August 26, 2010

Lunching alone.




Anonymous said...

Hi,my name is Bob, do you come here often...?

What's your sign?

Do you play tennis?

Michael said...

My favorite thing when out of town. Rare opportunity to be with my favorite person.

Unknown said...

Meade forsook you?

The cad!!!

From what I see of your reflection, looks like it's warm there.

rhhardin said...

Give the dog some of the lunch.

rhhardin said...

A Coleridge parody poem in Biographia Literaria


Pensive at eve, on the hard world I mused,
And m poor heart was sad; so at the Moon
I gazed and sighed, and sighed; for ah how soon
Eve saddens into night! mine eyes perused
With tearful vacancy the dampy grass
That wept and glitter'd in the paly ray
And I did pause me on my lonely way
And mused me on the wretched ones that pass
O'er the bleak heath of sorrow. But alas!
Most of myself I thought! when it befel,
That the soothe spirit of the breezy wood
Breath'd in mine ear: "All this is very well,
But much of one thing, is for no thing good."
Oh my poor heart's inexplicable swell!

(also scroll down to SONNET III, the house that jack built)

ricpic said...

Coleridge would never make it past the multi-credentialed gatekeepers of official academic pottery nowadays. Too defenseless. After all we all must be greatly armored lest we be that most terrible of things -- a loser.

rhhardin said...

Dog solitude.

Nasty, Brutish & Short said...


Ann Althouse said...

@Nasty Yes.

@edutcher He had to do something. It's not a pleasure trip.

Unknown said...

Didn't mean to intrude.

Palladian said...

"@edutcher He had to do something. It's not a pleasure trip."

A pain trip, then.

Sprezzatura said...

Meadehouse should ditch Ohio and head for the Restoring Honor By Listening To Glen N' Friends Party ( aka the RHBLTGNF Party) in DC.

It may be too late for a flight or a bus. You'll will need to rent a car and drive all night so you can get to DC in time for Beckfest.

You can make your signs in the car!!

jungatheart said...

O Grim Reaper, thou dost do us honor:

To neither cut nor paste, but type with thy work-roughed hands

And bring us to the opened mind of the Ancient bard.

Ann Althouse said...

"Meadehouse should ditch Ohio and head for the Restoring Honor By Listening To Glen N' Friends Party..."

Next stop, Indianapolis! This time: a wedding!

(Not that the "pain trip" was a funeral.)