March 19, 2010

With the entire C-SPAN archive up on-line, what was the first thing I wanted to re-live?


ADDED: Check out the memorable moments page, which includes:
Al Gore concession in 2000 election Bill Clinton 1987 press conference where he says he will not be a candidate in 1988 Barack Obama 2004 convention speech George W. Bush announcing the capture of Saddam Hussein Ronald Reagan and Gorbachev summit in late 1987. Clarence Thomas testifying that he did not watch Anita Hill testifying. Bill Clinton grand jury testimony Dan Quayle and Murphy Brown Medal of Freedom Award to Margaret Thatcher George H.W. Bush inviting Dana Carvey to the White House where he impersonates Bush 1992


Lem said...

I watched this back in the day.. I did not remember president Ford being there to introduce Bork.

Peter Hoh said...

I remember listening to the hearings, but I had some other things competing for my attention at the time. I had just moved, was starting a new job, and was about to get married.

And the stock market crashed and the Twins won the World Series.

mesquito said...

That was the week I became Republican for life.

chuck b. said...

Wow, 1987. I was just about to go off to college. Most of my friends had already left by then, but I didn't go until early October.

I'd spent most of the summer in Maine with my grandparents watching the Iran-Contra hearings. I guess 1987 was a big year for "hearings".

Prosecutorial Indiscretion said...

I never realized President Ford was a witness at the Bork hearing. I miss him.

Palladian said...

I'd just had orthopedic surgery to correct a congenital bone disorder. I was 12.

Titus said...

This was the year I graduated from high school. Never watched it.

I was on my way to Santa Clara California to march with the Santa Clara Vanguard Drum and Bugle Corps. I lived in Santa Cruz that for a couple of months, so fab. Loved it there. Then toured all over the US and fell in love with the East Coast.

Bars didn't card that much back then and I went to some gay bars in San Francisco but I was scared. It was San Francisco and it was 1987!.

Now everything is changing. I am married, going to Bangalore and then heading back to Madison for a little bit. My dad is sick.

Do you guys want to see pics of my loft that is for sale on Open house this weekend. It has only been on the market 4 days and 20 people have already seen it. The other units in the building sold in 10 and 8 days. The real estate mess hasn't really hit my hood because it is very transient and fab and there are lots of buyers and low inventory.

My dilemma is what am I going to do in Madison? Buy, rent, live at my fathers farm house in Lodi?

Just know Althouse that if you see a black BMW with Mass plates at a light and with two rare clumbers I may give you some tude.

Now calm down on all the politics and bring back some of the fun.

It is the weekend and it is going to be beautiful. I have been walking the ocean every morning this week with the rare clumbers and i am really going to miss the ocean. I am not really a beach person but for some reason it is really comforting to know I can drive there in 5 minutes.

I am going to miss the minorities though, really bad.

Off to some vege restaurant. Then we rented Broken Embraces.

Last week we saw The Chef's Special, a spanish movie which was fab-rent it. Very Pedro Almodovar, not one of his movies but many of his actors in it.

Have a wonderful weekend fellow republicans.

avwh said...

I couldn't possibly listen to blowhard Biden for 200 minutes.

But maybe someone who does can us minute markers for Ted Kennedy & Biden's Borking?

WV: throne
What Biden thought he was on as committee chair in these hearings.

Titus said...

I see the Crystal Corner Bar is still in Madison.

That's cool. I went there and Jennas which is still there but at a new location.

Also, I am excited about Plazaburgers, Fish Frys, Seeing my 7 year old adopted russian niece, seeing my family, helping my mother, Paisons, Ginos, Lake Wisconsin, The Merrimac Ferry, Mineral Point, Mt Horeb, Ellas Deli. And much more.

But ocean or not many minorities. Mostly whiteys, depressing. I will miss the large Brazillian and Italian populations in particular.

Instead there will be Germans and Norway people and Swiss. Too white for me but I am married.

Then after the year is up I don't know where we will go?

UK? Norway-which has lots of brownies now.

I wanted to take the Darleeing (sp) train from Bangalore to Darleeing but my husband said it is too far so we will be flying. Goya, or something like that is supposed to very pretty. And we are going to the Himalayans which is supposed to be nice.

Do you know his family has always had servants?

A lady comes every day to one of their homes and cleans and cooks for the family. I asked how much she gets paid and he said about $100.00 a month and that she probably does this for 3-4 other families, approximately 3 hours each.

I think he has 5 or 6 homes. How fab. And he is 35. His dick is kind of small though but I don't care. I am not a size queen.

Titus said...

Lastly I will miss all the noise outside my loft.

Couples fighting, car alarms, sirens, police cars, people throwing up, drivers screaming at each other, people getting arrested-some very hot, dogs barking, buses, subway trains.

The quiet may be good but it may also be awful.

Special Hugs to Palladian.

rhhardin said...

Ooooh! Who was the California administrative judge who testified for Anita Hill's side in the Thomas confirmation hearings?

Every vowel was a long "e" to her.

Anyway I'd like to hear her testimony again - it proved against her wishes that Anita Hill was making it all up.

wombat said...

While Bork's politics are a bit exotic for me, I sure loved the swan dress.

rhhardin said...

Seems to be Susan Hoerchner.

Now to find the episode.

rhhardin said...

I bet it's here starting at 20:00.

rhhardin said...

Right, that's it, minutes 20-29.

What I thought as I heard it on the radio was, whoa!!

She said her sympathy with Anita Hill's description of her problems with Thomas did not make Anita feel better but if anything worse.

Under what circumstances will sympathy fail to work? Under what circumstances will it make it worse?

When the first party is making it up.

damikesc said...

Bush invited Carvey to the WH after lots of jokes made about him.

Can anybody picture our current President doing that?

Peano said...

The Dana Carvey clip prompted bitter-sweet memories of a time when the White House was occupied by a gracious, patriotic adult who knew what it was like to put his life on the line for his country.

Thinking about the radical, narcissistic zero there now makes me utterly nauseous.

Bill White said...

The second clip - there was a gentleman, in contrast to our current angry arrogant pipsqueak-in-chief.

avwh said...


I have to start using that...

Cedarford said...

I missed CNN's coverage of the Gulf War, being in theater.

But I saw reruns at a Saudi comrade's home, as he held a postwar get-together. Fun time. 2 whole goat feast washed down with Pepsi and Dr Pepper. Strange bedfellows. Like the volley ball game was Americans and Syrians against Brits and Saudis with a French guy thrown in.
In the context of that bizarrefest, watching Baghdad get shellacked for the 1st time "live" (on VCR tape) on CNN fit right in. It was memorable.

Jeremy said...

Who, other than your sycophant tea baggers, give a flying fuck?

The "QUEEN" wants to know.

Jeremy said...

"Can anybody picture our current President doing that?"

Of course.

Jeremy said...

How about Roberts saying he was not going to be a wing nut?

Anybody remember that?

Penny said...

On-line C-SPAN? Hm?

This should be interesting...

All the better to parse words, often out of context, while putting quotes around them. With names! And by party! Or region! Or state!

Don't get me wrong. Information is a great thing, and more information is an even better thing... except when it isn't.

Positive, when used for greater understanding. Negative, when used as a cudgel.

With our current "adversarial landscape"? I'm thinking Google and Bing are going to be the big "winners" here.

That wedge we know? It's about to drive a lot of asses WILD!

Penny said...

Lingerie and underwear purveyors?

You have a little bit of lead time here.

Ann Althouse said...

"Seems to be Susan Hoerchner."

I have a friend (a lawprof) who said at the time that she was the best witness he had ever heard. He was particularly impressed by the way she paused after hearing the question and before beginning the answer. It gives the listener the impression that she is thinking about the answer, so then, when the answer comes, it's especially credible.

reader_iam said...

My first thought much earlier this week was:

Wow! Alleluia! About time!--

--The more original sources, the more direct resources, to which I have access for use in homeschooling my son, the better.


wv: grani

reader_iam said...

Pre-C-SPAN, I remember sitting on one leftover dining-room chair and putting my feet up on another (we were lacking, generally, in furniture then, for one reason and another) and watching, riveted, on a quite old, teeny-tiny, picture-wavering TeeVee pretty much every bit of the Watergate hearings that were broadcast one particular summer, back in the day.

Lordy. Hard to believe I was just a couple of years older then my son is now.


wv: concri

reader_iam said...

...just a couple of years older then *than* my son is now, that is.

LonewackoDotCom said...

* On a musical note, this rarity appears somewhere in the 5+ hours here. It'd be great if someone could find if there's anything else and then upload it to Youtube.

* On a useful idiot note, Teaparty leader Grover Norquist supported amnesty sitting alongside the ACLU, NCLR, and other far-lefties. The CSPAN video is here, and uploading to Youtube would be a good thing.

* On a clown note, the Luis Gutierrez statements about his and Flake's amnesty described here are available here; ditto.

Bender said...

Ollie North, ripping his congressional inquisitors a new one.

reader_iam said...

I'm assuming that people would assume, based on my little anecdote, that people will, of course, in turn assume that I also saw the hearings to which most are referring, when it was much easier, either directly or time-shifted via the now-archaic but then revolutionary vehicle known as a VCR.

(Richness added: A good chunk of the Thomas confirmation hearings I saw via yet another old, picture-wavy B/W TV brought in by a composing-room co-worker at the newspaper where I was working--in my case, in the newsroom--at the time.)

tachyonshuggy said...

We got everything ever on CSPAN online before we got the healthcare debates on C-SPAN

Larry said...

ATTN Bill White and avwh:
[re "pipsqueak-in-chief"] Hey, how about "Urkel"?

Doug Santo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bill White said...

Larry: if the suspenders fit...

(I had to google - I missed the Urkel craze the first time around)

Doop said...

Hey, Titus.....You struck a nerve there. G.R. Royer was my uncle. That corps ROCKED!

We saw the last performance it gave under Uncle Gail, at the nationals in Madison, forget what year it was.

veni vidi vici said...

George Bush 41 was a really gracious class act of a guy. If you haven't read his "memoir" of sorts, "All the Best", I highly recommend it.

Titus said...

Doop, Gail Royer was an amazing man. He was the Director for many years and made that corps. I marched in 1987. We were undefeated until DCI Finals when Garfield beat us. Sigh.

That was the Russian Christmas show.

I loved Gail. So funny and cool. He had his own little trailer on tour that we would visit him in.

Drum Corps lost an amazing person when Gail passed away.

Nate Whilk said...

Penny said, All the better to parse words, often out of context, while putting quotes around them. With names! And by party! Or region! Or state!

And we'll also be able to find what the context is, exposing those people as dishonest and unreliable. How horrible!

Don't get me wrong. Information is a great thing, and more information is an even better thing... except when it isn't.

Positive, when used for greater understanding. Negative, when used as a cudgel.

You're kidding, right?

Facts are facts. They can be cold and harsh and brutal. But when we know what they are, we can then deal with them. They don't go away if we think the person telling them to us is mean. If we don't know the facts, our understanding will be flawed and in the end we will fail.

There's one possible flaw with the C-SPAN archive: we don't know if they've intentionally left out anything important. But I guess that applies to any source.

Adventurer said...

Hmm, the Bork confirmation circus was surely a cygnal event in our politics (though I was happy to see him not get confirmed).

wombat said...

Yes, Adventurer,

The confirmation hearings were a performance worthy of an Oscar, but in B(j)ork's case, the swan song was about process ruint. Ugly ducklings grew up to be quacks.