August 15, 2009

Come on! Get your bike!



Let's go!


Laura(southernxyl) said...

There's a little girl who lives at the end of our cul-de-sac, and who drives a pink battery-operated Barbie car.

She parks it at the house two doors down from her, where a single young man lives. She either parks it under the tree in his front yard, or in his driveway next to where his car goes.

Random kid stuff. You can't anticipate every off-the-wall thing a child will take it into her head to do. I like that, and I like the neighbor's amused tolerance. (And the fact that in this neighborhood, unlike ours back in Memphis, she can leave her car there safely; it won't disappear within 15 minutes of her leaving it unattended.)

Bissage said...

Here in USDA zone 6b, we don't stack our firewood against the house.

This said, it is important to bear in mind that it is similarly true that we don't smoke marijuana in Muskogee.

Neither do we take no trips on LSD and it is certainly the case that we don't burn no draft cards down on Main Street.

All in all, we like livin' right, and bein' free.

So there you have it.

wv = retri. As in, that last comment of mine sucked. I'll have to retri.

Michael Hasenstab said...

I like the wolf skin on the front porch, next to the child's bicycle.

traditionalguy said...

I take it that mountain lions can't catch a fleeing bicycle, or maybe they don't eat pink things.

bearbee said...

I like the use of color by residents.

Zach said...

Colorado is fantastic for bike riding. Just fantastic. You get on your bike, you're on a world class climb. Bored with that? Make a random turn, you're on another world class climb. There's a picturesque town at the top, and you'll hit 60 on the way back down if you want to.

BJM said...

WTF is with Silvertonians color sense? The bottom photo has to be the one of the most garish examples of a painted lady color scheme I've seen in a while, but then I live in a more traditional Painted Lady land.

Funny that, the SF Bay Area colors inside the lines far more than one would imagine given its reputation as a free thinking cultural maverick.