December 5, 2009

"The little mouse, Jerry, I believe, gets ahold of thread and runs with it causing an entire sweater to unravel from the bottom to the top..."

"... and leaving a cat, Tom probably, naked in front of a crowd in an auditorium. Ha ha ha ha ha. This is great."

That's Chip Ahoy, somewhere in the depths of the "What an asshole"/global warming thread. Since this is a day on the blog that began with the suggestion that we ought to declare Sweater Christmas, it made me want to do a new post knitting it all together by embedding "Undone — The Sweater Song," but embedding is disabled, so you'll have to pull the thread and walk away over at YouTube. And I did look for that Tom and Jerry unraveling. Unsuccessfully.


rhhardin said...

Ravel knits it back up.

Penny said...

Lovely, rh.

But I was more practically going to suggest that our Althouse knitter, DBQ, whip something out for the tomcat.

I am no knitter, but she did say she can do so rather easily while watching TV.

EDH said...

The Itchy & Scratchy Show, Screams from a Mall.

Ralph L said...

When one of my late cats was a kitten, he got the end of a spool of thread in his mouth and ended up swallowing all of it. $400 (in 1980) in vet fees later, he had a permanently thin waist.

Bacardi said...

My Maine Coon rescued from a shelter at Christmastime somehow developed a taste for curling ribbon. There were holidays I saw the bright red, gold or green protruding from out his backside, requiring a long pull and disposal.

Oh, and stiff drink for me.

Ralph L said...

Bacardi said...
and stiff drink for me.
A slime dacquiri, I presume?

vbspurs said...

bright red, gold or green protruding from out his backside, requiring a long pull and disposal.

UGH! Cancel my Eggs Benedict Sunday brunch breakfast.

vbspurs said...

wv: indingo. An indignant Mandingo.

downtownlad said...

Well Chip Ahoy is an asshole.

He has said that he will never associate with gay people ever again - and that his life is all the better for it.

That means he would refuse to associate with your gay son as well Ann.

And you don't care, because as Sullivan has rightly pointed out - you yourself are homophobic. And having a gay son does not give you a pass.

Bissage said...

(1) Chip's a funny guy. The beauty of what he said is that the unraveling thing is already in our heads so it plays back readily in our imaginations. Thanks for that, Chip!

(2) Off topic, sort of, but this strange thing happens in my imagination where I can actually hear Tom Waits sing James Taylor’s “Fire and Rain.” And not just that. It works with pretty much anybody and in any style. Cher doing a calypso version. Devo doing an a cappella version. You get the idea. And it works for other songs, too!

Here’s another thing. I can close my eyes and the back of my eyelids becomes a kind of projection screen. I can control it but usually I don’t even try because I like to see where it all goes. The images move pretty fast so it would be very difficult to articulate what I’m seeing.

The weird thing about it is that it gets as boring as real life if I do it for long enough and it doesn’t really take all that much time for it to get boring.

I’ve thought about seeing a psychiatrist for a cure. But I kind of like to do it every now and then. I know it’s not much, but at least it’s something . . . and I need the eggs.

(3) [D]owntownlad is entitled to his opinion, of course. But I don’t believe that Chip refuses to associate with gay people. Neither do I believe that Althouse is homophobic.

I do believe that downtownlad sincerely believes such things because of how he was emotionally tormented about his homosexuality by other people when he was growing up.

What they did to him was wrong. The problem is that they created an image of their hate and then they implanted it in his mind and now it all feels so familiar that he does it to himself. He serves their purposes with the permission of his own conscience. He gets a little something in return for it but not much – just enough to keep him going.

But I have no moral standing to judge downtownlad and so I don’t. The internet is a relatively safe place where we can vent . . . and he needs the eggs.

t-man said...

Oh c'mon Victoria,

indingo - where to find a missing Australian baby

J Lee said...

Ann --

Just to clear it up, the re-spun yarn gag wasn't from a Tom & Jerry cartoon, but from the Sylvester and Tweety short "A Street Cat Named Sylvester" (and yea, the title is a really awful pun...)

knox said...

I'm late to this thread, but this link has some of the funniest sweaters I've ever seen.