September 16, 2010


"Well, now I'm tempted to link to this, but maybe that would require more intensely intra-Meta talking, and who knows where the echo would end. Chez Althouse, we call that the vortex. Please be careful."


Dead Julius said...

I thought "vortex" was a euphemism for pussy...???

Oh well... Welcome to the nightmare, Metafappers!

MadisonMan said...

I've never understood why people think the comment section here is a nightmare.

Bob Ellison said...
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Bob Ellison said...

A real vortex:

traditionalguy said...

They have discovered that the comment section here are pod-people left here from a body snatching in the late 1960s. The clue is how many Bob Dylan phrases are continually slipped into talk about current stuff. We also use the Playboy excuse here a lot: We only log on for the posts and not the pictures...which is obviously a lie.

deborah said...

Selected quotes/posts from linked piece:

First quote:"I read Glenn Reynolds read Ann Althouse reads Metafilter!"

"Who are any of these people? Context?"

"I know Reynolds and Althouse, but who is this Metafilter? C'mon, we're not mindreaders!"

"From Wikipedia:
MetaFilter's name derives from the idea that weblogs "filter" the "best of the web", and MetaFilter posts would be the best of the best. Posters are presumed responsible for selecting only the most interesting or novel websites to link, and users' reputations are largely determined by overall posting quality."

"Ann Althouse is a member, and her son is a very active member, of Metafilter."

"Do people still get excited when Instapundit links to them/us? Wow.

The man is to punditry what cheez whiz is to cheese."

"Glenn Reynolds and Ann Althouse are both law professors (at the University of Tennessee and University of Wisconsin, respectively). Reynolds has been writing a blog called Instapundit since 2001, and Althouse has been writing a blog called Althouse since 2004. Instapundit gets hundreds of thousands of readers a day, and Althouse gets around 25,000 readers a day. They link to each other on an almost daily basis. Althouse has been linking to Metafilter for years, so we have surely gotten a huge amount of traffic thanks to her. Althouse is my mom. She and I have been regular Metafilter readers for the past 10 years or so. As noted, she's on MeFi though not a regular participant. Just about every day, she and I will send each other links to interesting stuff we've seen on the internet, and naturally some of these things end up on her blog. I emailed her the MeFi thread and she blogged it, and then Instapundit blogged her blog post."

"And I immortalised the Instapundit reference in a MetaTalk thread, thus completing the great self-referential cycle of the Internet."

"Oh look! The ticks have discovered the great blood-filled sac that is MetaFilter.

This should be interesting."

"It will confuse them. All that bloatedness, so little actual blood."

You're welcome.

Dactyl said...

I am not going near this one.

Word verification: suger. I am not going near this one, suger.