December 31, 2009

April, 2009 — Part 4 in a 12-part blog series.

1. The NYT Althouse + Meade story with all the links it needed.

2. Meade reads the paper.

3. "Stalkers and predators are everywhere, on-line and off. You've got to look out. But who would spend 4 years writing comments on a blog to get at some 58-year-old lady in Madison, Wisconsin? You might as well worry that your spouse of 20 years is just faking the whole damned thing. Or that you yourself are a big empty fraud."

4. "Why did Obama's people buzz lower Manhattan with a jumbo jet and an F-16 fighter?.... So Obama could just eat his waffle, in a golf cart, and wear shorts?"

5. "I'm sending you a rainbow from the edge of my sink."


veni vidi vici said...

The month I went "Jack Benny", agewise.

Wen said...

I liked the rainbow themed day so much that long after everyone had abondoned it I left a rainbow themed comment for each post but one. I was confounded by that chaotic bathroom. Only now, in
2010, can I see the clear choice was the only one I'd left out of the spectrum. If "for men, it's very stimulating", it must be the Orange!

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