October 20, 2009

About that rock.

Our delightful commenter Chip Ahoy has his way with the "sweet stone face" I put up on the blog last night.


chickenlittle said...

"Delightful" Chip.
That's a great adjective!

AllenS said...

I thought he was going to make an Obama poster.

Michael Hasenstab said...

I would have never thought Chip to be a rocksist. That gif, short though it may be, clearly objectifies rocks.

The horror, the horror.

Penny said...

Nice work, as usual, Chip!

Face it, we all look better with a little color on our cheeks. Some of us get it from a compact, some from hard work outside, and now some from Photoshop.

The jury is still out on vibrant lips.

MamaM said...

The little hand/paws crack me up.

Amazing what some well-applied makeup can do.

bearbee said...

Rock on.

David said...

Rock concert!