December 27, 2010

Politico picks the "best quotes" of 2010.

And the definition of "best" seems to be: the speaker was a politico whose own statement defined him/her in a negative way — e.g., "I'm not a witch."

Too bad no one ever comes out with brilliantly wise and witty epigrams anymore.


ricpic said...

It's better to like beautiful girls than to be gay.

--Silvio Berlusconi, November 9, 2010

Bryan said...

I think it's because 'wisdom' is a value far off the radar screens these days. Guess we will just have to make to with the oldies and goodies for a while. My favorite:

"this world is a comedy to those that think, a tragedy to those that feel"

--Horace Walpole, from a 1769 letter

rick said...

I am still bent out shape that Christine O'Donnell had to defend a comment uttered while she was in high school.

The charge was amplified by that idiot Scarborough on MSNBC. He of the No Labels crowd.

NOLINO - No Labels In Name Only.

kcom said...

"They crashed the car into a ditch and now they're slurping on a Slurpee."

That doesn't strike you as a brilliantly witty contribution from the best, gosh darn, orator on earth? It's practically Lincolnesque. Maybe he even wrote it on the back of an envelope somewhere.

rhhardin said...

Iowahawk comes up with them all the time. Wisdom of Donny Lama

A person must show self-restraint if he hopes to save up enough to rent that Lamborghini for his Florida vacation

despite their doctrinaire differences, all major world religions have chicks whose asses I would totally tap.

A calm mind helps a person to achieve his goal, especially when his goal is hotwiring a Lexus.

When you seem at perfect rest even though you desire to be in motion, check to see if someone jacked your tires.

Strive to look a person from a positive angle. If you like what you see, drop a fiver in her g-string.

edutcher said...

Again, where's, "We have to pass it to see what's in it"?

Or even Miss Sarah's one about death panels?

Again, Politico shills for the Demos.

WV "flurbibi" What a drunk Israeli says the day before election.

The Crack Emcee said...

This wasn't from this year, but the asshole's moving on now, so I'll include it:

"I think I've said everything I was going to say and I think you heard I said everything I was going to say, so I respect your desire not to respect my opinions and respect my right to say everything I just said."

It tells you all you need to know.

The Crack Emcee said...


I'm still kinda green about Twitter - how can I follow that "Wisdom" thread?

I looked around, but didn't find a button or anything, and I'm trapped for time.


William said...

From time to time you hear a politician say something wise and useful. The quote is never picked up though. The late night comics don't do riffs on profundities. Wisdom wears a gray suit. It's the clown outfits that capture one's attention.

bagoh20 said...

Quote of year?

"We have to pass the bills so you can see what is in it."

Honest, insightful, and revelatory.

c3 said...

I have to agree with edutcher and bagahoo:

"We have to pass it to see what's in it"?

surely is in the top 10, especially since it came from
the Speaker of the House

c3 said...

Now in AZ our Governor provided two of the best quotes of the year:
1) "our law enforcement agencies have found bodies in the desert, either buried or just lying out there, that have been beheaded"

2)"........(12 second pause) We have, uh, did what was right for Arizona"

I still voted for her. Quotes and campaigns are like movie previews; they get your attention but tell you little about how good the movie is.

c3 said...

And how did this not make the list:

"Another thing we can do for jobs is make toys of me, especially for the holidays. Little dolls. Me. Like maybe little action dolls. Me in an army uniform, air force uniform, and me in my suit. They can make toys of me and my vehicle, especially for the holidays and Christmas for the kids. That's something that would create jobs. So you see I think out of the box like that. It's not something a typical person would bring up. That's something that could happen, that makes sense. It's not a joke."

Alvin Greene

donttread2010 said...

A ''light skinned'' African-American ''with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.''

—Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid, arguing in 2008 that race would help rather than hurt Barack Obama's eventual presidential bid (Reid's comments were published in the book ''Game Change'')

Has he been forced to resign, yet?

abeer ahmed said...

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Jack said...