January 7, 2010

"Look for the spear."


Old signage, on Congress Avenue in Austin.


Rialby said...

Did you and Meade try the Elephant Room or the Continental Club for some live music while you were in town? Sullivan's usually has a decent jazz combo playing in the bar. If you go there, get a knockout martini.

The Crack Emcee said...

You won't find it:

I got it.

traditionalguy said...

Frankly that is rascist!

Penny said...

Not if you parry, tg.

chickelit said...

find despair

The Crack Emcee said...

I said I got it.

a psychiatrist who learned from veterans said...

Revealed commercial art from adjacent tear downs is a little treasure. I'm first stuck by the cowboy with the classic hat but then wonder if that is a top hat behind him as an alternative. The hint of gum in his cheek and the 'relieves fatigue' reminds me of a black alabaster head sculpture in a museum in La Paz that in the cheek had a pouched out little mass representing cocoa leaves known to 'relieve fatigue' in the cold or high altitude climate of the Incas (Bolivia).

vbspurs said...

When I look at these rundown surroundings, I can't help but pine for their uniqueness and how that increasingly doesn't exist in the strip-malled America of today.

It's weird, because I am all for gentrification. Face it, who wants to live in a dump, staring at half-broke down buildings.

But yes, they do have loads of character, something the pretty, new, and utterly boring places of today just don't.

Yehudit said...

vbspurs if it's on Congress near downtown it is allowed to be "rundown" by design, i.e. this is historically preserved. Someone would love to build a condo on that land and cant.

luagha said...

Spear of Destiny, obviously.

Anonymous said...

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