January 29, 2011

"Adults who make love first thing in the morning apparently not only feel more upbeat for the rest of the day, but also benefit from a stronger immune system."

"Research suggests that adults who begin their day this way are healthier and happier than those who simply opt for a cup of tea and some toast before heading out of the door."

What do you think of this news about sex in the morning?
It's really unsexy! Sex isn't a health treatment.
It confirms my experience. I attribute my good health and mood to my sex-in-the-morning regime.
Good propaganda for getting my partner to go along with quickies.
It's depressing to hear one more reason why I'm feeling so bad.

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ADDED: I think people are misunderstanding response #1, which I think is the best answer. "It" doesn't refer to sex in the morning. It refers to the news (that sex in the morning is good for your health). Let's have sex in the morning because it's a good heath treatment — that's unsexy. Ah! The aggravation I get for being subtle!


Pogo said...

That means I'd have to wake up 3 minutes earlier.

Bob_R said...

Boys Want Sex In The Morning

Boys want
Sex in the morning
Sex in the morning
When I'm not my best
Boys want
Sex in the morning
Sex in the morning
Tearing at my breast
Boys want
Someone who's winsome
Someone to pin
Someone to undertake
Boys want
Someone to fall on
Someone to crawl on
Someone half awake

Boys want
Sex in the morning
Sex in the morning
Covers at my knees
Boys want
Rotten conditions
Passive positions
I am a trapeze
Boys want
Someone who's sleepy
Someone who's keeping
Nothing in too deep
Boys want
Somebody first hand
Someone to burst
And then go back to sleep

There is nothing I like better
Than a jostle now and then
With the hands under the sweater
And the back that starts to bend
But before my eyes are open
I don't want to have to hide
From a simpleton still poking
With a thimbleful of pride

Boys want
Sex in the morning
Sex in the morning
Soiling the sheets
Boys want
Sex while I'm yawning
Suddenly spawning
When I'm half asleep
Boys want
Someone unconscious
Somebody not just
Waiting for a thrill
Boys want
Sex with surprises
Sex with sunrises
Someone on the pill

There is nothing like a lover
Who can satisfy your needs
And the joy when you discover
Just how often he succeeds
But before my eyes can focus
I don't need him to surprise
By descending like a locust
On a field of sleeping thighs

Boys want
Sex in the morning
Sex in the morning
When I'm still not fresh
Boys want
Something that strikes them
Someone who likes them
Fondling their flesh
Boys want
Someone to take and
Someone to break and
Comment on their size
Boys want
Someone to prod and
Someone who'll nod
And then just close her eyes

Palladian said...

we wake each other with blowjobs...

but it's all downhill after that.

al said...

If I woke my wife up at 4:30 I'm pretty sure that sex would not be what she was thinking about.

ironrailsironweights said...

Sex at any time of the day or night is fine. So long as the woman is of the full-flavor variety.


rhhardin said...

It's always morning somewhere.

The Crack Emcee said...

I call bullshit on anything that's touted as boosting your immune system.

You wanna have sex, have sex, just don't try to bullshit me about it.

Christy said...

Quickies in the morning! Quickies! Forget that. We want the full blown, er, bore, er the full on fun that we were too exhausted to enjoy when we finally fell into bed last night.

bagoh20 said...

Although I do feel better about the day if I have sex in the morning, I really don't like it. People tend to be smelly in the morning, and I don't feel sexy. Of course I still am incredibly sexy, but I just don't feel it, and that makes all the difference to me, and my satisfaction is all anyone should be concerned with.

Dad29 said...

You did not include:

"What sex? I'm married!"

bagoh20 said...

You know what boosts your immune system? Exposure to disease. So, ask your wife to call a skanky hooker for early morning delivery. Now, put that in your "Healthy Living Section".

WV: "gentia" I thing the WV guy is just a bad speller.

edutcher said...

I seem to recall Ann did a post on this general idea (morning sex) not long after Meade moved in.

So we know this is tested and Meadhouse-approved.

Ann Althouse said...

Ah! The aggravation I get for being subtle!

Poetry with a sledgehammer!

shoutingthomas said...

I'm looking for a nice Chinese lady.

First thing in the morning... afternoon delight.

Anybody got any suggestions.

My immune system does seem a bit depressed.

William said...

You need a lot of brute horniness to go at it absolutely first thing in the morning. I bet even Angelina Jolie looks kind of crappy, and a piss hard is not the perfect utensil for cementing the bonds of affection. This is something that people over forty should attempt sparingly, if at all.

ken in sc said...

I don't get morning wood anymore. I have learned to shoot pool with a rope.

dont tread 2012 said...


"Quickies in the morning! Quickies! Forget that. We want the full blown, er, bore, er the full on fun that we were too exhausted to enjoy when we finally fell into bed last night."

Exactly right.

Skookum John said...

My wife is at her absolute kinkiest upon waking up.

Methadras said...

Getting laid any time of day will do the same thing.

wv = cackle

dreams said...

Even health professionals forget that you have to be healthy to have sex. People are able to have sex because they are healthy, it isn't the sex thats makes them healthy but their good health that allows them to be able to have lots of sex. On Fox and Friends TV program, actor Earnest Borgnine attributed his good health to masturbation but it is his good health that was the reason for his ability to still be able to masturbate at his age.

Robert Burnham said...

Regarding your addition: By inclination and training, lawyers read things very closely.

Most ordinary people don't.

abeer ahmed said...

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