December 19, 2010

At the White Tree Café...


... you can talk 'til dawn.


sunsong said...

Tomorrow night - something like 1:30 ET - begins a full moon eclipse just about simultaneous with the winter solstice. You probably saw on Drudge it's been 456 years since it happened.

Auspicious? Yes, I think so. Out of the darkness - emerges light. What light? You decide :-)

Also, the eclipse appears at the tip of Orion's belt

Kirby Olson said...

It used to be that events like assassinations and wars were what held the news wires captivated, but now it seems to be laws, and courts. Maybe it's just here, and that it's a law profs blog, but PRop 8, Arizona policing, Obamacare and the Commerce Clause, the legality of airport patdowns, seem to be in all the media, all the time. Why is that?

Is it because we have a scofflawyer for a president?

john bord said...

At White Oaks, New Mexico, was a white tree with a noose. Billy the Kid passed through White Oak's on his way to the white house of tawdry pleasure. Next morning the white tree noose was occupied.

What a life of gambling that was free of taxes.

Lem said...

I went to see Tron Legacy last night..

It borrowed from Star Trek, Star Wars, and the Matrix.. but I liked it anyway.. I love the genre.

Although you could say The Matrix was a ripoff of the first Tron.

Lem said...

I also spotted a 2001 set.. See if you spotted when you go to see it.

Lem said...

sorry.. that be see if you can spot it?

JAL said...

I'm up way too late.

Debugging my reinfected computer. (Fixed! Ta daa! I think I am learning how to do this and save some money.)

And wrapping presents to ship tp California (I know, I know, Amazon will do it all for me. Well, not really.)

So now to bed.

Lem, Good night. Oh. I got Daughter #1 a Fenway Park arrow sign (sold out on Amazon now). Have to figure how to pack it and mail it.

Are you still job hunting?

MamaM said...

Brought the live tree in the house tonight. We found a larger than usual selection available this year and chose a Norway Spruce. The cashier said the nursery was offering those who purchased cut trees a certificate redeemable in the spring for a free pine seedling. End result: more green for everyone!

The roots on the pine, as we were repotting, looked very much like the branches in this photo which, when viewed upside down, give the appearance of tree roots.

What I enjoy most about this picture (besides the orange) are the long blue shadow lines in the background of the foreground.

BJM said...

Blake Edwards has died.

BJM said...


Drug dealers in Leicester, England also had plans disrupted by the weather, as police raided 300 cannabis plants worth tens of thousands of pounds from a house in a residential street yesterday after noticing it had no snow on its roof, according to a statement from Leicestershire Police. Industrial-strength lights used to help the plants grow make the factories much warmer than other buildings.

Ralph L said...

Now there'll be a run on insulation. I wonder if power companies allows the police to check for abnormally high residential usage. Maybe that's how Gore's became public.

edutcher said...

Thank you for the sunshine, Madame. All the forecasts here say snow fluffs, but, if you say clear, I feel better. You have become the Patron Saint of Weather.

JAL said...

I'm up way too late.

Debugging my reinfected computer. (Fixed! Ta daa! I think I am learning how to do this and save some money.)

Be careful if it's a Windows machine. Sometimes the only way to really clean it is be to wipe your C:\ drive (a great argument for partitioning).

What AV do you run?

(Got nailed twice this year, so Ah feeyul yore payne)

AllenS said...

I have a question. Is it Ed Utcher, or E Dutcher?

Pogo said...

Or is it edu + t(ea)cher?

"At the White Tree Café..."
if Mort were awake, he'd say your forest was racist.

Pogo said...

Crush the birch hegemony!

ken in sc said...

AllenS, Not Knowing edutcher, I don't want to insult this person. I was an education major at one time, but I got an MBA as well. I think edutcher= education teacher at the college level—email ends in edu.

Here's the famous rubric as amended by me;

Those who can, do.

Those who can't, teach.

Those who can't teach, teach teachers.

Those who can't teach teachers, sit on EdD committees and insist on co-authorship rights on any papers published by grad students.

I 'm sure it's not true in all cases, but it's true enough.

Disgusted ABD drop-out.

Clyde said...

Here's a song to start the work week:

"Wynn Stewart - Another Day, Another Dollar

You might have heard it in the Volkswagen Jetta "Moonlighting" commercial recently, the one with the guy working all the crappy jobs to save up for a Jetta, then finding out that he can afford two of them.

MadisonMan said...

Too bad it won't be clear for the eclipse here.

I have always read it as E Dutcher

Ignorance is Bliss said...

I think it's actually

E(au) Du Cher. ( the 't' was probably just a typo. )

edutcher said...

I think I'll keep it a mystery, although I like Ignorance's take best. I've had pronunciations that were obscene, funny, or funnily obscene, but that's a new one.

Paul Zrimsek said...

You can call E Dutcher whatever you like so long as you remember to pass him on the left-hand side.

sunsong said...

Even as I thinking "the eclipse appears at the tip of Orion's sword" - I typed Orion's belt. My bad. It's the tip of Orion's sword.

Anyway, this is a decent scientific explanation the soltice/eclipse tonight

Freeman Hunt said...

I want to talk about this princess business.