December 30, 2010

Speaking of Venn diagrams...

... that popular Venn diagram with circles for prostitutes, doctors, and TSA agents and the "get paid to touch your junk" punchline in the center is not a proper Venn diagram, as brilliantly and amusingly explained by Rich Skrenta (via Techdirt).


Clyde said...

Even if it's not a "proper" Venn diagram, it illustrated a certain truthiness about junk-touching. And after all, isn't that what really matters?

Richard Dolan said...

Well, it was a Venn diagram in the same sense that the New Yorker's cover showing the US as some vague place west of the Hudson was a map. Both made their point graphically, if not strictly cartographically (Venno-graphically?).

tim maguire said...

OT: to all the knuckleheads here who think the end of DADT will lead to some remarkable awakening in the shower stall, do you also think this choreographed itself?

edutcher said...

I'm having flashbacks to my days doing work, school, work, school, work, school, work, school, work as I pursued my CS degree.

What's next, permutations and combinations of how many different way the screeners could feel you up and still miss the Uzi tucked under your arm?

aronamos said...

I guess this is the mathematics version of the Ewok-nut kerfuffle some weeks back.

One more time:


wv: Bollu. Bob's last name.

Ann Althouse said...

Irony alert. Why are people writing "it's a joke" to complain about something that is itself humorous? Deconstructing a joke can be a new level of humor, possibly funnier.

Ann Althouse said...

"do you also think this choreographed itself?"

See, that's the real problem with ending DADT. Stuff that wasn't supposed to look gay, starts looking gay.

Anthony said...

Rich Skrenta lacks imagination, and/or doesn't believe in Rule 34.

The unlabeled center of his chart? That's easy - extend any of the three 2-group overlaps, and see if it makes any sense.

Doctors who require very little training? Not in the U.S.; maybe Cuba? Maybe Africa?

TSA agents who make more per hour than you make in a day? TSA isn't a California municipality, so that's not happening. (Unless "you" are unemployed.)

Prostitutes who wear blue latex gloves? Probably not your ordinary prostitute, but there are prostitutes catering to most fetishes, and surely there are enough people with medical (or TSA) fetishes to support prostitutes who use blue latex gloves.

rhhardin said...

Karnaugh maps are favored for serious work.

Dewb said...

The author of the linked article is actually Andrew Plotkin. I dislike the practice of crediting the hat-tipper in the same sentence as the author, as Techdirt did here, because it makes it easy to mix them up.

EDH said...

To aid my oral argument in appellate practice class, I used a Venn Diagram to visually "locate" pertinent case law within the separate and overlapping coverages of the Road Defect Statute and the state Tort Claims Act.

My professor, who's now on the appeals court, thought it was innovative use of Venn Diagram to aid oral argument.

Her husband, who was sitting as judge, basically said he didn't know what the fuck the diagram meant.

It taught me a valuable lesson: a judge will hold you responsible for his lack of analytical skills that probably visted him upon the legal profession in the first place.

Shawn L. said...

Tim Maguire:'do you also think this choreographed itself?'

Althouse: "See, that's the real problem with ending DADT. Stuff that wasn't supposed to look gay, starts looking gay."


So long as they don't start performing to the Village People's "In the Navy", I wouldn't really sweat it.

wv: holic
(I can quit anytime I want to.)

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