March 20, 2010

It's the first day of spring.

Yesterday, the last day of winter, I was barefoot when I walked to the end of the driveway to kiss you goodbye. You slept on the bus, and I slept without you for the first time in our marriage and woke to a first day of spring that looked like this....


The table is set up for warm breakfasts for 2, but I'm cooking oatmeal for one, sitting elsewhere, and awaiting your missives from the Tea Party.


ayes pi said...

The second time around can feel like spring come forever, no matter the weather. So happy for you two.

magpie said...


Sea Urchin said...


As I may have mentioned, I got married around the same time Meadhouse did (August 1st for me) and I enjoy these little romantical posts because I feel much the same towards my sweetheart as Ann does towards hers.

We haven't spent the night apart yet, but he has a business trip next week that I'm not looking forward to. Fortunately, it'll just be two nights and he's only going to be on the road for about 4 hours each way.

Still, hope your weekend isn't too lonely and you get lots of nice updates and pictures!

Kirby Olson said...

If it's deemed, we might as well start learning Chinese.

Pick up your phrasebooks, people.

If they sell the country to the communists, then we'll just have to call each comrade, however you say that in Chinese.

Ann Althouse said...

"hope your weekend isn't too lonely"

I reorganized my closet, which I'm pretty happy about. Now, I'm doing laundry, etc. It's a good opportunity to get things done.

WV: presser. Maybe I should do some ironing.

AllenS said...

Let word verification be your guiding light.

peter hoh said...

We had t-shirt weather on Thursday, but Friday was a reminder that Spring hasn't really arrived in the upper midwest.

Florida said...

"It's a good opportunity to get things done."

It's good that you've chosen to do the laundry and other household work. It will improve your feelings of self-competence that Meade steals from you every time he does a household chore.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder and the vacuum lighter.

Bob W. said...

That was a very eloquent post, Ann.

Meade said...


Leaving Baltimore. I'll be on the Capitol steps in about an hour. Warm and sunny here - daffodils and forsythia in bloom.

Forgot to tell you - 10 yr old, S. , across the street, wants to shovel snow off our walk. I'll pay him when I get home. xox

Fred4Pres said...

Meade goes off to defend the nation. Thank you Meade. Say hi to Jon Voight.

Omaha1 said...

Yay Meade. Go Get 'Em!

Looking forward to Meade's comments & photos from DC. Hoping Althouse will remain occupied with her neglected household chores and not be too lonely or depressed by the "Spring" weather. I'm tired of winter myself.

Ann Althouse said...

Hello, my darling patriot-husband.

The snow is already melted off the walk. Nature ≈ boy across the street.

bagoh20 said...

I envy your sweet knowledge that something missing today is more found than ever.

rhhardin said...

Maple giving warning of a flood of maple seeds to come.

They don't do it every year.

edutcher said...

Ann Althouse said...

Yesterday, the last day of winter, I was barefoot when I walked to the end of the driveway to kiss you goodbye. You slept on the bus, and I slept without you for the first time in our marriage and woke to a first day of spring that looked like this..

The table is set up for warm breakfasts for 2, but I'm cooking oatmeal for one, sitting elsewhere, and awaiting your missives...

That could be a post from any war of the 20th century. Substitute 'train' for 'bus', and it could be the last half of the 19th century, or even the 1840s in a few places.

Meade's right; it is romantic and I appreciate the tag patriot-husband since this is a fight for what this country has been all about for 235 years. Barry and company want to turn us into the United Soviet Socialist States of America or, even worse, just another Third World Banana Republic.

Be proud of him. He wants to take a stand. After Barry starts up his Civilian National Defense Force, it may be a lot more dangerous to speak out.

Peter V. Bella said...

Looks like my house. Spring has sprung. The snow is falling gently leaving a refreshing coat of white.


Peter V. Bella said...

Beware of tattooed porn star strippers!

ricpic said...

Any word from Meade on the size of the turnout?

Titus said...

How sweet.

You guys got snow?

I thought it was warm out there?

It is 70 here. Absolutely beautiful.

I just pinched a loaf and it was absolutely beautiful as well.

Charlie Martin said...

YOu guys are so cute.

Titus said...

I am going to be one with nature today, with my husband and rare clumbers, natch.

I am going to appreciate the little things that life offers.

A robin, a new bud, a stick, a log, a hog, children playing, music, life.

Thank you.

Titus said...

Am I a patriot?

I love Tom Brady and he is a New England Patriot so I think that makes me a patriot too.

jamboree said...

We have the same deck/balcony, but a different view. Mine looks out over the ocean. I think I love my deck as much as any person. Sick, I know....

Synova said...

We had about a foot of snow last night.

If it's global warming, then great. We need the moisture and if it means more moisture then we're better off, not worse.

But what I can't quite understand is how it knows when the weekend is.

I mean, really!

Methadras said...

Awww... You miss Meade. I know what it's like for my wife everytime she drops me off at the airport every weekend or every other weekend. I fly off to work, eat, sit in a cube for 70 - 80 hours a week, go back to the room I rent that I'm barely in, enjoy a weekend alone getting laundry done and relaxing as much as I can up in the East Bay of San Fransisco, and then I look forward, as my reward, to fly back to the arms of my wife and grown up child back in San Diego. I get to enjoy the slobbery licks of both my boxers, and get some sun in sunny San Diego. But I know how she feels when Sunday rolls around. I have to leave again to keep things going because she knows that vile, verminous filth like the blood sucking leftists we have in office are trying to find all sorts of numerous ways to divest our money and life force from us so they can use it to forward their idiotic, evil ideology. I know how she feels.

MamaM said...

Late to post. The Mr M at our house also works and lives away from home 5 days a week, driving 6 hours there and back. On Fridays, he sends out a one-mile-from-home-call so the dog and I can sit on the front steps and watch for his truck, with one of us running out to greet him. We've been doing this routine for five years now and as good as the welcome home feels, the goodbye never gets any easier.

There was two inches of wet spring snow on the ground here today too. I went out this afternoon to cut some not-yet-open early daffodils. As I cleaned them, pulling off the attached oak leaves they had managed to spear their way through on the way up, I noted the shape of the poke holes. They were round and circular, not torn, as if the living shoots had somehow burned their way through the membrane.


What kind of energy and intent
is needed
for green shoots
to successfully
pierce and poke
through multiple layers
of dead oak leaves?

Drilling circular holes
(not tears or slits),
with their organic blades,
these points of life
persuade dead matter
to pull back
as if burned
or ordered
by touch alone
to open and allow
passage through.

Wearing the conquered
around their necks
like hoisted flags,
clumps of early Emperors
now stand tall
in the wet,
late season snow
awaiting coronation
and spring reigns.