shooting snow.