April 15, 2010

Can a kitty use an iPad?



rcocean said...

IS there anything sadder than a grown man giggling over a kitty-cat?

I bet he wears shorts.

XWL said...

Corgi's on the other hand, not so much.

Dust Bunny Queen said...

IS there anything sadder than a grown man giggling over a kitty-cat?

Hint. Women will find them both, man and cat, irresistibly cute.

A man that find sweet humor in a pet, and especially an annoying cat, is likely to be a great father.

Fred4Pres said...

My daughter said cats are smarter than dogs. I disagreed, but this almost concinved me she might be right.


I am waiting for a dog to top this one.

Fred4Pres said...

Convinced me. Jeez. Still, I am a better speller than most cats and dogs.

bagoh20 said...

So I'm at the Best Buy store a few hours ago playing with an ipad. I surf around and am pretty impressed, except with the price. I go check out how Althouse blog works on it, because without that why have one? I'm happy and decide I'm gonna buy one. I try to post a comment on here asking if I'm making a mistake and the damned thing locks up on me and I'm stuck in mid comment like a troll who just noticed a shinny penny on the floor.

Anyway they were out of stock and I was saved from an impulse buy that probably would have pissed me off.

I still want one though. I do most of my reading, TV viewing and work on line using Google Docs, various video streaming sites and remote accessing my work computer.

Does anyone think that will all work on this giant ipod? I expect it all will except maybe the remote access to another computer via logmein.com and maybe even that. It does have a great screen. Any advice? 16 gig or 32?

Penny said...

The cat reminds me of me when I sat down in front of a PC for the first time. It was an Apple. That day I had read in the newspaper that five year old kids had managed to navigate this PC, because basically, no matter what you do, you can't screw it up to the point of "breaking" anything.

Thank you, Apple! I will never forget how you totally changed my life by allowing me to "screw up", and still meet you again the next day.

bagoh20 said...

"I am waiting for a dog to top this one."

I happen to know for a fact that a group of genitally altered Corgies is near completion on a device like this that only dogs can hear. And it does tactile porn too.

Meanwhile cats still can't fetch.

David said...

Clearly worth nine hundred bucks.

I had a cat who would attack the shadows of birds on the wall of our upstairs hall in later winter with the sun low and no leaves on the trees.

Anonymous said...

Cats have been playing with keyboards for centuries.

Case in point: Domenico Scarlatti (1685-1757), the famous Italian keyboard composer who spent a good portion of his career in Spain, was said to have had a cat called "Pulcinella," who was described by the composer to enjoy walking across the keyboard, always curious about its sounds. One day, the cat stepped on G-Bb-Eb-F#-Bb-C#, an odd series of intervals, but enough to inspire Scarlatti to write his famous "Cat's Fugue" in g minor, K.30.

Here is a video of the very irritating Elaine Comparone performing this in New York a few years ago.  She's playing an old, somewhat bad copy of a French-style-double manual harpsichord (built by Frank Hubbard in Waltham, Mass in 1972) on a tall stand, that allows her the weird indulgence of playing while standing up.  Actually, 17th century Flemish spinets and harpsichords were built on tall stands intended for the inevitably short player to stand at.  Think Vermeer.  But it's a strange affectation for someone playing 18th century music on an 18th century-style harpsichord to be prancing around in front of the keyboards.

Oh well, this is, despite the split notes, odd performer, and not very good harpsichord, the best video performance of this wickedly difficult piece I could find.  I won't blame you one bit if you decide to avert your eyes.  As Mr. Music Appreciation here on the Althouse blog, I do hope you'll listen, though.  It's a fugue, and if you're familiar with Bach at all, you'll know what I mean. But this is definitely Bach-with-a-difference, and much deeper than the usual little Scarlatti musical bon-bons. 

CatherineM said...

bagoh20 - my cat plays fetch.

This cat was adorable.