January 7, 2011

"Edmonton's Gold Medal Hockey Pee-O-Meter."

Things found in the sidebar of a Canadian website while looking for other things.

What I was looking for was that quote about poutine.

Eh. The whole quote isn't even there. It's here:
It was them criticizing me as a person, and that was something that frankly pissed me off. I’ve heard worse in bathrooms about me.... If I had the chance to sit down with them over a poutine, I think we'd all be, like, lovely people together.


paul a'barge said...

I had the poutine in Canada, up in Knowlton.

Not bad but basically "Eh."

k*thy said...

A poutine summit, eh?

In 15 years of family vacations NE of Sault St. Marie, we crossed paths with poutine, many a time. The kid loves it and still makes it for herself. Me?...it's ok.

traditionalguy said...

He says in his interview that Masculinity is old out dated. OK, who will raise the kids? Or maybe that is not of any importance to expressive people.

Ann Althouse said...

"A poutine summit, eh?"

George Bush kind of tried that.

holdfast said...

Poutine is really good after a long morning of hard skiing - then it warms you up and all the calories seem justified.

Food always tastes so much better when you're working hard - especially skiing. I've been lucky enough to eat in many great NY restaurants, yet one meal that always stands out in my mind was a burger, fries and beer, eaten on the rooftop deck of the Roundhouse at Whistler - the burger fresh off the charcoal grill, the beer pulled straight from a bucket of half-melted ice - the sun bright, the sky the sort of blue you only see at altitude, warm enough to ditch the jacket, touque and gloves.

c3 said...

I can tolerate gravy on my fries but then cheese curd!? No thanks.

I prefer this

dont tread 2012 said...

Hilarious. And entirely believable. I have Canadians married into my family and can vouch for their drinking skill. Going out with them is an exercise in will.

Haven't yet tried poutine, but it sounds pretty good...cheese curds with fries sounds awesome.

What I would do for a pastie right now...