November 9, 2009

A mellower swamp.



ADDED: Once again, Chip:


edutcher said...

I still say something's lurking there. Anybody seen Nessie lately?

Scott M said...

Ah...the calming effect of decay :)

kentuckyliz said...

Decay on the macro level

microbiologically screaming with life

Scott said...

A mellower swamp than Washington, D.C., for sure.

blake said...

One man's decay is another man's renaissance.

(Substitute "organism" for "man".)

traditionalguy said...

Are the Wisconsin mosquitoes still eating their fill of delicate blondes' blood? If so, keep repellant spray handy, as golfers in Florida do.

Fred4Pres said...

Can we talk about mellow swampy things in the swamp? How about being too mellow politically?

Michael, Michael, Michael.

They are not afraid of you because you are a scary black man. You are not a scary black man. That is a stupid stereotype anyway. And it is obvious you are a nice guy. No one is afraid of you.

That is part of the problem.

Conservatives would feel better if the left feared you. Not for being a scary black man, but for being a committed Republican and conservative who was moving the party forward and putting the liberal agenda in jeopardy. Rahm Emanuel is a little yap dog of a man, harmless physically, but people fear him because he is a scary political infighter.

Chip Ahoy said...

A mellower swamp, where it's calm and it's quiet, but not inactive.

Kirby Olson said...

A few days ago someone on an Obama posting recommended reading Aino Kuusinen's book The rings of Destiny: Inside Soviet Russia from Lenin to Brezhnev. I read it! Wow! What a book!

I know it's a totally inappropriate place to post the thank you note for this book -- about a Finnish woman's life for forty years in the USSR -- from the ruling elite to a prisoner in a labor camp. One of the best books ever on Soviet style communism, and on the problems of communism.

What a swamp!

(That was my attempt to link my thinking to the actual post.)

Marxism -- heh heh -- a swamp.

I wrote about it on my blog today if whoever suggested that wants to take a look!

Decay on the political level begins with suspending laws for one group -- the rich or the top 2% -- might be where it begins. But it can turn a whole country into a big murky bog, so to speak.

Kuusinen was in a labor camp north of the Arctic circle where the ground never thawed.

rhhardin said...


Penny said...

You have so many lovely photographs, but this one is mesmerizing.

And Chip, never one to disappoint.

It's a damn twofer, here at Althouse. That's a good thing.

Jason (the commenter) said...

The thing about draining a swamp is, you often have to go back and do it again and again.

rhhardin said...

The optics are not right

Hate is stranger than you think; its workings are inexplicable, like the broken look of a stick thrust into water.


Irene said...

Kirby, if you enjoyed The Rings of Destiny, then you also may like the film, "Red Terror in the Amber Coast." It covers the Soviet occupation of Lithuania and the resistance along the Baltic (not-a-swamp) coast.

wv: "irene" wtf??

reader_iam said...

Speaking of weeds, if not a swamp, it appears Pfizer is leaving New London, CT.. I wonder what Suzette Kelo and her neighbors think about that.


reader_iam said...

Former neighbors, that is--which is sort of the point.

wv: enpowel

Lem said...

Apparently an injured white dove is not enough to warrant a rescue by anybody.

For the past two hours I've had an injured white dove at my front door and neither NJSPCA, Animal Control, nor the Police can help him.

I'm just going to have to wait until it dies so I can discard it.

I bet if it was a dog they come right away.

RLB_IV said...

Thanks for this vision. It reminds me of summer vacations at Rainb0ow Springs, Florida and the cabin on the spring.

Fred4Pres said...

Lem: I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for bearing witness to that dove.

Fred4Pres said...

Lem, why not bring it in. Give it a bowl with water and some bread crumbs and see if it recovers. Wash your hands after touching a dove.

Wolynski said...

Wow, beautiful photos and great blog. I, too, was wondering why so many got killed at Fort Hood - I men, they're soldiers..

SpiderZ said...

very good photograph
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Lem said...

Too risky Fred..

I'm no dove wrangler.

I don't even have the gloves.

JAL said...

Pond scum.


Still pond scum.

Freeman Hunt said...

Lem, you might Google "wildlife rehabilitation" in your area. Sometimes there will be somebody who does that as a hobby.

Donna B. said...

Fall is as lovely as spring, but messier in a bigger kind of way. At least where I live it is.

Dear hubby got on the roof with the leaf blower yesterday, so I spent some time removing leaves and pine straw from my flower beds and the pepper plants.

The pepper plants have been amazing this year. They all look scrawny and very unhealthy, yet they are yielding an amazing crop. There are still blooms and tiny peppers galore...

I already have more than a year's supply frozen or preserved. But the plants have been sick and pitiful looking all summer long. Isn't that strange?

Pink begonias. Probably my favorite flowering plant because they are so reliable, sturdy, and such constant bloomers. Here, it's possible they will be be perennials rather than annuals.

We cut back our star jasmine vine this spring because it was overtaking the doorway. Since we've built a fence on the east side of our property, I'm thinking that would be a good plant there.

Odd how Fall brings about thoughts and plans for Spring. We have so much work to do now to insure a fragrant and lovely spring.

I've had a wonderful weekend, though I did have to bring out several candles to burn on the front porch to keep mosquitoes away. Seems they hate artificial vanilla scent as much as I do.

I spoke with all my children yesterday and today and all is good.

The many adorable and precious memories of my children as babies and teenagers (why, yes... they actually can be cute the first time they get drunk!) are now accompanied by the enjoyment of them as adults with their own opinions... how they came to be disagree with me (read: so much smarter than me) I'll never know.

wv -- blogenes. Althouse has a fully functioning set.

Ricardo said...

"We all live in a ...."

rhhardin said...

Sick birds sick enough to capture, as opposed to injured birds or baby birds, don't live long.

Put some food and water by him, maybe moving him under a cat- dog-free bush, if you want.

Carnivores quickly locate anything breathing on the ground.

Wild birds definitely don't prefer being indoors.

Kirby Olson said...

Irene, thanks for the note on the Lithuanian film, not set in a swamp.

I may get it. Part of what I liked about Kuusinen is the Finnish aspect. My wife is Finnish.