December 31, 2009

March, 2009 — Part 3 in a 12-part blog series.

1. Hillary's reset button.

2. Justice Souter — soon to retire — calls the Supreme Court term an "annual intellectual lobotomy."

3. The sunset in the side-view mirror... the tulips on the window sill.

4. "Mysteries of the Althouse day."

5. Skyline chili.

6. "Althouse said yes!"

7. I explain it all to Bob.

8. "I don't think I could put on a good enough show to justify forcing a lot of people to travel, dress up, and celebrate or give the impression of celebrating, and I don't see the fun in putting myself in the position of wondering whether I need to fret about whether I can."

9. Kitty cymbal orchid.


Lem said...

What if there is a new "thing" at the end of the 12-part blog series?

Stay tunned.

Michael Hasenstab said...

The Skyline Chili link doesn't open. And I want chili!

Lem said...

We are having a "bankete" at church later.

Happy new year everybody.. may all your wishes come true.

wv - bless - uncanny

Finn Kristiansen said...

Wow did I miss a lot of stuff in the past year. Remarriage?

Happy New Year to everyone.

peter hoh said...

Was that the last we heard from Simon?

ricpic said...

Since marriage is the signal event of most lives, "Althouse says yes" was the most important post of the year. All the others pale in comparison. Sorry, but sometimes the obvious has to be said and I'm here to say it.

ricpic said...

Oy. That's "Althouse said yes." I doubt she said "Oy."

peter hoh said...

And how did HelenParr have it figured out so quickly?

Maxine Weiss said...

Wouldn't it have been simpler to put 12 topics in a One-part Blog ?

On NYE, nobody has anything better to do than to click to each of Althouse's bloated links.

Let's hope Blogger makes good on their threat to charge for bandwith, and soon.

knox said...

These entries from 09 are fun to read. It was a great year in a lot of ways, wasn't it?

Was that the last we heard from Simon?

I'll never understand Simon's leaving so abruptly. Just weird.

Fred4Pres said...

Happy New Years to all. Especially Ann and Meade.

Lem have a happy New Years. And all the rest of you regulars.

Stooges are on AMC.

Chip Ahoy said...

I'm beginning to sense a pattern up in here.

Big Mike said...

Happy New Year to everyone.

veni vidi vici said...

Happy new year, friends and acquaintances all!

It's certainly an increasing pleasure to hang out and jabberjaw with y'all on this site. That even includes the folks with whom I frequently disagree, sometimes less than politely (Garage, I love you man! Same for FLS and J. Paul Squire [sic]).

2010 couldn't be a more ass-crammingly destabilized year for me personally than was 2009, so I'm with W on this one: "Bring it on!"

I'm laying low introspective-style at the crib tonight; cleaning up, tearing down the tree and later gonna be tearing up the turntables...

Oh, and if you happen to like bubblegum, try Three Olives "Bubble" flavored vodka with Coke. It was way discounted and I'll try anything once, but I'll be damned if I thought it would actually taste half-decent!

Currently moving furniture, wiring the studio and listening to old GlobalUnderground compilations...

Happy trails!


wv: "tersu" -- Don't be so... !

Jason (the commenter) said...

We have these timers at work with a "reset" button and every time I use them I think of Hillary. She's ruined timers for me.

veni vidi vici said...

She's ruined banging pie-faced ugly chicks with bad hair and fat ankles for me.

wv: "dongstc" -- no kidding!

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