December 19, 2010

Jeff Probst analyzes the odds for tonight's big "Survivor" finale.

Video. And hang out here and talk if you're watching the show.

I'm for Fabio!


galdosiana said...

I'm also a big Fabio fan. But, given the recent finales, this scenario scares me: final three are Chase, Holly and Dan. The entire jury hates Chase and Holly (as evidenced in the Ponderosa videos) and gives Dan the win. That's how the past two seasons have ended, and I'm hoping it won't be that way tonight!!! Fabio really needs to win immunity in order to make it to the end.

MayBee said...

Love Fabio. Love his sweetness.

Ricardo said...

"I'm for Fabio!"

I'm with you!

BJM said...

I'm rooting for Dan, he played a pretty good game of turning weaknesses into a strengths.

Chase, Dan and Fabio would be an interesting final three, the jury would have to decide between two under the radar players.

However, I doubt Dan can get past the final physical challenge unless it relies on upper body strength, then he has a shot.

Worst case scenario: smug jackhole Sash.

k*thy said...

Matt Flynn will be playng his own version of Survivor, tonight. I'll be watching that.

Enjoy this, though..

Meade said...

Dan's the man.

Sixty Grit said...
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Sixty Grit said...
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JAL said...

I haven't watched a single episode.

But I am watching tonight (no broadcast competition) ... But Chase is a local boy from our high school's arch rival. Therefore, the whole county is rooting for him!

(And what's with the Fabio guy getting THREE immunities in a row! Is that weird? Lucky?)

JAL said...

Well, I guess he was more than lucky.

Christy said...

My 12-year old nephew and I cheered when Fabio won that 3rd immunity. We agreed we would both cry and scream if Sash won. But did our Happy dance at the end. Such fun watching with an excited kid.

Chase had me cheering for him until he turned on Jane, although I agree, she would have walked away with the whole thing.

Do you figure the young dumb girls were the 4 votes for the sexy Chase? We know Brenda and Alina voted for him.

Penny said...

This is the second reality show finale in the past month that was won by the person who didn't piss anybody off during the competition. Brandy won The Apprentice, and now Fabio takes The Survivor million.

Can we call this a trend?

BJM said...

This season was a bit like the have and have nots scenario in that it had some very slow spots and unappealing contestants. Delusional Marty and NaOnka making an ass of herself were about the only interesting bits for what seemed like weeks.

Fabio redeemed the season in the last four days.

Next season looks to be very interesting...set in the Yucatan?

Ralph L said...

Jeff Probst analyzes anal probes.
Someone had to say it.

Leland said...

Any ideas on how well Redemption Island will work out? They had Exile Island, but without the finality of a tribal council. But now, tribal council isn't final either. And it's not like they haven't brought people back into the game. It's happened previously with lots of animosity to those coming back.

I think it would be interesting that when the survivor of redemption island is brought back to the main tribe; that person is given immunity and voting rights at the first tribal council. That would give them the possible chance to bust up alliances. Otherwise, the alliance of one from Redemption Island will be voted out rather quickly.

Meade said...

Good rule change: Quitters don't belong on juries.

Do you figure the young dumb girls were the 4 votes for the sexy Chase? We know Brenda and Alina voted for him.

Plus the other two even dumber young dumb girls: NaOnka and her co-quiter Purple Kelly.

In the end, Sash should have won but he failed to make a convincing argument to the jury that surviving includes being able to stab backs, break agreements, and lie when necessary. The trick is to know when to be heroic and when to be villainous. Instead, Sash tried to gain sympathy by expressing remorse to everyone he betrayed. He should have pointed out that Fabio was also a liar only with a different style. Fabio "played cool" by acting dumb, flying under the radar until the end when he was able to win 3 wussy challenges in a row. Turns out Fabio plans to waste his time and million dollar winnings on some 55% ownership-in-a-global-eviro-eco-feel-the-vibe corporation bullshit. What a flake. An adorable cute model of a flake.

Worst season so far.

Sixty Grit said...
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