January 1, 2010

September, 2009 — Part 9 in a 12-part blog series.

1. "Why not send people to Mars and just leave them there?"

2. The moral argument for ObamaCare the Democrats could see should not be made.

3. The "waffle-y wedded wife."

4. "The unfortunate consequence of the beautiful amplitude of modern life..."

5. Obama bemoans the lack of civil conversation, and I hear echoes of "shut up."

6. "The Joe Wilson spirit infuses Kanye West."

7. "Hello, Mr. President we honor you today! For all your great accomplishments, we all doth say 'hooray!'"

8. "We have a president who doesn't even believe we are the good guys. True or false? Did you hesitate? Because you shouldn't even have to hesitate." (A quiz with a forthright result.)

9. "Damn, if your clue-getter isn't able to do that, you might as well give up and write more stories about what middle-aged moms in Park Slope are saying about popsicles and iPhones."

10. I got Lincoln Logged!

11. "Are Hollywood types defending Roman Polanski because they love him as a fellow artist or because of their own pedophilia?"


chickenlittle said...

Nice annus meadabilis so far. I think you're competing with a cartoon marathon for viewership though.

wv "chirl" That one's obvious. They are to be avoided.

ricpic said...

We have a president who doesn't believe we are the good guys. True or False?

If the Republicans have the guts this will be THE question they keep front and center before the electorate in the runnup to the 2010 elections. Nothing has the motivational force in getting people to the polls that this does: a reminder that our president is an alien tick.

Make 2010, even though it's congressional, a referendum on Obama's alienness and it's a slam dunk for Pubbies.

edutcher said...

Put the Summer 2009 posts together and call them, "Meadehouse: The Nuptial Tour".

knox said...

"Waffle-y wedded wife" LOL.

I really appreciated your calling to attention the prominence of sexual situations involving children in movies of 2009. It really got ridiculous, IMO.

MadisonMan said...

Make 2010, even though it's congressional, a referendum on Obama's alienness and it's a slam dunk for Pubbies.

Nonsense. The election will be a referendum on either the economy or, assuming the economy is limping upwards, Healthcare. And seeing as the Majority Democrats have exempted themselves (and their Republican counterparts) from the plan, it should be a tough slog for incumbents and I for one am glad.

ricpic said...

Rush is okay! Bad news for the resident lefties.

You're wrong MM, and the reason you're wrong is that people are getting the full stench of the radical left in their nostrils, but I'm too elated about Rush's condition to argue it.

MadisonMan said...

Clear Channel is more elated than you are.

Maxine Weiss said...

Althouse doggedly continues on with her bloated, ungainly project...nevermind it's now well past the time for NYE retrospectives.

The clock has already changed, a new year, and the world has moved on to other weighty matters, yet Althouse struggles to complete ill-fated, misbegotten tasks from what was essentially last year.

Clearly marriage hasn't stopped this woman from barreling head on, and diving into projects that she neither has the capability, nor the stamina to complete.

Have a joyous and blessed New Year everyone !

Carl Bob Mellon said...

Maxine Weiss, a knowledgeable man such as myself can see that your anger results from too few gentlemen callers.

My brother is a single man in need of the company of a woman. May I give him your name?

And do you own a paper bag?

Jimmy James said...

Put the Summer 2009 posts together and call them, "Meadehouse: The Nuptial Tour".

The Carl Dean tribute tour!!

MT Mellon said...

Evenin' CB, you seen Harry anywhere?

Carl Bob Mellon said...

Nope, MT, I don't know what Harry's up to. Last time I saw him was at Christmas dinner when he brought that manly-looking woman with him.

I'm thinking, what the hell, maybe that's a clue that he'd like that Maxine lady.

MT Mellon said...

I sure do remember her. I think Harry would like Miss Weiss's looks but I'm afraid she's a little opinonated for him.

Harry Mellon said...

Now boys its plum nice of you to try and get Harry some poon but you know I am still getting over the passing of my beloved Angie in that tanning bed accident.

Plus Cedarford called dibs on all them jew girls. He sez they give a good blow job.