January 28, 2010

At the Winter Sun Hotel...


... let's snuggle up and tell our secrets.


Fred4Pres said...

Mac really did come out with the ipad today.

MadTV has it covered.

Beth said...

No snuggling for me. I have the flu. Not the swine kind.

And yet I'm cheerful because the New Orleans Saints are going to win the Superbowl.

Who Dat!

I have to write that a lot now, because the NFL is claiming they own it. That and the fleur de lis.

Next up, Wisconsin, they're coming for your cheese wedges.

HKatz said...

And the trees look like a large audience, poised to listen.

JAL said...

We are waiting for another Big Snow in the Southern Appalachians.

We don't "do" snow like WI or the Northeast and New England.

I've enjoyed it this year. We just don't go anywhere for days. Until this winter it was years since we've looked out on scenes like the Professor posts.

(When we do get snow people x country ski on the Blue Ridge Parkway [which is closed at the first thought of a snowflake]. How cool is that?)

LonewackoDotCom said...

1. Water deeper than about a foot freaks me out.
2. I bought arugula at the 99 Cents store today.
3. I was a member of the SierraClub for about a year a decade ago. It was to get a discount and I didn't renew after I found out more about them.
4. I have a superfluous fourth nipple.

Say, I'm trying to get Jonah Goldberg to support debating BHO instead of acting like a five-year-old and mocking him. If I could get Goldberg to promote that, it might actually happen and it would help raise the level of debate in the U.S. I would appreciate some help. Go here for the backstory and his contact information. It'll take about five minutes max to read his post and tweet or email him, and getting him behind some sort of plan to have debate instead of childish games might help have a good impact on the U.S.

JAL said...

LWDC -- Goldberg Smolberg. There is no way in the lifetime of this planet that Barack Obama will debate anyone ever again. (I don't think he'll run in 2012.) Much less Jonah Goldberg.

(Maybe Glenn Greenwald can do some sockpuppetry for us though. We would NEVER know it wasn't The O.)

Mocking might work. It's more fun, besides. BHO has a thin skin and a meltdown (not a Greenwald 'meltdown') might be in his future. He has never had to develop those particular defensive life skills, given the adulation by those around him in his childhood and acension.

JAL said...

And we are to take it that the third nipple is not superfluous?

On second thought, we don't need to know that.

JAL said...

"ascension," correctly spelled.

Had to do it because the wv are so much fun this time around. They seem to be related to Justice Alito's Italian heritage.

wv siciaztp

Where's Victoria? Hope she's OK.

MamaM said...

@ Lonewacko... I'm assuming you've a superfluous 3rd as well? (My brother had an extra set-located about 4" down from his standard pair. Better him than me, was my take on it.)

My secret is that I don't know how to access blog comments once they pass 200. Is there a way to do this?

MamaM said...

JAL got there first, because I got lost considering the wonder of being able to ski on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

With an additional delay encountered contemplating general superfluousness.

Windbag said...

Hoping that the big snow is going to peter out in the mountains of North Carolina. Local schools have already announced early closing tomorrow, just with the threat of snow. Went to the store tonight and the bread aisle was cleared out. Looked like a store in Soviet Russia in the '80s. People freak out and buy all the bread and milk they can when snow is forecast.

wv = degamme...what Tatoo says when the Super Bowl comes on the telly.

Christy said...

MamaM, you hit "post a comment" at the bottom of the first 200 and the window it opens gives you the option of looking at newer comments.

Beth, hope you're better soon. All the pharmacies are now advertising the flu shots, H1N1 variety. I thought flu shots needed some time to take effect. Isn't it a little late to be getting them in?

Here in East Tennessee the Colts seem to be more popular than the Titans. Still a lot of Peyton Love in Volunteer Land. Bizarre for me, I've lived the last three decades in Baltimore where bitterness still lingers over the departure of the Colts in the middle of the night in Mayflower vans.

Late this afternoon, schools here were canceled for tomorrow when snow was predicted to start before dawn. Now forecasters are telling us that snow won't begin until around noon and it may just be rain here in the valley. Tee Hee.

Beth said...

Christy, thanks. I had both seasonal and h1n1 shots back in October, but I still got a dose of the seasonal flu this week. It's not as bad as it would be had I not gotten the vax, I think. And I'm taking Tamiflu, but I started it a day later than the 48-hour recommended window. I thought I had a nasty cold, but it just kept getting worse. I didn't want to miss class so I convinced myself a 102 fever was no big deal. My classes are over for the week so I went to the doctor today, and he proclaimed it the flu.

Beth said...

Football loyalties are tricky. Besides his daddy, I don't think anyone in the Gulf region, nor all of Mississippi, is rooting for the Colts. He ditched Old Miss for Tennessee and that will not be forgotten. The Saints are a regional team, anyway, and draw support and season ticket holders from Mississippi and Alabama.

peter hoh said...

Fred, what gives? That joke's been covered.

Lem said...

Fred, what gives? That joke's been covered.

If it had wings it would have been long gone.

get it? wings? .. never mind.

Chip Ahoy said...

Two more angry monkey series. The idea is to pick one for the punch line of a joke. But now I'm thinking I might use them all and hammer the joke into the ground. Two other ideas I tried didn't work, and I have a few more ideas I want to try.

second angry monkey
third angry monkey

Beth said...

Lem, !

I'm laughing with you.

Lem said...

Obama caves.

peter hoh said...

Lem, we're gonna have to keep tabs on you.

MamaM said...

Chip A...My monkey in the closet experience tracks back to "Where's Spot", a favorite lift-the-flap book with a set of double wardrobe doors which opened to Steve the Monkey, swinging from hangers singing "NO NO no no NO No".

Lies, Lies, Lies, Bananas?(Cheetos?)
Lies, Lies, Fibs, Lies?
Lies, Lies, Lies, Mendacities?
Lies, Lies, Lies, Not true!
Lies, Lies, Lies, ALITO!

That's it for my options.

Unless you make that new teleprompter podium thingy spring up for your last surprise.


Methadras said...

I like Teletubbies.

MamaM said...

One more,
Lies, Lies, Lies, Phonies

papertiger said...

"Last week, the Supreme Court reversed a century of law to open the floodgates for special interests"

Beyond the FBI will come get me if I copy movies from Blockbuster, I know diddly about the law.

What is this 100 year legal precedent that Obama is talking about? I didn't think McCain or Feingold were that old.

ricpic said...

Now the woods denuded stand,
Stripped down to their core;
Truth closer to the core
Perhaps than thickly leafed stand.

Shanna said...

I actually get a snow day today! Horray! First time this year and it's coming down pretty heavy (it's also about half sleet). This winter has been a tease, up until now.

Mark Daniels said...

The photograph reminds me of the background on the cover of 'John Wesley Harding.' Would any winter scene to that to me, or is there something about the way the trees look at the top of your picture? You could probably even photoshop images of the Beatles into the treetops to make it look even more like 'JWH."

JAL said...

@ windbag hahahah How's your snow?

Started here earlier than they predicted. This has the potential of being very messy as it randomly (ok, for weatherpeople is it isn't random ...) drizzles.

We had over an inch when they were saying it would be 1/2". Now they've changed the 7 - 11" to 6 - 10" But I see the storm warning extends pretty deep into the SC Upstate.

@chip I like angry monkey #2. The stand up thing is pretty cool.