August 26, 2010





edutcher said...

You like that 'Eat The Rich' guy.

As for Fairey, another Obamatron.

tim maguire said...

Haven't heard about Fairey in a while. I wonder how his lawsuit's going.

rhhardin said...

Sidewalk closed for your convenience.

They left that off.

traditionalguy said...

So what about some transparency into the mystery photo?

dcbyron said...

Those look like Richard Estes paintings.

EDH said...

It's not
that the transparency
of her earlier
now looked back on,
weren't rich
and loaded
with beautiful
and now she knows.

She Just Wants To Be

It's not
that she walked away,
her world got smaller.
All the usual places,
the same destinations,
only something's changed.

It's not
that she wasn't rewarded
with pomegranate afternoons
and Mingus, Chet Baker and chess.

It's not
the stampede and fortune
of prim affectations
she's off on her own
nd she knows now
it's greater than the whole
of the past
it's greater
and now she knows.

She just wants to be somewhere
she just wants to be.
She just wants to be somewhere
she just wants to be.

It's not like if angels
Could truly look down
Stir up the trappings
A light on the ground
Remind us of what, when, why or who
The how's up to us
Me and you
And now is greater than the whole
Of the past
Is greater and now she knows that.

Now she knows.

LonewackoDotCom said...

If you don't like Fairey, the easy way to discredit him is to see Shepard Fairey immigration. That's not exactly a top post: I only spent a paragraph on how he's wrong. But, it's more than you'll find from r/w bloggers; actually trying to show how he's wrong is beyond their abilities.

Palladian said...

Transparent self-link and plea for you to consider buying a print.

q12345q6789 said...

I was looking at the first image and I don't even exactly know why I like it so much - but I thought I would mention that your photograph from the post: "Sunset, June 28th, 2010"

Has been my desktop wallpaper for almost 2 months. I love the color of the water and the sunlit highlights and the optical illusion of the sun looking (to me) as if it is the tip of a laser beam cutting across the horizon. Nice. Thanks for your eye(s) and the words are a nice too...

Sheila O'Malley said...

You're such a wonderful photographer. These are great.

Rick Lee said...

There's a couple of shots that illustrate what few of us notice regularly... and that's that normal window glass has a green tint.

The Crack Emcee said...

That top photo's a keeper.

If you ever need an editor for a show, let me know:

We'll make you into a stah, dahlink, a stah - biggest one in da sky.