March 27, 2010

"Note to Welch: Just ’cause guys will listen to a story about three women in a hot tub..."

"... doesn’t mean a woman wants to hear about three dudes clogging the pool drain with free floating back hair."


Here's the part of the BHTV that refers to. It's also a featured link in the sidebar at Bloggingheads with the teaser "Matt Welch. Mickey Kaus. A swimming pool. What happened next may be enough to derail a Senate campaign."


Mickey Kaus has qualified as a candidate. Congratulations!


Icepick said...

"That might be a lie...."

Awesome stuff!

ironrailsironweights said...

I wouldn't mind at all if three women clogged the pool drain with free floating ... oh, never mind.


bagoh20 said...

Mickey is nowhere near enough change to alter the fact that California is SCREWED. He's a Democrat for Christ's sake; the party that ruined the place. If it wasn't for the natural splendor, especially the weather, I would quit my job, sell my home and move anywhere.

The Titanic was a beautiful ship.

amba said...

Is this post connected to "Butt"?

wv worsw