September 9, 2010

Am I bad if I find this adorable?

Via Right Wing News — this is presented as "super-creepy":

It's not creepy. It's perfect. First, it's bizarre in the way that gets people to do what I'm doing now, making it viral. Second, it gets you to watch what is an entirely mundane but completely convincing demonstration of the product's superior performance. Third... the man does the vacuuming, he's cute, he plays the piano, and he's a doctor. It's an absurd pastiche of what women want. His hating of moisture is perplexing, but ultimately, we agree.


Pogo said...

"Moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty."
Derek Zoolander

Anonymous said...

Men, ignore this shit.

Got, it's been 60 years of listening to women bitch about what they want men to do.

And, the women doing the bitching are spoiled brat, college educated white women who have nothing to bitch about.

I stopped giving any credence to the bitching a long time ago.

Find yourself a nice old fashioned woman who doesn't give you this shit. Ignore the assholes who tell you that a nice old fashioned woman is "submissive." What in the hell do they know?

And, inside your home, you don't have to answer to the feminist idiocy, anyway.

Make yourself happy.

Bartender Cabbie said...

that guy reminds me of a young Brad Pitt.

MadisonMan said...

I don't like the wobbly camera work.

Pogo said...

Am I adorable if I find this bad?

michael farris said...

Did anyone else misread the title as:

A Date with Terror?

I'm sure that means something, just not sure what.

Pogo said...

Gotta hand it to the ad agency. It's tough to market tampons and menstrual pads. Usually there's something about 'freedom' and white is often worn.

Why didn't they use the guys from Twilight?


knox said...

Too long, but "creepy"? Not really.

Got, it's been 60 years of listening to women bitch about what they want men to do.

What does this have to do with anything?

Fred4Pres said...

Women are just now getting eye candy to sell product? Took long enough.

prairie wind said...

He listens to his mom, too!

Anonymous said...

Me: God, it's been 60 years of listening to women bitch about what they want men to do.

knox: What does this have to do with anything?

ann: ... the man does the vacuuming, he's cute, he plays the piano, and he's a doctor. It's an absurd pastiche of what women want.

Palladian said...

I turned the sound off and just enjoyed the view.

"What does this have to do with anything?"

That's a good general response to most of shoutingthomas' comments.

kalmia said...
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Anonymous said...

And, knox, it's never a good idea to take women too seriously when they tell you what they want men to do.

Taking women too seriously when they bitch about this shit is called "being a pussy."

Although women like to tell other women and themselves that this is what they want in a man, in practice this is seldom the case. They tell other women they want a pussy because between women it's a status battle to claim that you've pussy whipped your man.

At least it is for over-educated white women. Among old fashioned women, pussy whipping your man (whether you succeed in doing it or not) is not considered a sign of status.

Palladian, how in the hell would you know anything about this? As you said, you turned off the sound.

The dynamics of gay relationships are quite a bit different from hetero relationships.

rsb said...

he'd have the period if he could?
did he actually say that?

Anonymous said...

It's an absurd pastiche of what women want.

It's an absurd pastiche of what over-educated feminist white women want.

Black and hispanic women would murder their man if he showed signs of acting like this.

Asian women wouldn't have anything to do with this man.

Pogo said...
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Pogo said...

"did he actually say that?"
With a smile.
Beauty pardons a thousand sins.

Picture Joe Biden saying the same thing.

Anonymous said...

And, let's state the obvious:

This commercial was produced by gay men.

Anonymous said...

He didn't pick up his shirt when he left to take a shower, and he hates messy rooms.

I vote for Mr. Old Spice instead.

traditionalguy said...

He has the appearance of a competitive swimmer. Maybe that's why he hates moisture the rest of the time. WARNING TO WOMEN: a perfect sheep is a wolf. Real men are not that into your personal hygiene, which should be a relief to you.

Shanna said...

I vote for Mr. Old Spice instead.

I love the Old Spice guy!!! I don't why he's trying to sell Old Spice to me but I'm totally buying.

knox, shouting thomas has issues with women and likes to bring them up anytime he can. Best to ignore.

sonicfrog said...

OK, I'll just come right out and say it... He's Gay! There, everyone happy now?

(And Yes, my gaydar was twitching all over the place.)

John said...

Several things struck me:

1) That vacuum cleaner looked awful hard to push around. Did someone steal the wheels?

2) Why all the degrees in his home? If he is a doctor, wouldn't he normally want to have them in the office so the customers could see them?

3) Seems like an awful lot of degrees. I don't think I've ever been in a Dr office with more than 3-4. He has 12.

4) He'd like to have your period for you? Sure. Just like I am sure you would be happy to have your genitals mutilated for him. (Assuming he is circumcised)

5) The wonders of feminine plumbing have always been a mystery to me. However, all of these ads, for as long as I can remember, have used a blue fluid. Where does that come from? Why is menstrual blood not red?

John Henry

Pastafarian said...

He didn't set my gaydar off, but it hasn't been calibrated in a while.

It's a cute idea, riffing on women's often high and conflicting expectations (is it even possible to have medical degree(s), that physique, and play piano, at a young age?) But 3 minutes of it? Good grief. It's like an SNL skit that never ends.

sonicfrog said...

Wait, how do we know he plays the piano? he only plays one little swipe on the keys. We don't know that he actually plays. Oh, and that riff he plays is lifted straight from the Police song "Be My Girl / Sally".

Misty said...

But didn't we just read yesterday that fat men are better in bed?

Just saying.

bagoh20 said...

That's pretty good, and surprisingly, you don't forget what the commercial was selling. But sadly, he's no Double Rainbow Man. Cuter sure, but less sincere.

jr565 said...

The key point is, imagine if this guy looked like Joe Biden.Then his talk about how he hates moisture and wishes he could have womens periods would be considered creepy and at that point most women would probalby think they were in the house of a serial killer.

AST said...

I think it's FABULOUS.

c3 said...

The soft rock version of the commercial

c3 said...

And this is a much better commercial.

(It's a rare thing when a Dad and his grown daughter both enjoy a commercial for tampons.)

jamboree said...

I'm guessing they did this as a play on the Stepford Wife of old? Kind of the Stepford Man of Today?

You'd think that when ppl get angry about the latter, they'd understand the frustration with the former.

I think it's about as obviously insane as most commercials :-), and the fact that it still seems a little weird to have the guy in a position completely scripted by women, or possibly gay men, is its main charm.

Ralph L said...

used a blue fluid. Where does that come from?
Alas, the Diva from the 5th Element is reduced to selling her blood for crack money. Did you notice the weight for the Stayfree pad was lighter? They cheated.

An ad for garment protection devices, and he's going commando.

pduggie said...

I'm impressed with the actor's ability to say his lines with a straight face.

michaele said...

I enjoyed that it was gently mocking and I was entertained. Why not have a little sly fun with an unglamorous but necessary product.

furious_a said...

That's me at home on Saturdays,
minus the medical degrees, the swimmer's build (but not the shirt) the quiet vacuum cleaner and the pleasant demeanour.

Reminds of me of the "Be Your Own
Sugardaddy/Time to Rub the Bunions"
E*Trade ad.

furious_a said...


Happy wife, pleasant life.

A "nice, old-fashioned woman" would have you AND your sh*t out on the curb waiting for a cab.

Anonymous said...

A "nice, old-fashioned woman" would have you AND your sh*t out on the curb waiting for a cab.

Except it didn't turn out that way.

Deb said...

Yeah, he'd have a period for us if he could. Once.

wv: berli.

Methadras said...

Who the fuck taught this guy how to vacuum? It looks like he's pushing a 10 ton vacuum cleaner. He's a horrible vacuumer. I on the other hand am an excellent vacuumer and I would gladly teach this panty waist how to do it right.

Dust Bunny Queen said...


This has to be the most disgusting thing I've seen in a really long time.

If this guy was for real, I would be concerned about a mental break down and be looking to hide the sharp pointy things.

Dust Bunny Queen said...
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Dust Bunny Queen said...

Also, what is adorable about that commercial? It was creepy

He reminded me of the creepy girl in The Bad Seed. Smiling and super sweet on the outside and everyone thought she was pretty and nice, but inside something really twisted and evil.

rhhardin said...

Ultra thin pads don't work worth a damn as bike helmet sweat pads.

One bump after a few miles and sweat leaks into your eyes, just like the stupid sponges that came with the helmet.

Also the wings get in the way.

The Kroger regular work best for me.

You'd think the overnight pads would be even better, but they're not.

hombre said...

DBQ wrote: Also, what is adorable about that commercial? It was creepy.


rhhardin said...

"One day the statues will wake up in town with pads of sponge-cloth stuck between their thighs. Then the women will pull off their own pads and throw them into the nettles. Their bodies, which used to be proud of their whiteness and their lack of issue for twenty-five days out of thirty, will show off the blood as it flows down to their ankles: they will show themselves off in beauty.

"Thus, through the display of something real and rather more important than the roundness or firmness of breasts, all will sense the terror that seizes little girls the first time.

"Any idea of pure form will thus be definitively soiled."

Francis Ponge, "The Law and the Prophets" (1930), cited by Derrida, "Signsponge" p.104

Synova said...

I couldn't finish watching it. Way too long and boring. I got no response from my non-existent gay-dar, but he was on the pretty-boy side. If he was creepy it was in the "yes, I *will* do anything for money" sort of way.

You know... I'm not and never have been impressed with "bad boys" but at the very least I'd like to smell better and have softer skin than he does. And his voice should only be that calming if he's holding a baby.

Oh, I know... maybe that's triggering the "ick, creepy" reaction in people. He's dialed back to a "not a threat" level reserved for babies and small children.

OnMyWay67 said...

Jesus Christ. That was stupid enough to make me want to get a hysterectomy. Tonight if possible.

Methadras said...

Am I bad if I find this adorable?

Well, only if you've started getting bored with Meade.