December 27, 2010

"YouTube City, man."

Says a man who's frustrated that his presumably video-capable "phone can't come out of the scanner fast enough." Someone else is there with a video device capturing him saying that about the scene at the airport as a woman....

Well, what the hell is her game? Is she the victim of horrific TSA intrusion or a fame-seeker seizing the viral video route to celebrity? She's awfully carefully coiffed and made-up for the occasion of her humiliation....


Expat(ish) said...

I thought this was the "wheelchair bound surgeon" faux video from two weeks ago?

Yeah, actually, if you google just those words 'tsa wheelchair surgeon video' you get a pile of results.

My first thought on watching the video was that she was clearly in the 'nude worker' category - nobody else would be that comfortable wearing that little in a crowd like that.


Larry J said...

I'm just waiting for a group of disabled people to file suit against the TSA for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Last year, I almost missed an international flight when the TSA was harrassing a poor woman in a wheelchair at Terminal 2 of LAX*. There were only three security lines and one was effectively shut down while they harassed the poor woman for over 15 minutes. Everyone else had to try and make it through one of the two remaining lines.

*My wife and I arrived at Terminal 7 on a United flight and had to leave the building, catch a shuttle bus to Terminal 2 and go through security all over again due to poor design at LAX in order to board our Air New Zealand flight.

Pete said...

Old news. OKC media dug into it and found she's a whacko. Some kinda Playboy related thing in the past - girls in dentistry? I kid you not. She was in Oklahoma visiting her ranch or some such and that's probably the source of the nitrates that set off the detectors.

David said...

Be careful with your phone camera at TSA locations. At Thanksgiving, I took a shot of a pat down of a two year old child. I immediately was surrounded by four TSA agents, who then called in their supervisor and the Seattle Airport Police. They took possession of my phone, demanded my ID and boarding pass and filled out a bunch of forms.

I asked "Am I under arrest?""


"I can leave then, right?"


I asked the TSA agents if I had broken a law. "I'm not going to get into that with you" was the response.

Eventually the TSA supervisor, who was a hostile but quite commanding fellow, said I had violated a Seattle airport regulation. I was being polite and compliant, and he looked like he would like to hit me if he could.

After 45 minutes, and my agreement to delete the photo, they returned my id, ticket and phone and sent me on my way.

Pogo said...

You no longer own your body, the gubmint does. Get used to it.

Poke, prod, feel.
Whatever and whenever they want.

Stuff like this doesn't bother the TSA or embarrass them at all.

edutcher said...

Pete's correct. She was a Playmate or in a layout once; the story's at least a week old.

Well, she looks nice.

Palladian said...

After 45 minutes, and my agreement to delete the photo, they returned my id, ticket and phone and sent me on my way."

I hope you didn't delete the photo.

Seriously, when the Democrats act like fascists and the Republicans act like fascists, who are people supposed to turn to?

Pogo said...


MadisonMan said...

I hope you didn't delete the photo.

I have the same hope, but assume they stood over you while you did delete it.

I get to fly out of Seattle next month. Maybe I should read all the regulations.

If you aren't under arrest, how long can they delay you?

William said...

She looks remarkably toned and fit for a woman who requires a wheelchair.

Pogo said...

She has Kathy Griffin buttock disorder, probably. Didn't want to stand.

David said...

I did delete the photo.

My wife was on the plane, and I was not interested in having her fly back to the east coast worrying while I was detained in Seattle.

I am sorry to disappoint but I was not the one to make a test case.

MadisonMan said...

I'm not disappointed in you, just in TSA.

I'm flying alone. I'll see what I can do :)

David said...

"If you aren't under arrest, how long can they delay you?"

Well, at least 45 minutes.

Actually, I think they were waiting until I could just barely make the plane. They knew exactly when my flight was.

Pogo said...
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Mark Daniels said...

A pathetic play for the spotlight, which she got.

Lonetown said...

You made a pun with "phone can't come out of the scanner fast enough".

Wait till the newest scanners are sending their products to the marketplace.

former law student said...

At Thanksgiving, I took a shot of a pat down of a two year old child.

This sounds a little creepy, unless you had the parents' permission.

Having read The Day of the Jackal in my youth -- assassin assembles parts of his crutches into a sniper rifle, I've since been suspicious of anything with metal tubes going on an airplane.