January 9, 2010

At the Papered Wall Café...


... you can plaster your opinions everywhere.


Chip Ahoy said...

Speaking of homeopathy …

* looks right/left *


This is for The Macho Response. Mr Response, I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.The image was made for b3ta's weekly challenge, homeopathy. It's a single frame repeated seven times provided with imagined dialog.

The image was brought forward from the message board to the front page where it can still be viewed. Reactions to the image are in a comment thread behind the image. Among those reactions is a link to Youtube video of poet Tim Minchin's beat poem Storm which could have been written by Macho Response himself if Macho Response were poet. I think it's brilliant.

John Lynch said...

I've spent the last several years developing an immunity to iocane powder.

Big Mike said...

@John, that's why it was slipped to you in liquid form.


Freeman Hunt said...

Chip, that's great.

Florida said...

Stories you're not sure you even want to read:

Wall Street Journal
How Golfers Get Their Bodies Ready

I'm assuming KY is the Journal's newest advertiser.


former law student said...

The hospital to which my brother was just rushed to, called me to find out if he had made an advance care directive. Basically they wanted to know if they should let him die like a runover dog, or actually try to keep him alive.

And this is long before Obamacare goes into effect.

former law student said...

Supporters of medical malpractice reform should read this series of articles on how medical care kills 200,000 people a year in the US.


Physicians, heal yourselves, and then we'll talk about tort reform.

BJM said...

fwiw- I passed through two international airports yesterday and security on the ground and in-flight was pretty much the same as usual, other than no access to overhead bins and lavs during the last hour of flight.

Having had stuff dropped on me as nitwits paw through the bins; I am not at all unhappy about the overhead bin ban. Get your shit together before you sit down, moron...but I digress.

There were more federal police in and around the terminals but no extraordinary screening measures, other thermal screening for H1N1.

You can feel that fellow passengers are wary and far more observant of their surroundings. That is probably a good thing.

Thankfully, the brouhaha over disgorging/picking up passengers outside SFO Int'l has settled down considerably since last weekend as well.

We adjust and life goes on.

peter hoh said...

Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson.

The Crack Emcee said...

Hey, Chip, that's hot! Lays the nuttiness out there pretty clearly. And who says I don't write poetry? It ain't much - I'm a man in search of musical accompaniment - but it's better than Obama's.

I've posted "Storm" on the blog before, but did you see the latest documents from that "Homeopathy 'degree' course" some college in England had? It's part of a series that Professor David Colquhoun (who gave me a shout in the comments) is putting out there on his Improbable Science page.

If you're interested, click the tag for homeopathy and you'll find lots (and I mean lots) of useful information on the subject.

But, really, all anyone needs to know is it's 1 part water and 99 parts delusion.

The Crack Emcee said...

Hey, Chip, I gotta drop this one on y'all:

Welcome to the Homeopathic E.R.!!!

And below is a post I did for one of the biggest (and sometimes stupidest) online medical bloggers out there, though I think it's a message everyone should hear:

Duh: It's A Cult!!!

Fuck - now I'm obsessing on it - so you better read this, and this, and the best of the lot from when I discovered my "sister blogger" Panda Bear, M.D..

peter hoh said...

Following the links in the links provided by TMR, I found this clever clip.

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