August 18, 2009

"But seriously, in this movie there is no sex. No violence. No eye candy. No action, really, except what’s in your imagination."

"But there are ideas. Oh, how there are ideas! And there is a kind of benevolent godliness to it. And there is a way to live your life."

All I can say is just: Be sure to drink your Ovaltine®.


ricpic said...

Letting the other guy pick up the check puts me on cloud 9.

David said...

I like it best wben the woman picks up the check.

ricpic said...

What are you implying, David?! I may be one of those but I'm not one of them.

traditionalguy said...

There is something missing from a "I have dinner with Andre for beer" T-shirt.

Chip Ahoy said...

Did you know you can make your own Ovaltine ® from ordinary chocolate drink by adding malt? Well, you can! You can buy sacks of malted barley from home-brewery stores. It comes in dark, medium, and light. It also comes in powder or liquid.

The thing about Ovaltine ®, which I love dearly and recommend heartily, is it goes too fast. You must use 4 tablespoons for a large glass, so the jar goes like *snap* that. That means and avid chocolate malted milk drinker must buy a whole case of jars just to last a month.

I believe I'll devote a section on this in my upcoming book called "A Hillbilly's Guide to Survive'n" under 'vittles & libations"

blake said...

OK, Chip, that's cool.

Now, can you make a decent malted milk ball? Except for Whoppers(TM), malted milk balls tend to be heavy on the chocolate and light on the malt. (Especially in "sell by the pound" situations.)

The chocolate is almost always awful, too.

Beth said...

"Would the doctor care for a brandy before retiring?"
"No. Thank you."
"Some varm milk... perhaps?"
"No... thank you very much. No thanks."

Bissage said...

"Why do they call it Ovaltine? The mug is round. The jar is round. They should call it round tine. That's gold, Jerry! Gold!"

BJM said...

Hey Chip! Whatcha gonna do when the food police come for you?

I'm not a cold milk drinker, but am down with a steamy mug of hot Ovaltine instead of coffee in the evening.

Any one see PETA's latest video twattle on obesity? Jees. (I will not give them a link)

The nanny left is ginning up the next target: fat people.

The backlash is going to be very ugly indeed.