December 31, 2009

February, 2009 — Part 2 in a 12-part blog series.

1. I scan 2 photos of me in the 1970s.

2. "WiFi on airplanes. What's the downside? Terrorists coordinating things? The fact that the mere suggestion of terrorists coordinating things has me instantly eagerly ready to have the government monitor anything sent to or from an airline laptop? Come on, we let them X-ray the intimate items our bags and look at us in that machine that lets them see us naked. And you know how ridiculous you look naked but with your invisible clothes squishing your body into the dressed shape? Or do you think you look better that way, what with your Spanx and your push-up brassiere? I'm thinking of belts and waistbands. So, come on, WiFi on airplanes. It will be great...."

3. "I would rather do the right thing and have 1 term than be mediocre and have 2."

4. I leaned out the bedroom window to capture the moonset.

5. "Speaking of Japan my neighbor was in Japan and everywhere he went Japanese people yelled Yes We Can at him. I guess because he is an American. He said this lasted an entire week. Restaurants, stores, on the street, everywhere, Yes We Can. How scary."

6. "I, however, as a man am an exception to the rule: I love purple. In fact, I wear a purple hat and a purple scarf. Men leave me alone while women can't seem to keep their hands off me. That is, as long as I wear the hat and scarf."

7. "For the love of God, people, be careful. If you're going to take any risks, I hope it's worth it for you." = What I said the day I fell in love.

8. "Nobody has to be ashamed of being a Hoosier."

9. The Rainbow Connection.


Florida said...

It's funny that you were concerned about WiFi on airplanes.

You should have been concerned with actual, you know, real life TIDE watch-listed terrorists on airplanes with valid entry visas.

I guess in 2010 we'll know to fear our own government's policies before we fear networking technology.

Fred4Pres said...

Given your Gran Torino musings below, I would suggest you check out District 9 when you get a chance. I saw it last night with the wife and even she was impressed (and she is not into sci fi movies, or aliens, or anything like that). A surprisingly good movie and a lot deeper than some yarn.

Prosqtor said...

Althouse, Meade- did you see the recent listing of the happiest States which placed Indiana 47th? As a Hoosier of 52 years that just did not ring true to me. What do you think- did some region of the state pull down the happiness index?

DaveW said...

OK here's the weird thing: the purple thing is real.

I'm a solid white shirt kinda guy. OK I'll leap out on the edge occasionally and wear a check pattern, or on rare occasion a narrow stripe. But this year I decided I'd climb way out on a limb and get a button-down navy dress shirt and while I was at the men's store I decided to take the leap and get a purple one too.

My thinking at the time was 1) I am Catholic, Christmas is purple season, and I am an EMHC and I thought it would be appropriate if I wore purple during the season, 2) who really gives a rip and 3) I really need to get out more.

I wore the dumb thing 4 times, it is sitting on my clothes horse behind me now still needing to be taken to the cleaners. First time I wore it under a suit, second time I wore it as a khaki-pants sports-coat combo, 3rd and 4th time I wore it over jeans with a sports coat.

I have never been touched, fondled and petted so much in my whole life. No really, it was amazing. I could barely spend 30 seconds without a woman grabbing me by the arm, putting her arm on my back, whatever. It became a sort of joke for me, an experiment, to see what would happen. That stupid shirt has some sort of weird power I do not understand.

Fred4Pres said...

Freaky ads, some very disturbing, some powerful.

H/T: Ace

Penny said...

"That stupid shirt has some sort of weird power I do not understand."

Could it be that the weird thing is that you PAY MORE ATTENTION to women touching you when you wear that purple shirt?

In any case, it's all good.

DaveW said...

Actually Penny no, I don't think that's it. I've read this blog a long time and I know better than to report something like that without checking myself.


Joan said...

DaveW, that was the best all-caps response to an inappropriate use of all-caps I've ever seen. Bravo, sir!

Robin said...

Re: The Rainbow Connection--Please keep pointing out these Meade/Althouse interactions in the comments threads. For some reason I find the evolution of your romance fascinating.

I do think men wearing untraditional colors like pink or purple are more likely to attract the attention of the women with whom they interact. I don't know why either, but I find myself noticing and my noticing usually involves touching. I don't know why. Maybe I should control the urge...

Big Mike said...

Mens Wearhouse sent me an Email notice that they'll be open tomorrow (New Years Day). I wonder if they're carrying purple shirts in my size ...

Robert Cook said...

Obama said,

3. "I would rather do the right thing and have 1 term than be mediocre and have 2."

How quickly candidate Obama changed his tune once he became President Obama. Or, given his voting record in the Senate, how readily Obama deludes himself as to his actual mediocrity, mendacity, and cowardice.

Of course, every self-serving Washington hack and whore, (e.g., Joe Lieberman), who betrays his public trust to serve the interests of the wealthy no doubt sees him or herself as a paragon of integrity, a statesman or woman equal in stature and achievement to those whose praises we sing as the great lights of our country's making, the Washingtons, the Jeffersons, the Madisons, the Lincolns, et al.

What a putz. He doesn't have the courage of his own vanity.

Penny said...

Oops. Sorry, DaveW. Honestly, I wasn't implying you were stupid.

What I was saying was that we all pay attention to what we choose to pay attention to, and that other things just sort of make up our day.

Let me give a personal example. Years ago now, I took this course on Psychic Development at a local community college. Many in the class were all excited about "The Secret", and an amazing number of them were wishing for more money after they read that book. After some class discussion, the instructor sent everyone off with an assignment to look for pennies on the ground.

The next week, everyone was buzzing about their found pennies, and I dare say there was an air of optimism in the room, that indeed they would get their wish of more money.

The difference for me was this. Because of my name, Penny, I had been looking for pennies on the ground for most of my life. It was just "my little thing". Needless to say, I found many over the years, so I wasn't at all surprised that the class did too, now that they were looking for pennies.

All of us THINK we pay attention to that which happens as we live our lives. Myself included. But there is quite a difference between paying attention, and being vigilant about... *pick something*. In my case it was pennies. I was hoping that possibly, in your case, you might become vigilant to a woman's touch, whether wearing purple or nothing at all.

Now I am sitting here laughing at myself. You'd think by now I would have learned to pay attention to the the legal tender.

Penny said...

"Althouse, Meade- did you see the recent listing of the happiest States which placed Indiana 47th? As a Hoosier of 52 years that just did not ring true to me. What do you think- did some region of the state pull down the happiness index?"

Prosqtor, at first I noticed that my own state was beneath yours. It was THEN I got to thinking that I was approaching this all wrong.

Who's number ONE? And what can I learn from them?

Louisiana? Who would have guessed?

Anyway, I got to thinking, and what I came up with is, it must be about ALL THAT JAZZ!

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