October 18, 2010

"Nobody in Al Qaeda is living in a cave."

Osama and his comrades "live comfortably" in Pakistan — according to "a senior NATO official."


Jason said...

They're living in a van down by the river!!

Pogo said...

True, 'nobody', that was in the cave, is living; not anymore.

Scott M said...

Comfortable accommodations don't require bunker busters or daisy cutters. We're probably being thwarted by the fact that Osama is using electric central heat, thus removing a chimney we can put a bomb down.

Comrade X said...

video or it isn't happening.

Sixty Grit said...

Osama lives comfortably, like all the rest of Obama's friends and relatives.

Fen said...
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Fen said...

Cue Libtard refrain of: "after 2 years, incompetent President can't even nab Bin Laden"

But POTUS is a Democrat now, so nevermind. "We don't really believe in the things we lecture you about"

MadisonMan said...

I've thought he's been dead for a while.

Cue Chevy Chase re: the Generalissimo.

Pogo said...

Apparently Osama reads Emily Dickinson.

Chase said...

I swear - if Osama lives another ten years, he will be sought out for interviews by media around the world.

He will also start a blog, with political commentary, movie and book reviews, and recipes.

But first, he will have an editorial published in the New York Times.

AJ Lynch said...

I doubt anyone can "live comfortably" with the knowledge a drone-fired missile could be on his head any second now.

And - if Bin Laden is alive, I am shocked that no one has dropped the dime on his whereabouts to collect the $25 Million reward.

edutcher said...

One presumes this is the same unnamed source that said the Russians wouldn't invade A-stan.

In any case, if the JDAMs didn't get him, Bin Laden's kidneys did years ago.

SMGalbraith said...

I'm sceptical. Very.

If he was living safely and in relative comfort, why not produce and release video and audio tapes encouraging his supporters?

After all, that was originally how he attained fame. With the release and distribution of audio tapes calling for a return of the Caliphate and of the glories of the Islamic past.

Since Tora Bora, almost nothing. Strange tapes with strange messages. And very few.

Cedarford said...

AJ Lynch said...
I doubt anyone can "live comfortably" with the knowledge a drone-fired missile could be on his head any second now.

And - if Bin Laden is alive, I am shocked that no one has dropped the dime on his whereabouts to collect the $25 Million reward.

The limits of "miracle high tech supersoldier heroes of America" are painfully obvious.

Atlantic Magazine reported on the 82nd Airborne Div in Afghanistan daily losing one guy a day and another two with their legs and balls blown off by simple fertizer bombs that 9.8 billion in "high tech hero research" fail to block. The soldiers can't locate the foe, can't detect the mines, are fighting a losing battle against Bush's "noble Afghan freedom-lovers" who talk democracy by day and discuss where to place bombs with their Taliban relatives at night. The article talks a lot about the heroic high tech that saves limbless groin-shredded Americans from dying and joining the KIA list that is the only thing the media focuses on.

The rewards on bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri were always stupid. These are not guys that "hijacked the Religion of Peace" - these are guys held up by Muslims as legitimate Jihadis, be they wrong and misguided as many have said, but in no way justified as worthy of being betrayed to infidels.
They are protected, no fool that values their life, their families, their tribe's life and honor - will risk eternal damnation and disgrace by betraying Binnie.

I suppose you could say that Bush's whole dumb reward idea was predicated on his belief that Binnie WAS an outcast in Islam and honor cultures are swayed by money as fast as the Bush family was by Saudi money offered them to join with Kissinger and the other whores in the Carlyle Group. But that is wrong.
Imagine it this way....Al Qaeda offers a 25 million dollar reward for any American that can kill Obama. Even right now, that would be considered in our culture - even by the greediest and amoral amongst us who hate Obama - unacceptably risky and wrong.

Then compound the difficulty AQ would face. Limit the knowledge of the whereabouts of Obama to only an inner circle of less than a dozen people, and he only appears to make videos beamed from an undisclosed location. And add that if anyone ever did get lucky, a militant pro-Obama group would wipe out the assassin's family, 100 of his closest relatives, and the entire small town or 20 city blocks where he lived.

That is the difficulty.

DBrooks17 said...

Cedarford--That is one asinine comment. You, sir, have become a caricature of a person. I've actually emailed your comment to a couple of my friends, and we are all amused and repulsed by it. Nice work.

Eric said...

I'm pretty sure if "a senior NATO official" knew where bin Laden is we'd send him a gift of tritonal.

This guy is just speculating like everyone else.