January 9, 2010

At the By-the-Slice Restaurant...


... you can cut through all the nonsense and tell us what you really think.


John Lynch said...

I think Texas is a great state and America the greatest country.

Lenny said...

I think that America is the greatest country and that the jerks in Texas who think they are so great are full of crap.

Henry said...

No slices from 6:30 pm to 9:30 pm. That's pie time.

"Guppy" Honaker said...

Oh man, looking at a pizza place while on a diet. Ahhhhh!

- David
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lohwoman said...

I think pizza is indoor food. I'll have a coney dog and a root beer.

Florida said...

Texas is a whoooooole other country.

Florida said...

"Get yo slice on?"

You sure you're in Texas?

Florida said...

Harry Reid called Obama a negro.

Said he could get elected because his Negro dialect wasn't pronounced and he was "light."


John Lynch said...

Saw this book, looks interesting.

You Are Not a Gadget.

That sounds like the internet I know.

LonewackoDotCom said...

That's hilarious. Lynch's Amazon link appears to have Instapundit's affiliate ID in it, meaning that if you buy something from them within 24 hours after clicking the link, he gets a cut. And, Lynch gets nothing. (Obviously, I'm not against such things, just against the inadvertent helping of someone who threatens to turn his back on the U.S. because the election didn't go his way.)

John Lynch said...


Yeah, I got it off of instapundit.

Didn't think to link it to myself!

Chip Ahoy said...

I saw that and read the interview with the Jaron Lanier. I thought, "this guy is interesting." Then noticed the book is only 225 pages which is a lazy evening of reading. Cost, $15.00. Then I thought, "Judging by the interview here, does this seem worth 15¢ a page?"


I'm cheap that way. But it's still neato-mosquito cover. Even so I don't think I'll have a place for such a skinny insubstantial book in my new gigantic book case wall.

And this decisive thinking cheered me and caused me to reassess boxed cornbread dressing. Conclusion: get rid of them. ← possible cause/effect misrepresentation.

Fred4Pres said...

Pizza with pineapple and canadian bacon is wrong. Just sayin'.

abu said...

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John Lynch said...


I wanted to get it on Kindle (I found out that I can download to a PC with free software. Hell with paying 269 bucks for a reader when I have a netbook). No dice. I guess maybe it's too romantic to be downloaded? Besides the cover it's even got special paper or something.

But yeah, it's more interesting to talk about than pay 15 bucks for. Ten bucks and wireless download and I'd do it. Printed copy plus shipping, meh.

I get the feeling that if I google the guy I'll get most of what's in the book, anyway.

edutcher said...

Florida said...

Texas is a whoooooole other country.

Only because it once was :)

WV "trate" Something that runs in families, such as concen or infil.

former law student said...

JL -- you can hear the author speak in Berkeley in a couple weeks for only $12. But, a "visionary" from the 80's whom I've never heard of can't be that significant.

Matt Eckert said...
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Matt Eckert said...
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MadisonMan said...

Ian's Pizza is better.

vbspurs said...

Pizza margherita. My fave.

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Courtney Hurst said...


just a quick correction. That's Homeslice, one of the most fantastically-named restaurants ever. They have a "by the slice" window open during the non-busy hours. I miss Austin!