October 18, 2010

I was in a fisking mood over the weekend.

I had to go after:

1. Robert Gibbs defending Obama's stance on Don't Ask Don't Tell.

2. Maureen Dowd attempting to portray Sharron Angle as a "mean girl."

3. Bill Maher trashing white men who love women like Sarah Palin.

4. Bill Maher portraying Christine O'Donnell as an irritating screwball.

5. Emily Bazelon tarring Christian fundamentalists with homophobia.


Quayle said...

Ad hominem is all the rage.

(And rage it is.)

HDHouse said...

hey...you report we decide or we report we decide or we decide what to report...

is your dial stuck on faux noise?

Chase said...


No.5 • EXCELLENT! And Thank You

Nos. 2,3,4 • Good job Professor

No.1 • Sorry, No Cigar

Fen said...

"is your dial stuck on faux noise?"

After generations of DNC propaganda via ABC / CBS / NBC / CNN / NYTs / WaPo / LA Times / NPR its so rich to hear a Libtard complain about bias from "Faux".

Remember, the CBS memo-gate story wasn't that they knowingly used fraudulent docs to effect the outcome of an election.

The story is that they finally got caught red-handed.

Ann Althouse said...

"is your dial stuck on faux noise?"

What is this thing you call "dial"? Are you referring to what I watched on television? I watched exactly 1 tv news show this weekend: "Meet the Press."

Basically, I don't watch TV news. It's too slow and too stupid.

Ann Althouse said...

And by "news shows," I also mean the opinion shows like O'Reilly. I avoid them all. I read stuff on the internet... as my blogging indicates.

Where I have clips from news/opinion shows, it's because I'm seeing them on the internet.

E Buzz said...

I was watching Larry King Live the other weekend and the subject for discussion was neuroscience and aging and stuff like that.

Well, there was a really cute late-20s chick with a nose ring on the panel who is a Doctor of Neuroscience.

I know people studying neuroscience and it's not a science, it's something a bit different. You can get into graduate programs not having ever taken a real science course in your undergrad career. It seems to have a political side to it as well, it's like half-assed gussied up psychology.

But I digress. She was really quite hot and sexy, but answered every single thing Larry asked her in the voice of a young person who doesn't know why they are who they are. It was kinda ridiculous and left me wondering who the hell she was to be included on this panel.

So I googled her name, and she's Bill Maher's girlfriend. Go figure that out.

Here's a link to the transcript, if you can stand it...

CNN transcript

"'CARA SANTA MARIA, NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCHER: The mind is an entity that exists outside of the brain and can exert power. "

edutcher said...

All movement to the right is appreciated.

PS Ann's response about Fox News reminds me of the days when it was supposed to be a status symbol to have a TV in your home, but you claimed you never watched it.

WV "protest" The Professor's view of pop quizzes.

traditionalguy said...

It was a good weekend for all proud Madisonians. And your Badgers were also fisking the hell out of that Erstwhile #1 team from Ohio. The TV announcers kept repeating over and over again that Madison is a perfect collge town with great students and great fans. I am not exaggerating... they really did.

Chip Ahoy said...

I believe Fisking should be capitalized, to put (dis)credit where it is properly due. Just an opinion after reading Goldstein's regretful tale.

El Pollo Real said...

Q: So how do you like fisking?
A: I don't know; I've never been fisked.

Jolly good fisking this weekend Althouse.
Good show.