October 25, 2009

Theme days on the blog.

To do a theme day on the blog is a harsh discipline. And, no, the theme of the blog today is not "harsh discipline." This is not a theme day today. Yesterday was a theme day, and today, I am tired of doing themes. I want my freedom.


AllenS said...

No theme? That's unfortunate. I was hopeing for a celebritney day.

Drew W said...

If you're without a theme today, and you're open to suggestions, how about the theme to "The Addams Family?" Its composer, Brooklyn-born Vic Mizzy, passed away last week.

His memorable quote about the success of that little, lurching musical squib punctuated by a pair of finger snaps: "That's why I'm living in Bel-Air: Two finger snaps and you live in Bel-Air."

Mizzy was the composer of many other tunes, including the delightful novelty number, "With A Hey And A Hi And A Ho Ho Ho!," which was recorded by Louis Prima.

former law student said...

Welcome to "Althouse's freedom from themes" theme day.

miller said...

Actually the professor (You, a law professor!) is sly in her theme day. The theme is itself "Theme Day"; a bit of a metaphysical twist and Sunday insouciance.

My hat is off to you and just about everyone else because today's Hat Theme is No Hats.