August 18, 2009

What we watched off the TiVo last night.

1. "Death Camp of Tolerance." (And no, we're not going to using "Lemmiwinks" as a pet name for our dear commenter Lem.) ("Death Camp" ≈ "death panels," no?)

2. "The Colbert Report," #05108 with Barbara Boxer. (Haven't watched Colbert in a while. He's less funny pretending to hate Democrats than he was pretending to love Republicans.)

3. "Trapped Under a Boulder." (This one never gets old. Well, what would you do if you were out camping amongst the Australian boulders and you had to pee in the middle of the night? Watch for the crawfish cameo.)


ricpic said...

Killing you kindly, killing you kindly -- Death Camp of Tol-ol-e-rance.

tim maguire said...

Under Bush, I found Colbert brilliant and Stewart tiresome.

Under Obama, it's the reverse. Stewart is often brilliant and Colbert has become unwatchable. He's turning into Bill Maher disingenuously pandering to the trained seals in his audience.

Jeremy said...

I love Death Camp's 2007 Narrow Stairs. I'm listening to Transantlanticism right now.

What? Oh, I must have misheard.

-The Other Jeremy

wv: sopheban - a restriction against couches, recliners and davenports.

chuck b. said...

I watched Man on Wire last night (on DVD)--it was very good. Also, several episodes of the Mighty Boosh. As far as half-hour British comedy goes, I like Little Britain better--more obscene, gay.

There are several programs on the DVR that I want to watch; Richard Burton in Equus, a New Pornographers concert, a bunch of Anthony Bourdains and How It's Mades.

Project Runway on Aug 20! I'm esp looking forward to the 2-hr special airing before the new series.

Too much television!

William said...

Just out of curiousity, would anyone here seriously consider reading a novel by Barbara Boxer? If you are a lobbyist with business before the state of California, your answer doesn't count.

Kensington said...

If Colbert had any balls or creative integrity, he'd reinvent himself as an Olbermann parody and spend his show ripping into Democrats by pretending to love them.

knox said...

They've been doing re-runs of ISBA on Animal Planet. What a great show. Almost every episode I've seen is a nail-biter.

kentuckyliz said...

Go, Lemmiwinks, Go!

That's a great episode. I watched it again too when it aired recently.

Can you believe what's on TV? I think of how innocent minded I used to be.

Our kids watch this stuff. We watched innocent shows. Kids watch this rot that is supposed to rot the brains of adults only.

WV: ractra
makes me think of chuckling yet again this morning at the Bob and Tom Show, when they played Heywood Banks' "Trauma to the Groin" to top and cue on some thematically related news story.

Listen here: