January 7, 2010

More trouble with underpants...

... and Christmas Day violence.


Leland said...

No more watching him driving wrecklessly while hawking underwear? Why? It was such a brilliant marketing plan.

Synova said...

She says he held a knife to her throat. He says they slapped each other on the arms and he broke her glasses.

Has she filed for divorce yet?

Has he?

Moose said...

Man, Martin must be SO proud...

chickelit said...

Why would any woman marry Charlie Sheen to begin with?

traditionalguy said...

Slow news day? Sheen is accused of acting like Sheen. I am going shopping for my wife's birthday present(s), and need to hijack this thread for some quick advice. Her Christmas gifts were all romantic ones, and now I am thinking she might enjoy a Kindle or a Nook reader. Whatever Meade is giving Althouse would work, but he may be in the same timing boat since their birthdays are identical. Is Nook better for kindling a relationship?

Unknown said...

People were wondering if Topper would be treated like El Tigre. Nice to see a little consistency.

OT: Thanks for that nice summation of the odyssey of the Scotch-Irish, tg.

I really enjoyed it.

Lem said...

Why would any woman marry Charlie Sheen to begin with?

Some women are adept at "finding the spear" ;)

wv - virtici

Anonymous said...

Nook, I got a belt sander once and still love it. I also enjoy every day my engagement trash can. It's a very nice trash can.

traditionalguy said...

Class factotum...LOL. I give up. It will be more romantic gifts.

Alex said...

Charlie Sheen was great in "Platoon" and "Wall Street". Ever since then a joke.

Lem said...

Rodney Carrington- The Underwear Song.

knox said...

Why would any woman marry Charlie Sheen to begin with?

Warren Beatty turned her down! : )

Peter Hoh said...

I misread the BBC headline as
Charlie Sheen dropped from Hamas underwear ads.

I need new glasses.

BJM said...

This post title brings Techno Trousers to mind.

Anonymous said...

Traditional Guy, why did I call you "Nook?" Sorry about that.

But I meant it about the belt sander. And about the trash can. :)

But I also like the drop earrings my husband had made from the seven diamonds from his old wedding ring from his first marriage. Begone, wedding ring from starter marriage!

PS This year, he promised me I would not have to go to his mom and dad's all of 2010. Sometimes, the best presents are free. http://diaryofagolddigger.blogspot.com/

former law student said...

Seguing into a discussion of the contents rather than the container: When did Viagra drop Rafael Palmeiro as a pitchman? After his positive steroid test?

Peter Hoh said...

At least Palmeiro didn't cork his bat.

PatCA said...

peter hoh, I misread it too, LOL!

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