September 8, 2010

Tonight's sunset.


Seen from the Capital City Trail... where we squeezed in a ride at the end of a long day.

Phase 2:



traditionalguy said...

It is getting dark too soon...where did summer go?

Dead Julius said...

Beautiful pics! Unrelated:

How does one conduct a book burning? Is there an established method? Or are there different styles to it?

I can imagine one approach being to just make a big pile of many copies on the ground, douse it in gasoline (lighter fluid is f'er pussies!), and then set it ablaze.

Or does Terry Jones stand at a podium and take a single copy and hold it up where everyone can see, and then light it? Maybe using tongs as it turns to ash?

If you want to join in, is it Bring-Your-Own-Qur'an? Can you just show up? Is it OK to have your own 9/11 get-together with family and friends, cooking kosher hot dogs on the CharBroil atop two layers of Kingsford that sandwich a single layer of holy book? Do you tear out the pages or just arrange them fan-like?

So many questions! I think we ought to drag the experts in this area out of their KKK and Nazi retirement and have them provide some guidance. The world will be watching. It's no time for Amateur Hour.

Christy said...

I was scarred in my youth by Fahrenheit 451. To this day I feel sinful whenever I get rid of a book, no matter how bad. I still have a Koran. Are women allowed to read the Koran?

Forgive me if this isn't an open thread, but I've a question for the variety of commenters here: does your health insurance require re-enrollment in October/November? I assume so, but then realized my sample size was limited.

I was reading about a new ad campaign to promote/explain ObamaCare in support of the November elections. Then I heard how premiums for most of us are going up this year. Fair or not, everyone will blame the reform legislation. If we've all just gone through the numbers and re-enrolled at higher costs in the weeks leading up to the election, do you think it will have an impact?

Dead Julius said...


My health insurance reenrolls in October. Some friends are August. I think August - November is typical.

But it won't effect the election too much. There is so much disgust with Obama & Co and their reckless endless spending and their pandering to their special favored constituencies and their tricky doublespeak... premium hikes aren't as significant as these evils.

MadisonMan said...

I've lost track of when health insurance re-enrollment is for me -- haven't changed in years. I'm thinking Spring.

It occurs to me that a good protest for CFLs would be to take a crate to your Congressman's office, and then start breaking them in that office. I wonder what law that would be a violation of. I would have posted this in that other thread, but it's over 200.

Titus said...

It's 9:15 a.m Thursday in India and scared of you Miss Thing with all your biking. You go girl!

OK I have been back to Madison and scouted out many parks. These are the ones I love: Pheasant Branch in Middleton, Lake Wingra Park on Monroe Street, Tenney Park, The Dog Park by the NauTiGal-love that name for a restaurant-get is on the water. I graduated with the son that runs the Mariners Inn-a big mo too. They have three of the four restaurants on Lake Mendota: CapNBills, NautiGal and The Mariners. Do you know what the fourth restaurant on the lake is?

And FU Madison Farmers Market for not allowing dogs there.

My first impression about returning to Madison after a 20 year hiatus. The people are in better shape than they were when I left. Many bikers and runners, glad to see it. No smoking in Supper Clubs or bars, in the entire state, yes how nice to not walk into a smoke filled Supper Club. Still too white, get some more color Madison. Way too many cookie cutter condos/apartment complexes everywhere-they really go on forever and are an eyesore. People are more in your business here. On the east coast you are ignored no one will say anything to you. In Madison I have been told twice to clean up after my dog. I know bitch they haven't even shat yet. When I was moving my stuff into my apartment two people were sitting on their balconies watching every move and of course bitched at me and the movers about watching the walls and doors and allowing people to get out of the parking lot. I yelled back, mind your own business we have it covered Mary. One of the tenants in my building also saw an aluminum can in my garbage bag and asked me if I was going to recycle it, I was like no whore quit looking at my garbage. Greenway Cross is not fab. And Westside, which is supposed to be fab do you have any restaurants that are not chains or in a strip mall? Sorry, Cosi is not fab.

On the plus side people are much more helpful, a little too friendly. Are you supposed to say hi to everyone you walk by? That seems like a little too much work. Everything is so much cheaper

Negative-restaurants close too early.

Lastly a big thank you to Madison/Wisconsin. I am not much of a big government person but I was in awe of Wisconsin government right when I reached Madison. My car ran out of gas on the interstate right after the casino in Madison. I was able to pull over just to side of the road but my car was right at the edge of the far right lane. I was a mess. I was right by a rather large embankment and I thought for sure someone was going to hit me and I was going to go rolling over and die. 5 minutes later a tow truck arrived. He worked for the DOT. He towed me to Cottage Grove to a Gas Station and I filled my tank up. It was free, they wouldn't even take tips. It was some DOT program. He told me he drives back and forth around the interstate and picks up cars that have stalled. He said it was a bigger danger for the stalled cars as well as the cars on the interstate to leave it there. Before he arrived I called the BMW tow service but they told me it would be one hour before they arrived. I could of been dead. So thank you Madison and the DOT.
That's all for now.


Titus said...

Oh and Ruth Chris, another chain and Bienvenuto are also not fab.

deborah said...

I missed there not being a cafe posted last night. Just didn't feel right.

ricpic said...

Still too white, get some color Madison.

Yes. Please do. Get some color, Madison. Knock yourself out, beautiful people. Celebrate perversity and diversity. And then live with it. Live with what you desire and have wrought. Live with it.

Lem said...
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Lem said...

The new Google instant is a blatant ad generator.

Clyde said...

My favorite story from yesterday was about a "senior economic advisor" of Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) being arrested for trying to bring marijuana into a Senate office building. Who knew that it was "Take Your Pot To Work Day"? But after learning he was one of their economic advisors (and that he had worked on the JOINT Economic Committee), I understood more about why Democrat economic policies are working so well.

MadisonMan said...

Still too white, get some color Madison.

Winter should help.

Ann Althouse said...

"And Westside, which is supposed to be fab do you have any restaurants that are not chains or in a strip mall?"

Brasserie V on Monroe Street is our favorite. I can't believe you'd go all the way out to Greenway Cross but not know where to find Monroe Street. I mean... really! Greenway Cross isn't even in Madison.