August 18, 2009

"That's fried mush, baby! You're a Hoosier now."


1. Meade makes mush ... apropos of all that grits talk in the Whole Foods threads (1 & 2). And yes, we bought the corn meal mush at Whole Foods.

2. Enlarge for details — but don't think you'll be able read the papers. I've blurred out all the text.

3. To answer the question I'm sure is coming first: Yes, the bacon is Nueskes. And you can't buy that at Whole Foods.

4. Answer to that other question: Ate Berries in the Canaries.

5. Note the hinge defect. Unpropped, the thing lies flat. I've heard of the much-rumored Apple tablet, but the Air should not pretend to be one.

6. That stool is a Swopper. (Buy one: here.)

7. Popcorn.


rhhardin said...

There's aftermarket money in an Apple laptop prothesis.

Some channel thing you snap over the laptop edge at the hinge.

Dogwood said...

Lifelong Hoosier, never had mush, never plan to. Must be a southern Hoosier thing.

Michael Hasenstab said...

Ha! I had grits and Neuske's bacon for breakfast yesterday. Best. Breakfast. Ever.

The grits were topped with butter and Frank's Red Hot Cayenne Sauce.

traditionalguy said...

Love is a wonderful thing. Ann Althouse of Madison Wisconsin now eats fried mush for breakfast. Food tastes better when prepared with love.

m00se said...

"Mirror in the bathroom
Please talk free
The door is locked
Just you and me.
Can i take you to a restaurant
That's got glass tables
You can watch yourself
While you are eating."

Bissage said...

But is that coaster a turtle or a flying squirrel?

wv = moust. No, it's not a moust. You can't fool me!

bearbee said...

Hardening arteries?

Foods proscribed under OCare

wv- jahil: where you will go if you break the law.

former law student said...

You are a Hoosier now;
No more eating Char Siu Bao.
You'll get up in a rush,
To eat your fried mush.
You are a Hoosier now.

Eddy said...

Look yummy, make my tummy grrrrrr!!!

cari duit

David said...

Meade makes mush of Althouse. Ah, love!

Hoosier Daddy said...

I always preferred grits myself.

Ralph L said...

Did you buy that carpet after seeing The Matrix?

What I thought was cool as a kid was the curve and the shine on cold grits when you flip them over on your plate.

scolde - made me think of that.

Rialby said...

"Palinism" - effing ridiculous -

Richard Cohen coins a farcical phrase

Roger Sweeny said...

This year on the second day of physics I plan to show my students one of the courtroom scenes from My Cousin Vinny.

A witness says he saw the defendants go in and out of a little store in 5 minutes, the time between when he started cooking his breakfast and started eating it. But Vinny has learned that it takes 20 minutes for grits to fully absorb the water they're cooked in, and when the witness proudly insists that he doesn't use instant grits, Vinny confronts him with the 20 minute figure. The witness is cracking and Vinny pours out the sarcasm:

“Well, perhaps the laws of physics cease to exist on your stove.”

The witness caves.
They'll see from 8:05-10:28.

MadisonMan said...

If you're etf info is on a table, that says something.

Ralph L said...

Quick-cooking grits take only 5 minutes--not the same thing as instant.

Florida said...

Why is your big toe signaling a left turn?

(heh ... I keeeeeeeed)

Big Mike said...

You and Glenn Reynolds with the bacon. Is that a law professor thing?

bearing said...

Have you had any goetta yet? I can't remember.

former law student said...

Have you had any goetta yet?

My desire to try goetta has waned since I found out that Big Government decided to dictate what is and isn't goetta. "An oatmeal product similar to scrapple," indeed:

An oatmeal product similar to scrapple. Goetta is prepared with a formula containing not less than 50 percent meat and meat byproducts. The cereal component should consist of oats or oat products and just enough water to prevent product from sticking and burning during the preparation process. The term —Old Fashioned“ when noted on a label for —Goetta“ refers to the round shape.

Lem said...

Althouse is not up to Palin's specs.

tsk tsk

WV - hairl = a laptop thats hair proof; hairl.

Crimso said...

"To answer the question I'm sure is coming first"

You're lucky I didn't see this first, because my first question would be "Syrup or no syrup?" I think everyone knows my feelings on using sweeteners on products made from coarsely-ground corn. So how about it? Syrup? (And please let's all leave the Chris Rock references out of this).

PatCA said...

How do you get that nice browning on your grits? I just can't do it. (I call it polenta when I make it.)

Pat said...

Nueske's bacon rocks! We get it down here in Houston at Central Market. I found it by accident.

blake said...


Mary Christine said...

Fried (with butter) mush is the best thing on earth.

JAL said...

Ever considered a wireless mouse?

WV amyphot
Picture of Amy Carter cut short by the Secret Service

peter hoh said...

My favorite bacon isn't sold at Whole Foods, either.

rhhardin said...

Dowd on Sanford's wife

Jenny, who says she wasn’t “madly in love” with Mark Sanford when she married him,..

That's always my theory.

Guys, being simple creatures, when they stray, stray for a reason that involves their innocent spouse.

If showing your guy that you're satisfied with him isn't a priority any longer, then your marriage isn't a priority either.