August 21, 2010

Space toilet — bet you're not ready for that.


Ron said...

Steve Miller toilet humor? Merde!

Hazy Dave said...

The designer of that positional trainer? Chuck Berry!

David said...

There's just no doubt that, if you could get the price point down to $1000 or less, there'd be a market for that toilet on Earth, especially in Japan.

Big Mike said...

The things people go through for the thrill of looking down on earth from space!

c3 said...

JD Salinger's can, chicken cloaca's and now space toilets:

excremental exposition

FYI: The solution for the space bladder dilemma:

Timed Voiding

(yes, it works for incontinence issues also)

A la our discussion re: men and women; this schedule is something many women will learn at some point in their lives.

These female astronauts simply have a "leg up" on the rest of their female counterparts.

EDH said...

Come to think of it, "positional trainer" cameras would make Bloggingheads infinitely more interesting.

Inter alia, we'd know who the real tight asses are.

Speaking of whom, get Bob Wright on the phone.