August 15, 2009

"Specter got it all wrong that I ever used words ‘death boards’. Even liberal press never accused me of that. So change ur (sic) last Tweet Arlen."

So it's come to this.


EDH said...

Whew, you mean to tell me "death panels" aren't that cheap, dark veneer wall covering people finshed their basements and van interiors with during the 1970s?

Does that mean we don't have to worry about orange shag carpet making a comeback either?

Bissage said...

In his bestselling book, “Megatrends,” John Naisbitt first popularized the idea of High Tech/High Touch. The idea was that people will seek simple pleasures to offset technology’s soul-sterilizing effects. Laptops and wifi in a gourmet coffee shop is a readily available example.

So what of it?

Well, it was inevitable that Senators would start tweeting at each other, because yammering back and forth is what they do best.

But where’s the high touch balance?

RESOLVED: It is high time we had us a good old-fashioned caning in the well of the Senate.

No more of this dawdling, boys, get to it!

Triangle Man said...

I'm in ur media sinkin ur bill.

traditionalguy said...

Arlen is becoming like Rodney Dangerfield of the Senate. I sure do not respect him either.

Pogo said...

Senate tweets are like 6th graders caught passing notes in school, read by the teacher out loud.

Are you still my friend?
Check yes or no

elHombre said...

Is there no end to the vessels from which these jerks pour their bilge?

Joe said...

Arlen Specter is a liar who would do and say anything to get his way? Who knew?

rhhardin said...

Imus's Rob Bartlett suggesting an Iran protester tweet, "Ive just been shot OMG :-("

Deb said...

Twits tweeting.