December 4, 2010

We walked out in the snow.




Picnic Point, today.


MamaM said...

Jason (the commenter) posted a picture on his blog today of winter colors in his area. When I saw it, I wondered about winter colors for our area. Then I saw this set, with the first picture a pair to his. Less and more of different features but similar reds.

Mark said...

Lovely. The first photo is worth framing.

deborah said...

A freshly fallen silent shroud of snow.

edutcher said...

Anent Mark, I like the second. The couple is Meadhouse, peut-etre?

PS I am a rock. I am an island.

That you take walks together is a good thing.

No man is an island.

No woman is, either.

Keep each other warm.

It's a cold world - and getting colder.

AllenS said...

It's 6ยบ here. I could use me some global warming. Brrrrrrrr.

jfreddd said...

I love the beautifully elegiac calm that suffuses so many of your pix.

For a very different sort of elegiac infusion, see Drudge's page today for a very melancholy Obambi and Hill. I have uploaded a screen shot here:

["Drudge Page Clip: Winter Picnic, 12-05-10"]

Clyde said...

If there are still cherries (or whatever kind of red berries those might be) on the trees, some squirrel obviously was falling down on the job. Of course, if they have fermented, any squirrel gathering them will do some serious falling down!

traditionalguy said...

We spent Saturday at the son's place with granddaughters, good food and football on TV. Of course his team was in hopes of seeing either Auburn or Oregon stumble. But we were glad for him to be booking his tickets instead to LA and the Rose Bowl. However, I had to warn him that beating Wisconsin would be harder than he thinks.

lemondog said...

re: snow,





Clyde said...

The headline picture at Drudge right now shows a shadowed Obama with his left hand up, although whether he is waving or shielding his eyes from the light is open to interpretation. For me, it brought to mind the Cracker song ""I See The Light":

"I see the light at the end of the tunnel now,
"Someone please tell me it's not a train..."


wv: frose. Really.

paul a'barge said...

Sweet! Get out the skis!!

Misty said...

Beautiful photos and looks like a great walk.

It's so good to see pictures of places that actually have seasons. Here in Phoenix the high is in the 70's. Of course all us wimps have our heaters on already and wear jackets.

So hard to get into the Christmas spirit when it feels like Spring. Having grown up in So Cal I never did figure out why Christmas and snow seemed to go together; not exactly the weather on that first Holy Night.

Thanks for sharing.

kinfeed - Thanksgiving?

dbp said...

The pathway picture gives off a real The Shining vibe. In a good way.

Timon said...

the middle picture made me think of the cover photo for "the freewheelin' Bob Dylan."

deborah said...

In the third photo you can feeel the cold. I'd frame that one.

Joel C Anatoli said...

beautiful photography